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  1. In these tumultuous times it is so calming to see people enthusiastic about a tiny double boiler. Thanks for sharing.
  2. What a beautiful set with a heart warming history.
  3. Almost 30 years ago I was in a small shop (I hesitate to call it an antique shop although everything was quite old) in rural virginia with my brother, who fell in love with a chair that looked just li...
  4. Very cool. How is it inside?
  5. yes - I was lazy when I posted. I'll put up another picture today. Thanks
  6. So cute!
  7. I love the painting and the frame is gorgeous and suits it perfectly. Very nice!
  8. WOW!! What a beautiful letter and extraordinary find. Thanks so much for sharing it.
  9. It has such great motion -- what a wonderful little piece.
  10. I think the signature might be Abrams rather than A. Brams. Lovely painting; really nicely done.
  11. Maybe the Army Corps of Engineers. The 13th Engineers Battalion has a very similar insignia on its crest (but a different number of rays). The rising sun is indicative of the spirit of the Corps o...
  12. very cool. It looks like it might have contained a bottle (from the impression in the lining in the picture but that could just be the angle).
  13. Great find. There is a really interesting piece about this work, The Kettledrummer, on Paul He did it in 1940, the year he died. Here is an excerpt from it: With Kettledrummer, Kle...
  14. Thanks all -- Dizzydave, I think you are right that it is the cornucopia, the symbol of a steward. I'm bummed to think it is a flag pole though and not a scepter. I was really enjoying the idea of wi...
  15. I have a few quite fancy little pins that I was told were lingerie pins. Some have small gem stones and all are gold and look similar to what you have. It looks like yours have a pin back . Pretty p...
  16. Thanks Kyra -- I think you are right. I will post a few other close ups I took of the man's portrait. It looks like there might be hebrew on his shirt but I can't really tell.
  17. Thanks Nicefice -- the green is what drew me to it too. And thanks for the loves Maredware, maritka, Nevada, Amatoor Pikr, Antique rose, Racer and Aura
  18. Now I feel I have really seen everything! And yes, it is really quite nice. Thanks for sharing it!
  19. I'm so sorry about Kyra. She looks like she was a very sweet intuitive dog.
  20. Thanks Racer. And thanks for the love Aura, LovelyPat, Nevada, Thomas and Efesgirl.
  21. Thanks Gillian -- I have my doubts too about it being leather but it seemed like a lot of detail for a plastic bag.
  22. Thanks for the info Celiene and Nevada -- I'm afraid I would bit the pearls off so I'll stick with fantasizing that they are real. I hope that is a happy memory for you Nevada. My Mother in law was ...
  23. Thanks Celiene -- the Delill pastel bags are lovely. Thanks for the love Nevada, Aura and Racer4Four
  24. Thanks all -- I appreciate the loves Aloofness, Nevada, Sean and Amatoor.
  25. thanks Celiene! and thanks for the loves Nevada, Amatoor and Sean
  26. And thanks Sean for the loves.
  27. Thanks Amatoor -- the zipper inside is metal but has no makers mark I can see. It is definitely pretty old. Thanks for the love.
  28. I just love the photo of your family farm -- it looks like a naive painting. What an amazing photo. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  29. I can practically hear him snoring softly.
  30. How big are they?
  31. AmericanPaul -- I am reposting this in relation to your posting of an Arabic (?) bowl -- look similar, no?
  32. It looks Persian to me. I am going to repost a tile block I posted a while ago, looking for some info -- the faces are very similar as are the lines. Really lovely. Are there three nobs with holes ...
  33. Gorgeous!! Save it for the 4th of July
  34. I have a set that are red ware with a thin white slip over them. I am looking at them as I write -- they are in my bedroom on the mantle and remind me of my children although neither resembles either...
  35. The birds are beautiful and I love the blue of the base.
  36. Thanks for the tip -- I have my air conditioning on so cold right now everything feels cold against my cheek!
  37. Amazing wild and graceful. Thanks for posting it!
  38. Wow -- that's a tough tale but I'm glad you found the Ray family. Changing your name in the U.S. for a reason such as yours is not that hard and in most states (if not all) can be done without a law...
  39. what a gorgeous dish -- even the makers' mark is beautiful. Sorry I can't help you solve the mystery.
  40. Solved thanks to Scottvez and Gillian and to you too Nevada. It is a mishmash of medals and badges that make no sense at all but it looks very official, sort of. :)
  41. Thanks for the info and love Racer4 and thanks to you too Aura.
  42. you are welcome and yes, the seascape is very nice as well.
  43. Yes and he was incredibly prolific too. And thanks for the love Radegunder
  44. What a beautiful photograph -- it looks like a painting and just about the best way to spend an afternoon.
  45. Amen to all that.
  46. I really like the stormy landscape painting. I found two V. Hoffman paintings that sold on live auctioneers, one of which looks like it might be by the same artist.
  47. Thank you Saulso for identifying this as a photogravure. And also to Aura, Antiquerose, Fortapache, caperkid, Blunderbuss, Windwalker, Nevada, and Thomas for the love. And yes, Antiquerose, I agree,...
  48. Solved! Thanks to Bonnie (Efesgirl) and an additional thanks to Nevada for leading me down what may be a very expensive path to other works by Taitu Bargain.
  49. Boy do I love the crowd at CW! Reading this exchange is like being a fly on the wall at a high-level university. And to think, I tumbled onto all this history because I thought the bowl looked cool....
  50. Beautiful -- I love turquoise and gold together and the seed pearls really make it even more special. I can't wait to see it post Kyratisation.
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