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Vintage earringsby Steptoe1
Vintage earringsby Steptoe1
Vintage drop glass and amethyst earringsby Steptoe1
Vintage earrings by Steptoe1
Vintage clip on earringsby Steptoe1
Vintage clip on earringsby Steptoe1
Antique earringsby Steptoe1
Very Strange Earrings, Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.06)by Efesgirl
Weiss Clip On Rhinestone Earringsby jeneric
Rhinestone Costume Earringsby JImam
Earring shoes?!by fleafin…
Super heavy earring to show kyraby fleafin…
2 pairs of earringsby lentilka11
Vintage bow clip-on earringsby lentilka11
May Co. Poinsettia Screwback Earringsby Dragonf…
Paste Rhinestone earrings?by justme2016
Roman Gold & Crystal Half Circle Earringsby jeneric
Tear Drop Shaped CZ Earrings & Ringby jeneric
Vintage Sarah Coventry Earringsby nutsabotas6
Some earringsby martika
Silver earringsby lentilka11
Unusual earringsby lentilka11
Vintage earringsby Ballsto…
Shiny earrings by Arlette
Earrings by Arlette
Rose Earringsby StacyEW
Elizabeth Taylor for Avon Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage Plastic Earringsby freiheit
Sparkle Earrings, Circa 1970by Alan2310
Patented Onar Torecchino Idemana Earrings Italyby Efesgirl
West german vintage plastic and rhinestone earclipsby Elisabe…
Vintage citrine ? Earrings by Steptoe1
Avon Earrings - Sunsationsby nutsabotas6
Any idea on how these were meant to be used? Dress clips or earrings?by Patiquespot…
Antique earrings by Steptoe1
Pearl earrings by Steptoe1
Shell earringsby Steptoe1
Vintage earringsby lentilka11
Vintage Sarah Coventry Earrings - Evening Cometby nutsabotas6
Clip on earings!by Nicspawee
Crystal earings! by Nicspawee
Silver earings! by Nicspawee
Large plastic clip on earringsby Ballsto…
My Favorite Earrings purple stone vintageby Dpw
Coro earings!by Nicspawee
Trifari earings by Nicspawee
Earings of my great grandmother!by Nicspawee
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Emerald Iceby nutsabotas6
Laurel Birch Earrings & Brooch Collectionby jeneric
Rare and unusual vintage U. Correani Earringsby Sugarfoot-V…
French Jet Cha Cha Earrings West Germany - Maker?by Celiene
Sterling silver earings! by Nicspawee
Vintage Napier Earringsby nutsabotas6
Shamrocks earings by Nicspawee
Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Two Pair of Costume Earrings Flea Market Finds $3.00by Efesgirl
Cloisonne enamel earingsby Nicspawee
Denish costume jewelry!by Nicspawee
Vintage Monet Earringsby nutsabotas6
Mixed Lot of Signed Jewelryby StacyEW
Vintage Lisner Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage Monet Earringsby nutsabotas6
Miscellaneous Earring Setsby StacyEW
Miscellaneous Earring Setsby StacyEW
Miscellaneous Earring Setsby StacyEW
Daniel Swarovski Earringsby nutsabotas6
Kunio Matsumoto for Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Monet Earringsby nutsabotas6
Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage rhinestone earringsby Ballsto…
Unmarked but pretty pierced earring :)by lentilka11
Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Old earringsby Steptoe1
Enamel earringsby katheri…
Vintage Trifari Earrings - Flirtationby nutsabotas6
Damascene earringsby lentilka11
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Fantasyby nutsabotas6
Vintage Napier Earringsby nutsabotas6
Henkel & Grosse earringsby lentilka11
Feaux Pearl Earringsby jeneric
Vintage Earringsby jeneric
Vintage Pearl & Green Rhinestone Earringsby jeneric
Vintage Trifari Earringsby nutsabotas6
Orena Paris earringsby lentilka11
Betty Rubble's "Girl's Night Out" Earrings Thrift Shop Find 25 Centsby Efesgirl
Patriotic Ears!!by brunswick
Vintage Coro Earringsby nutsabotas6 brunswick
Vintage earringsby lentilka11
Vintage Tortolani Gold Plate Clip Earrings Garage Sale Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Emilio Pucci earringsby lentilka11
Vintage earringsby lentilka11
Vintage earrings?by lentilka11
Juliana Earringsby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Fiestaby nutsabotas6
