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What are these dolls???  HELP ME!!!by Psalvator
Plastic "Dress Me" Doll in Yellow Dressby StacyEW
11" Hard Plastic Doll No Markings & Missing Armsby StacyEW
Unmarked 32" fully articulated hard plastic dollby dollhunter
gift from New Zealandby marered…
Do you like Elvis as much as I do?by Berthas…
My favorite movie legendby Berthas…
In honor of his birthdayby Berthas…
Frank Sinatra from the Franklin Mby Berthas…
Elizabeth Taylor from the Franklin Mintby Berthas…
1960's Walt Disney's Pollyanna Doll by Uneedaby CindB
hard plastic dollby gabbalawns
Vintage doll, 17" subi450
1950s all original saucy walker doll by Ideal by Bettyb00
1950s 22 inch black Pedigree hard plastic dollby Bettyb00
All original 1950s hard plastic Pedigree doll by Bettyb00
GERMAN? CZECH? 1950s I thinkby leedeedee
20" Pedigree Toddler Dollby chinahe…
Irwin Crawling Babyby AzTom
A Pair old hard  Plastic strung Native dolls,  Crazey EyEsby mikeigo…
My Princess Peggy estate sale findby Mjhort
Vintage Berman Buckskin Doll, Cowboy Pete leather outfitby mikeigo…
Vintage Vogue Dollby Ballsto…
Vogue Bride dollby Ballsto…
A Storybook Doll Questionby AnnaB
Black Kewpie Doll with Jumbo logoby sunnyna…
Unusual dollby dparsons369
Unknown Animation Characterby Philby
Original 8" Betsy McCall Doll ... and one that is not?by Caigan
United Kingdomby samras
African American Doll Beleive to be made by KBby mikeigo…
Mattel Chatty Cathyby thetedd…
Kuddle Kewpie? Doll ID bee34H
Furga Boy Doll "Anatomically Correct" Italyby shareur…
Rare L.Khem " Moon Goon" Troll Doll all Originalby whitman75
Hard Plastic 18" with vinyl face.  Adult doll.  Marking is 17VW on back of neckby unknowndolly
22 inch doll cloth body by wernerlee
Please help Identifyby StaceyR
Recognize these plastic dolls?by snswolfe
Recognize these plastic dolls?by snswolfe
Polish Doll in Traditional Dress  - Lifesize! From the 1950's or 60'sby Bluewat…
Dolls - Effanbee 14"by Lupinelady
My Reddi-Wips "Dolls of the World"by beckame
My Blue Bonnet Margarine "American Heritage Dolls" dollsby beckame
My Blue Bonnet Margarine "Storybook Dolls" dolls!by beckame
My Blue Bonnet Margarine "Dolls of All Lands" dollsby beckame
20 " hard plastic glancing eyes, swivel waist european ? 60's ? beautiful by ANITAHAVEIT2
My 60 year old black walker dollby jdegeit
can you identify me ? by cvg8908
Victorian Red Lace Doll Lampby Torsstuff
Old Doll in Original European? Dressby senchi
small red head hard plastic  doll by crazydanmusic
Sweet Sue - 1950s Classic Girl!by suenphoenix
ugly blonde doll with push in button by crazydanmusic
"Italian" doll circa 1960by DebOR
jointed small doll by amy19683
Can someone help me identify!!!!!!! :)by mommabear
1950's dollby aundreac.
Mattell Twiggy Dollby eekahil
My second ARCO collection!by beckame
Beautiful Dolls of Many Lands from Kraft Natural Sliced Cheese promotionby beckame
Family of 3 HP dollsby tombraider
Maroi Doll with Tribal Facial Tattoo by tombraider
BLACK BABY DOLLby antique…
EI Horsman Surgical repair  of Hard Plastic Vintage Walking Cindy Strutter Dollby McSwain…
A lovely looking doll     made in England by Phatbud…
50's Hard platic dolls found in an old closed toy shop!by diecast-proto
3 hard plastic 6'dollsby memskenzie
6; hard plastic dollby memskenzie
my christmas presentby memskenzie
American Character dolls 10 1/2" Toni and Betsy McCallby GayleAs…
Hard Plastic flat foot Lissy face Kelly Madame Alexanderby GayleAs…
Madame Alexander hard plastic Polly Pigtails Maggie faceby GayleAs…
APOLLO SNOOPYby antique…
Arco Western Cowgirl 1982by missprissmi…
1964 HORSMAN 15 INCH DOLLby antique…
Poor one eyed jlennon…
Inherited Dollsby inherited
Help what is this Barbie Bild Lilli unmarked clone?by dreadtrheadz
My ARCO 12 Beautiful Dolls of the Worldby beckame
Vintage Wind Up Walking Dollby joel1414
Wanting to know about Vintage Dollby lindajot
Effanbee Anne Shirley Dollby lindajot
Cloth dolls, Britian dolls, Indian dolls by ddpuddles
Old Baby Doll  ???by clocker…
5 dollsby mike101
two old dollsby mike101
photos of 5 old dollsby mike101
old dollsby mike101
2 dolls front and backby mike101
photos of 3 dollsby mike101
old vintage dolls 4 photos of 2 dollsby mike101
2 dolls 4 photosby mike101
Any help with me labeling these dolls would be greatby mike101
Old Doll need informationby shireyapril
I swear this baby looks like my Nanaby Aliobaba
Niresk Dolls?by minpin
Ugly Ugly Troll #2by jlennon…
Ugly Ugly Troll #1by jlennon…
My old dolls that were also hand me downs in the 70'sby nancym
Beautiful Gorgeous Baby by mosk
10 inch, Hard Plastic Walkerby MyMothe…
Beautiful Dollby cbarajas00
Pedigree Doll ???by domk2000
trollific!!!by kerry81
Hawaiian Dollby cindyjune
Asian Dollby bearley
Italian hard plastic and celluloid Dollsby Esther110
dollsby LS3232