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  1. La del pañuelo amarillo es una Klumpe, representa una tejedora de encaje de bolillos. La otra desconozco quién es.
  2. This type of fabric is typical of Layna dolls, because Klumpe or Roldan use felt, and Marin plastic
  3. Her doll is from the firm Armand Marseille. These soulder heads were made between 1900/1920, the body used to be leather. I hope I have clarified his doubts.
  4. Remind me a lot of English composition baby Rosebud.
  5. In my opinion, the doll has repainted eyebrows and eyelashes, the eyes can be made methacrylate, hence yelowish color, as for the air it is a modern wig for that doll, If you have lifted the wig you c...
  6. Fuji Musumi - Young girl performing glycine dance, popular dance dating 17th century.
  7. The Catherine doll Collection. This doll is collector's doll edition limited, handmade and handpainter, genuine ñorcelain doll.Made in China anns 2006
  8. The head will be of composition,REYU was founded in France by the L'Ecuyer family around 1930, the last letters form the emblem of the house.
  9. This doll belongs to a collection called"Doll from Dolls of the World Collection" The dress can be a traditional Kenya costume
  10. Musume Doojo-Ji - In love with a 17th century drama from the Kabuki Theater. She dances to charm the priests of the Doojo-Ji Temple and try to join her young lover, a novice in this temple
  11. Wayang golekEdit ? Pair of wayang golek from West Java. In the Wayang golek [9] three-dimensional wooden dolls are used that are operated from below by means of rods or rods, and are shown...
  12. Forget to say that hands and arm (which are missing) could be made of another material, for example papier-mâché
  13. Surely it is a religious figure to dress, the arms are articulated at the elbow, they go together with wire or wood, to be able to hold the baby Jesus, I notice that the face is very roughly repainted...
  14. Possible spanish doll, Catalunya
  15. Hello. Your doll can be French from tre brand REYU Doll.
  16. Unsolved mistery?
  17. Hi, It is indeed a Musume Dojoji, the dancer of the Red-Hat dance. I can't see what material it is made of, but these exquisitely dressed dolls are often sold as souvenirs, they are usually from the ...
  18. You can find quite a lot of dolls like this in the USA, since the people who traveled by boat from Europe to the USA, made a stopover in the Canary Islands, and it was customary for the sellers to get...
  19. This doll was produced by the Unique Firm of Belgium, around 1945, to commemorate the liberation of Belgium and Holland by the Germans, they were made as a gift for the soldiers.
  20. His doll is Spanish from the 50s. But it does not correspond to the one in the advertisement, since at least three versions were made with the same name. Yours is most likely from FAMOSA, made in Onil...
  21. Pueden ver muñecas de este fabricante, buscando en Pinterest u otro, bien poniendo muñeca DIANA o Muñeca Isidro Rico Miralles, hay algunas en venta.
  22. Las maderas que sobresales del brazo, son para que al tomarla por el brazo para andar, haga de tope.
  23. Hello. This doll is Spanish. It is a doll made in Onil-Alicante by the Diana firm, it is all composition, with lens eyes. and walker. About 1940/1950. The owner of the Firm was named Isidro Rico Miral...
  24. No sabria decir el origen, posiblemente fueran en principio alemanes y lo comprara algún fabricante chino, son muy populares y ya existian en los 60s. La suya es de vinyl.
  25. En los oculares debe de poner el nombre del fábricante . Tengo unos iguales hechos en Barcelona son de los años 30s. Iban forrados en piel, pero con el uso se desgasto. Se usaron en epoca de guerra.
  26. Kit doll, confección casera, se vendían en Suiza por piezas.
  27. The doll Betty Boop was create for Pedro Gros, manufacturer in Madrid, Spain, 30s. year.
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Spanish Flamenco doll, Unknown origin