Laguna costume earnings  by mowgli191
costume earnings  by mowgli191
costume earnings  by mowgli191
costume earnings by mowgli191
Costume earnings  by mowgli191
costume earning by mowgli191
My great-aunts earrings by Sammisamsam
1950s Saphiret & Aurora Borealis Clip On Earringsby TassieD…
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Galaxyby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Unusual Stoneby davyd286
Rhinestone dangle earringsby Ballsto…
Rhinestone dangle earringsby Ballsto…
K & L Germany Vintage Earringsby freiheit
PART I -Unusual "Not Gems/ Not Glass" Clip On Earrings, Thrift Shop Find 25 Centsby Efesgirl
EARRINGS by spurslady41
Vintage earrings by lentilka11
Vintage rhinestone earringsby Ballsto…
My Vintage Clip on Earrings has a Rose painted on Concave Glass Center  by herbgrower
Beaujewels earringsby Ballsto…
CELEBRITY NY JEWELRY -- 1970's Home Parties by antique…
Enamel Clip on earringsby Jean123
Haute Couture Golden Heart Earrings Signed MARGARETHA LEY for ESCADA Made in Franceby Efesgirl
Ivory? Something Else?  Today's Thrift Shop Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Amazing carved? Plastic?  Feather clip-on earrings by jondal
Brand Name ---> CELEBRITY  ( NY ) JEWELRY ( Home Parties )by antique…
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Allusionby nutsabotas6
Chandelier earrings -- bling bling! :)by katheri…
Carved Vintage Earringsby freiheit
1950s Pretty purple glass earringsby Bettyb00
1950s mop gold tone clip on earringsby Bettyb00
Weiss Earrings and Unsigned Broochby nutsabotas6
BSK Earringsby nutsabotas6
Lisner Earrings by nutsabotas6
 Chr.Dior(c) Germany Earringsby Ballsto…
For Mikelv85 - Lisner Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage French Jet Clip-On Earringsby freiheit
Prystal bakelite/catalin eggyolk earclips by Elisabe…
Vintage glass bracelet and earringsby Ballsto…
costume clip on ear ringsby kellysueray
Earrings by Lizzietish43
Vintage Sarah Coventry Earrings - Fanfareby nutsabotas6
Old Earrings with Rhinestones_ID Pleaseby AnnaB
Bakelite Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage screwback celluloid earrings by Elisabe…
My favorite antique earringsby lthykeson
Feeling Fruity Fridayby Hoipolloi
Round clip on earrings with Grape in middleby chepal920
Costume Earrings with Sead Pearlsby freiheit
Rhinestone Clip-on Earringsby freiheit
Bulter and Wilson Art Deco Style Clip Earrings - 1980'sby Betty1978
Dutch Designer Ermani Bulatti Art Deco Revival Clip Earrings - Flea Market Find - $1.00!by Efesgirl
Vintage Sarah Coventry Earrings - Bold Gypsyby nutsabotas6
Kirks Folly Earrings - date?by Hamish
strange jewerlyby jberg
Ugly Ear Ringsby fhrjr2
Electric Chain Company, Canada 1916 - 1950. ECCO Sterling Silver Rose earringsby thefash…
Deep Blue Tiger Eye & Crystal (?) Costume Earringsby Efesgirl
Plastic and japanese earclipsby Newtimes
Heavy Gold Patterned clip Trifari Earringsby Tigredemaman
Some old costume jewelry I Badsam816
Unsigned modernist earringsby RetroBe…
Emmons Earringsby nutsabotas6
Vintage Costume Earrings Made in India?by freiheit
Indian Costume Jewelry Earrings – Vintageby freiheit
Nice Designer Signed Clip Earrings Unknown Signature Unusual 1939 by MattiePerch
Great grandmas favorite pair by camy
Kramer of NY earringsby Ballsto…
Akha Hiltribe earrings - headdress decortaionsby jamesba…
Dangle Costume Earrings with Purple Rhinestones and Green Lucite (?) Tear Dropsby freiheit
Small Carved Rose Earringsby freiheit
Christian Dior earrings silver tone metal and crystal stones,Glam vintage. by MOMsTre…
Pair of long statement 925 silver and gold MOMsTre…
Earrigs from the 80s or 90sby MOMsTre…
Calla Lilly Dangle Earringsby freiheit
Hmmm, are they pearls or ?? .by lokiddo
Vintage Art Deco (?) Dangle Earringsby freiheit
Unusual Design Goldtone Ear Rings and Brooch / Single Pearl Accents /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage 50-60s fruit brooch and earringsby Agram.m
gaudy ?by lokiddo
