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Deco Buckleby upstate…
Art Deco Bakelite Buckleby upstate…
Bakelite Earrings and Betty1978
Jugendstil Historismus German Cameo Gold Ring c. 1900by BelleEp…
Galalith Pierrot Pins / Brooches - 1940's?by Betty1978
Bakelite 'Cherries on Log' Pin / Brooch - 1940'sby Betty1978
Bakelite & Celluloid Cameo Pin / Brooch - 1940'sby Betty1978
'MacArthur' Heart Pin - 1940'sby Betty1978
Lea Stein Bangles, Earrings, Hair-barettes and Buttonsby Betty1978
Lea Stein Brooches / Pins Collectionby Betty1978
Line Vautrin Pins / Broochesby Betty1978
Art Deco Bakelite and Chrome Bracelet - 1930's/1940'sby Betty1978
Art Deco 1930's Jakob Bengel Necklaceby Betty1978
1920s/30s Glass Beads !by Lise
Deco' brooch with woman faceby Nontisc…
Czech? Dress Clipby Jazx68
art nouveau earringsby getthat…
Art Deco Braceletby antique…
Art Deco Braceletby DrFluffy
Ornate C-clasp Brooch w/ Large Oval Stoneby antique…
Art deco/art nouveau green venetian glass lavalièreby Newtimes
Fun surprisesby sarahoff
Art deco German necklaceby sarahoff
Red and black bakelite flapper lariat/beltby sarahoff
Red German necklaceby sarahoff
Galalith lizard brooch and seahorse earringsby Newtimes
Green glass necklaceby sarahoff
Favorite braceletby sarahoff
Chrome and galalith art deco bow broochby Newtimes
Egyptian revival? Glass cabochon and metal bead bracelet/necklace setby sarahoff
estate find so sparkly by lilbevey
Art Deco costume braceletby sarahoff
Deco or Mod?by sarahoff
1930's art deco czech broochby Newtimes
Jacob Bengel chrome and galalith necklaceby Newtimes
Gold colored filigree braceletby Newtimes
Art deco pendant with blue stone by Newtimes
Art deco pendant with red stoneby Newtimes
Peking glass & brass or gold necklace & braceletby valenti…
1910's-20's FRENCH Celluloid/Galalith Necklace - So Sweet!by Stillwa…
Art Deco Dress Clip Duette Rhinestone Costume Jewelryby Collect…
Is it Art Deco Crystal with Sterling metal or costume jewelry?by Delia
Art Deco Diamonte Paste Large Articulated Costume Brooch c1920 - 40by Kitty