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My mothers Vintage? Dollby Lilymonmomma
Beautiful dollby willlow…
"Patches"by willlow…
doll 4by swallace
Monica Made by Rustieby musikchoo
Pink dressed doll by swallace
An Old Doll by swallace
Ok.. coworker's friend who is deceased left this doll to her.. by Sunfawn
A doll of 1999 , signed as Katrina Stone ?, the last name cannot understand by irinaalek
Porcelain dollsby Stelladoll23
I found a Doll with same hair as me lolby Manikin
Dynasty Dollby thegrea…
Dwight doll charmso…
Chef Ettore Boiardi maybe?by KatiaNa…
Gorgeous Porcelain Doll of Unknown Origin (no tag or label)by babydollang…
vintage porcelain doll with velvet sprayed dressby Lynette…
Can You Help; No Markings on this Dollby casualcolle…
Antique Dollby Lizz
Vintage Three Faced Dollby Lizz
Three Faces of Eveby debbiewulle…
Lovely Victorian dadsang…
Porcelain Monkey dollby nora
Porcelain  giftby Beckieda66
Antique Doll ??by patceyzyk
Day of the Dolls Collection by Kristle Bowlingby kwagers0010
Do you know anything about me?by xoxamandaxx3
Rare Collection of very old prestine dolls.. porcelain.. unbelievable crafting. sooooooo rareby acline
1986 Porcelain Doll by Curtis Publishing Companyby willlow…
??? Bride Porcelain Doll ??? (King City)by jatslo
??? Crowne - Shelley Porcelain Doll ??? (King City)by jatslo
?? 1995 ANNUAL BRIDE (PORCELAIN DOLL) ?? (King City)by jatslo
???  Christmas Tree Topper ???by jatslo
??? Hello Dolly - Jordan Porcelain Doll ??? - (King City)by jatslo
What Shirley Temple doll is thisby carizza…
Does anyone know anything about this China Doll?by waywardangel
Hand Crafted Porcelian Dollby Torsstuff
porcelain dollby riaz06
Vintage Porcelain Doll/ Christmas Tree Ornamentsby tulear30
My Carolineby carizza…
Doll who stole a pearl necklaceby carizza…
Could Jesse be from Hertel Schwab & Co?by carizza…
Century collection genuine porcelain dollby Vendethial
unknown porcelain dollsby violet77red
porcelain dollby twoheads
porcelain dollby twoheads
porcelain dollby twoheads
Porcelain dollby twoheads
Porcelain dollby twoheads
Porcelain dollby twoheads
Porcelain dollby twoheads
Porcelain dollby twoheads
porcelain dollby twoheads
Queen Victoria Artisan Dollby forjest
Porcelain dollsby IsabelleLev…
friend sold this doll to meby kamella
A gift from my Auntby peach
porcelain faced bunny doll?by cweir3773
Dolls!!by ruralsh…
antique doll by crazydanmusic
Collectors Choice Dan Dee Doll?by adrian44
My Rare Vintage Doll by kingsburys82
what kind of doll is this?by tiffanyg0428
My oldest porcelain doll I've had from a child  by Dlfdanielle
Porcelain dolls any help identifying would be greatby mike101
Porcelin dolls and help by mike101
Antique dollby TiRicchi1
 Old looking doll. by charmso…
Grace  talking charmso…
head turned up for who made this and whenby Cynote
Camielby musikchoo
Wind up musical dancing porcelain dollby An10Ja23
Doll threeby Deanteaks
Doll twoby Deanteaks
Porcelain Doll. What was it used for? How old is it? Who made it?by beata
Porcelain Dollby steve0_313
Musical Dollby steve0_313
1940's  PORCELAIN DOLLby bratjdd
Bisque pot musical dollby dimpboff
Tea Set Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Joanie Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Fruit-Gatherer Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Seymour Mann Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Linda Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Felicity Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Brunette Duck House Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Dark Blonde Duck House Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
Standing Fairy Porcelain Dollby NicoleJ…
LINDA STEELE  DOLL1999 by antique…
doll dont now where it came from handcrafted and genuin tagsby jonathanmoo…
Creepy cute doll of unknown origin!by nespithe
A pretty doll ,Cindy ??by Phatbud…
Beautiful Dollby Liptor
Glenda the Good Witch Wizard of Ozby shell59
Porcelain Dollsby Bosvarkie
Vintage Clownsby lorijoje
Porcelain Doll-25" Tall on Standby Wendere…
Doll 1 by Antiquemyst…
Porcelain Dollby kindy
My China Dollsby Mykeyel…
holly, shes a ashley belle porcilain dollby memskenzie
porcilain dollby memskenzie
crimson collections dollby memskenzie
heres three porcilain dolls from my collectionby memskenzie
Porcelain dollby cindyv1224
BOUDOIR DOLLby antique…
Anyone know what type of doll she is?by fairyjessica9
lou henri dollby led622
porcelain dollsby mike101
JDK Doll #16 - does she have a name?by slscheffer
Porcelain doll with no marks on neckby mike101
Porcelain doll jewish girlby deityrita
my doll is purchsed at yard saleby yardsalegal1
Three Face Dollby Kelramos28
Need Help!!!by Kelramos28
more of grandma dollsby sherryjpenny
sherryjpennyby sherryjpenny
my mother's duck dollby kyrismom
Porcelain sitting Dangling Clown Dollby mosk
Name of Doll? by refinda…
HELP!  I Have No Idea What I Have!!by Curineia
Antique Bisque Dollby rcwalker
Yesterday's Child Procelain Dollby mosk
rose collection genuine porcelain dollsby Kaitygirl
Please help identifyby Mamazboyz
Alena & Friendby musikchoo
China Dolls?by lmpant99
New dollsby mac
pocelian clown by lundy
My Grandmother's Collection, I would like to know jchadrick
Blond Haired Porcelain Bisque Doll in Brown Calico Dress, unknown age or makerby marabelle
Simon & Halbig (?)by vordammt
My Crawling Angelby Regina
My First Porcelain Dollby merrilymreid
Eileen's Lady Lampsby deatbird
Please help identify this dollby amandal
World Traveling (?) Porcelain Dollby Treasuresee…
Dollsby Linda_Queck
Noble Heritage Collection Porcelain Dollsby Fashnjewls
Cher dolls Diana dolls by Mr.Cher…
bisque pamela