Pierced Earringsby junkcol…
Costume Earrings – Pink Enamelby freiheit
Rhinestone Costume Vintage Earringsby freiheit
Pair of Earrings/Costume Jewelryby melaniej
Cool carved bakelite clip earringsby valenti…
Earring ? Sterling Silverby Lindapat
Protest Buy:  Large, Cheap Earringsby freiheit
Vintage clip on earringsby Ballsto…
Richard Kerr earrings?by valenti…
D'Orlan Clip On Earringsby freiheit
Huarache Earringby shareur…
Eisenberg! by Countes…
Vintage Hubbell Glass Clip-On Earringsby freiheit
Valentino clip on earringsby Ballsto…
Aurora Borealis Earringsby Ccret1
Two pair Vintage earring rings by Agram.m
Vintage Clip on Earringsby Ballsto…
"Oscar De La Renta" Gold Tone Earrings /Circa Mid 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Lovely antique earrings with pine conesby jennyindy
One "Oscar De La Renta" is Better than None...Well, Kind mikelv85
Vintage Dangle Rhinestone Earringsby freiheit
Costume earrings by Jewels
Very Unusual Earrings (?)by amschelling
Vintage "Lisner" Peacock Aurora Borealis and Faux Emerald Ear Rings /Circa 1956-60by mikelv85
Plastic clip ons by Jewels
W.Germany ear clips from Elisabethan match my fake patent clutchby valenti…
Hard to identify earringsby MuseB
Gorgeous Gold Tone Orange and Pearl screw on earringsby Antique…
Roberts Originals Clip On Pearl and Rhinestoneby Antique…
Vintage Rhinestone earrings / Stick Pinby mackay1st
Earrings, Unsigned Beautiesby FanciGirl
Unknown charactersby Tillie3955
Emerald Green & Aurora Borealis  Earrings By B. Davidby FanciGirl
Laguna Marked Earringsby Ccret1
More Of My R.F.Simmons Jewelry Collection by FanciGirl
Castlecliff Earrings, Danglersby FanciGirl
Christian Dior Earrings 1965by FanciGirl
Vintage Cameo Earringsby debbiewulle…
Lovely Earrings, Gorgeous Gems, Not Signed,  Who Made Themby FanciGirl
Alice "Gorgeous Jewelry" Caviness Earringsby FanciGirl
Made In Austria Earrings, 1950'sby FanciGirl
Gorgeous Hobe Earringsby FanciGirl
Austrian Japanned Earrings, Ruby Red Berry, Emerald Green Leavesby FanciGirl
Rhinestone Gold Tone Lion Earrings, Pretty or Ugly?by FanciGirl
"Diamond" Earrings and Bracelet from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Gold and Gem Necklace and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Gem Necklace and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Flower Pin and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Blue Jeweled Necklace and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
"Germany" Blue/Silver Brooch and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Rose and Pearl earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Great-Grandma's Earringsby vernn98
Florenza Brooch and Earrings ("gold") from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Florenza Brooch and Earrings ("silver") from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Henry Bogoff Earringsby FanciGirl
Clip on earringsby Zowie
I LOVE Hattie Carnegieby FanciGirl
Bogoff Rhinestone & Pearl Earringsby FanciGirl
Enamel Vintage Pearl GERMANY Clip Earringsby MrsWarren
Art deco eggyolk (?) stone or early plastic earrings by Elisabe…
PJC Styled by Chique of Hollywood Earringsby FanciGirl
another mysteryby sammy1
Vintage Anchor Earrings - 1960s?by Betty1978
Vintage Inna Cytrine Paris Gilded Clear Lucite Earringsby sammyth…
Vintage Glass "Marble" Earringsby mackay1st
Weiss? Rhinestone clip earrings in amber colour by hsiep
Pendant /Brooch and Earrings by Henry - circa 1960'sby Betty1978
Vintage Givenchy Jeweled Dragonfly Clip Earringsby sammyth…
Sixties white earclipsby Newtimes Aimathena
Adorable Fancy Goldfish Jewelryby Aimathena
Vintage Buddha Earrings by ZIII
Vintage Les Bernard Cascading Chain Rhinestone Earringsby sammyth…
Unsigned White Iridescent Glass Stone Clip Earringsby mackay1st
Vintage Rhinestone & Glass Clip Earringsby mackay1st
Heart Earringsby Aimathena
Another Beautiful Pair of Dangling Earringsby Aimathena
Beautiful Dangling Earringsby Aimathena
Another set of earringsby Aimathena
Gold Tone Arabic or Hebrew Writing by senchi
Celebrite earrings with cameoby crodri2
Vintage W. Germany Domed Glass Clip Earrings Rosesby mackay1st
Earrings and a necklace from the 1930sby Chrisnp
Huge Mexican Clip-On Earringsby freiheit
Rose crest pierced style clip back earringsby sarahoff
Vintage Inna Cytrine Gilded Black Lucite Earringsby sammyth…
Vintage Charles Jourdan Paris Jeweled Cross sammyth…
Vintage plastic beautiful colored earringsby Agram.m
Tortolani snake wrap clip hoop earringsby valenti…
Earingsby Zowie
Pierre Bex Art nouveau-style enamel earrings by Newtimes
Hanging Flower Earrings - Sterling & CZ?by BHock45
Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane Huge Byzantine Earringsby sammyth…
JayCraft Clip-On Earringsby otiamaria
Some costume jewelry earringsby Newtimes
Earringsby Zowie
Vintage Lunch at the Ritz "Macaw Masquearde" Earringsby sammyth…
Sparkly Vintage Choker and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Assortment of Earringsby NicoleJ…
Beautiful but Incomplete Choker and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Unique Pendant and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Blue and Gold Necklace and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Multi-Stranded Choker w/Earringsby NicoleJ…
Delicate Choker and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Pin and Earring Setsby NicoleJ…
Black Necklace and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Vintage Bracelet and Earring Setsby NicoleJ…
Choker and Earring Set by Elgin Americanby NicoleJ…
Triple-Stranded Choker w/2 Pairs of Earringsby NicoleJ…
Dangly Vintage Necklace and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Earringsby pickrkn…
Double-Stranded Vintage Chokers w/Earringsby NicoleJ…
Rose stud earringsby Zowie
Screw on earringsby Zowie
Screw on earingsby Zowie
Earings clip onby Zowie
Cultured Pearl earringsby Zowie
Clip on earringsby Zowie
Clip on earringsby Zowie
Screw on earringsby Zowie
Clip on earingsby Zowie
Vintage Screw-Back Earringsby freiheit
vintage earings,costumeby lundy
Vintage/Antique Screw-Back Earrings Made in Czechoslovakiaby freiheit
Micro Mosaicby freiheit
LOIS HILL - Sterling Silver Clip Earrings - 925 Indonesiaby BHock45
WELLS STERLING - Pin & Screw-back Earring Setby BHock45
50's-60's plastic earclipsby valenti…
Orange and green plastic earringsby Newtimes
Pink and yellow plastic earringsby Newtimes
Glass flower earringsby Newtimes
Lewis Segal California 1970's rhinestone earringsby valenti…
Alpaca Screw-Back Earringsby BHock45
Sterling Screw-Back Earringsby BHock45
Mother of pearl earringsby Newtimes
Vintage Cyclope "Green" Earringsby Thrifty…
Vintage Ciner Rhinestone Door Knocker Earringsby sammyth…
Blue & Black Glass Bead screw back earringsby sthrn.l…
Vintage Conch Shell & Pearl Clipsby TheChef…
Bakelite and other plastic earringsby valenti…
vintage charm and ear bobbsby phillyn…
Amethyst colored and opal crescent screwbacks by AppleMum
Vintage Franklin Mint "Duchess of Windsor" Leopard Earringsby sammyth…
Oriental painted cat earringsby Newtimes
FOLK ART Earringsby mindbuilder…
Galalith or french bakelite earringsby Newtimes
Vintage Lunch at the Ritz Peacock Earringsby sammyth…
Costume Jewelry - mid 1900'sby debbiep…
Costume jewelry (old) West Germanyby debbiep…
Baublesby spiriti…
Baublesby spiriti…
Vintage Elizabeth Taylor for Avon "Elephant Walk" Earringsby sammyth…
Clip Onsby CSilva
Trifari Crown Carved Bone Fish Cip-on Earringsby molnark
Juliana  or Vendome clip vintage…
Chanel Hoop Earringsby bewise
1930's Chinese STERLING Enameled/Champleve Brooch Earring Setby Stillwa…
Vintage mill glass clip on earringsby vintage…
Bold and Beautiful crystal rhinestone clip on earringsby heirloom
Miriam Haskell earringsby vintage…
Bakelite or Not?by dawnquiett
More pieces from my grandmother by dawnquiett
all my single clip on vintage earings and moreby knottyknotts
2 pairs earrings a watch and chainby knottyknotts
Interesting Necklace and matching earringsby annieb
Yard sale find - today!!by mizjane
Back to 1960's Simplicity by renfro
Swavorsky Crystal Piecesby Deanteaks
president Ikeby pebbelmac01
Saphiret, Sapphirine, or just pale blue glass??by tdvinta…
Wendy Gell Earringsby Ballsto…
Aurora Borealis Faux Pearl Chandelier Clip Earringsby Spunkys…
Antique Screw-back Floral Earringsby Deborah77
Purple and turquoise floral pin and earring setby vintage…
Snail shell earringsby Vintage…
Scrimshaw carved earings, Eskimo?by papa
New earring vintage…
A little bling bling for the New Year! Schiaparelli earrings :)by thriftfan
Bogoff earringsby vintage…
New vintage…
Crown Trifari, Bartek and Western Germany earringsby thriftfan
My new rockin pair of earrings!by thriftfan
goldtone clip earringsby Suesvintage…
Some weekend findsby thriftfan
Wonderful weekend finds!by tdvinta…
mystery bakelite earrings--seen these before??by terryblue
Looking for information on these earringsby lulub
Vtg Regency Demi Parureby mswhite
Gold flake and Turqoise necklaceby Deanteaks
Unsigned vintage…
Vintage Erwin Pearl Pink Oval Designby mswhite
Big Chunky Earringsby melanie
Interesting earringsby cindyjune
Vintage Cameo Earringsby lydaben…
My inherited Vendome earrings - or are they?by Eclecti…
Please could you give your advise about these earrings?by Agram.m
Bronze Ivory colored setby irishukrain…
Two-tone Green Rhinestone Brooch and Earringsby irishukrain…
Two sets of Blue Crystal irishukrain…
Aqua Blue Necklace/Earrings irishukrain…
Butterfly Brooch and Earring irishukrain…
Blue Lagoon and unknown brooch and earing setby Ssupermom12…
Earrings, Deco style!by dharma
brass and copper earringsby cindyjune
Sterling Silver Acron Screwback Earringsby Irishna…
Pretty Screw Back earrings, Unmarked but oldby myvinta…
Vintage Screw Back Earrings, Unmarked 1940's-1950's Crystal or Glassby myvinta…
Not real, but I love 'em!by thriftfan
More for the collectionby thriftfan
My groovy earrings from the 70'sby cindyjune
new findsby cindyjune
Coro earringsby thriftfan
Some more great earrings!by thriftfan
Bracelets, Brooches and Earrings oh my!by vintage…
Misc. findsby thriftfan
Love my beads!by thriftfan
Beautiful Florenza earringsby thriftfan
Really nice Citrine earringsby thriftfan
Beautiful black clip-onsby thriftfan
Pretty earringsby thriftfan
Delft porcelain earrings by thriftfan
Milky blue clip-onsby thriftfan
Aqua bead screw-onsby thriftfan
Yellow clip-onsby thriftfan
Crown Trifari earringsby dharma
Beautiful bead clip-onsby thriftfan
Vintage Earringsby YardSal…
Lisner earringsby dharma
Gorgeous earringsby thriftfan
Coro clip-onsby thriftfan
Bogoff earringsby dharma
Orange clip-onsby thriftfan
Fan clip-onsby thriftfan
Weiss clip-onsby thriftfan
Earringsby YardSal…
Spring Colorsby antique…
Gotta Love CoroCraft! by antique…
More Vintage Costume Jewelry "Earrings, Pin & Braceletby bahamaboy
More Vintage Costume Jewelry "Earrings"by bahamaboy
More Vintage Costume Jewelryby bahamaboy
More Costume Jewelry Earrings 1950's & 60'sby bahamaboy
1930's & 1950's Costume Jewelryby bahamaboy
1920's & 1930's Costume Jewelry Earringsby bahamaboy
Unsigned Clip On Earringsby antique…
Unsigned Clip On Earringsby antique…
Unsigned Clip On Earringsby antique…
Clip On Earrings-Beaujewelsby antique…
Clip On Earrings-Carnegieby antique…
Clip On Earrings-Garneby antique…
Selro Devil Faces Clip Earringsby SteffiF…
choker and earringsby Amber1965
Signed LISNER earrings, channel rhinestone with red/brown centerby BubbasT…
Ivory earringsby TeresaD
Juliana?by caligirl8
A Special Pair of Michal Golan Earrings by mrgvint…
Huge pendent/brooch and clip earringsby vintage…
Grandmother's Cameo Pendent & Earrings by windcross2
1960's/1970's Sterling Silver Modernist Earringsby catwalk…
Multi colored centerpiece necklace and earringsby Milli
Long Czech? Earrings - Really Uniqueby Jewelag…
Embroidered Cindy
Strawberry Fields Forever - Bib necklace with the most beautiful Swarovski Crystalsby Milli
One of my early Milli
An other red one, per Milli
My Masterpiece Grapevine Raspberry Red Ruby Earringsby CarmenG