Vintage Costume Jewelry Pins and Brooches

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A Vintage PINK Brooch by antique…
Vintage broochby Steptoe1
PART 2 ......Little Black Duck pictures for Jeanby TassieD…
can someone helpby justme2016
Vintage Butterfly & a Little Black Duckby TassieD…
Vintage Beauty by Drayton…
Lily of the valley broochby Tigra
Large Bakelite and Possible Lucite or Celluloid Cameoby Myjewel…
Gold tone and stone broochby ihutchi2
Green rhinestone and gold tone broochby ihutchi2
A Buuuuuuug!! Flew All The Way From West Germanyby Efesgirl
Broochby Tigra
Vintage Brooch with Rhinestonesby freiheit
Small Brooch - Watermelon Rivoliby freiheit
Large Unmarked Costume Brooch with Green Glass Stoneby freiheit
Unmarked Beautiesby Drayton…
Costume Brooch Signed ABSby freiheit
Large Vintage Rhinestone Broochby freiheit
Interesting Vintage Brooch - Asian Inspired by freiheit
"Lunch At The Ritz" -Seeded Sunflower- /Brooch-Pendant Combo /24K Gold Plated /Circa 1992by mikelv85
Unsigned brooch/pendantby leese
Vintage brooch  signed Isle ????by Medulski
7 1/2 Inches Wild Cat!by freiheit
GIANT Beetle Bug Brooch AB Rhinestone & Opalized Body Marked SNKby Celiene
Gripoix? by bagfun
TRAVELERS PINby antique…
Please help with marksby T.Doom
Vintage broochesby Ballsto…
Tiny Silver Spiderby Ms.Crys…
Little Fly Brooch by Caperkid
orchid pin / pendantby lentilka11
Phyllis Original Bug Pin with aquamarine type stone from 1940' Muffinp…
Vintage Broochby Ballsto…
Estate Sale Find cased Portrait Brooches African Americansby antiquedon2…
Vintage filigree brooch with faux pearlsby martika
Sparkling broochby aura
Two marcasite and enamel brooches, one (or both?) BJLby pebble
Beautiful vintage jewerlyby Mary46
Broochby katheri…
A pair of Grandmother,s Broochby Caperkid
The London Scene by Caperkid
Crown Trifari Cat Over Fish Bowl Pinby jeneric
Royal Adderley Bone China Pin & Earringsby Caperkid
antique brouch by PattyRi…
Brooch Signed D'orlanby nutsabotas6
Vintage broochby lentilka11
Sea Lion by amanda1…
Vintage Glass Broochby freiheit
Koi Broochby Ballsto…
Ugly As Sin Vintage Corocraft Pin Brooch Amber Center Stone Dangling Pearls by stwilli…
Antique chinese kingfisher feather hairpinsby Elisabe…
Grandmother,s  Brooch by Caperkid
Rhinestone Cat Pinby jeneric
Rhinestone Cat Head Pinby jeneric
Blue bird enamel broochby martika
4 x Brooches by Pottery…
Autumn flower whimsyby valenti…
Black Rhinestone and Gold Toned Pinby jeneric
Vintage M L Broochby dannymoga
Rhinestone HOHOHO Pinby jeneric
Vintage broochby lentilka11
OLD & LOVEDby Ms.Crys…
Patriotic Rhinestone Pinby jeneric
Enamel and Rhinestone Pinsby jeneric
Costume Brooch Marked HR Parisby freiheit
Art Nouveau (?) Celtic / Danish dragon pinby lizzycbw
Vintage brooch, possibly rainbow magnetiteby lentilka11
Lucille Ball  .  .  .  Personal 'Brooch'by Memorie…
Vintage broochby lentilka11
Emmons Butterfly Broochby Dragonf…
Rhinestone Peacock Pendant/Broochby jeneric
Enamel and Rhinestone Parrot Broochby jeneric
Pink Rhinestone Butterfly Broochby jeneric
Christmas tree pinby lentilka11
Vintage filigree broochby martika
Bird of Paradise Brooch"Danny Pollak" Circa 1970-80by Alan2310
Austrian Brooch, 20 centuryby Alan2310
Cute hedghehog broochby lentilka11
Brooch by Arlette
Beautiful brooch and earrings by Arlette
Antique red pinby Absolut…
Very Large Tortoise Brooch - Mystery solved?  by Plumskye
Vintage filigree flower broochesby martika
Today's Goodwill find!by cheriliv
The Most Hideous & Weird Pin Brooch Everby stwilli…
Vintage broochby lentilka11
Dragonfly Brooch  "  J.H.S, New-York, Mfg  " 1970'sby Alan2310
Medley of vintage broochesby martika
Winard Brooch/Pendantby Bobbie05
Hat And Tie Pinsby Bensall…
Pin - Unknownby FreshFrankieP
 Miracle Broochby Efesgirl
Handmae Micro-mosaic Glass & Clay Brooches, Thrift Shop Find $2.00 by Efesgirl
Vintage pin findby Ballsto…
Avon Brooch and Earrings - Victorian Springby nutsabotas6
Unsigned Napier Or A Knock-Off? Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Brooch I ran across and love - reminds me of wings but I know nothing about itby Bobbie05
Western Germany broochby lentilka11
My new broochby spurslady41
Vintage brooch in original box?by lentilka11
Vintage broochby lentilka11
Great finds...I think?by cheriliv
P.W Ellis Canadian Maple Leaf Pinby Dragonf…
Vintage stick pin or kilt pinby bnjvintage
back of Napier brooch by tamireland
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Daisy Maeby nutsabotas6
1930s  broochby lentilka11
Vintage broochby Steptoe1
Vintage brooch II  - baby blue edition :)by lentilka11
Brooch Signed MJ ENTby nutsabotas6
Silver coloured pendant broochby tigerch…
This simple brooch captures the light!!!by aura
Rose pin with religious symbol on backby bparks
Bette Davis . . . 'Brooch'/Personal Propertyby Memorie…
Vintage broochby Steptoe1
Antique vulcanite brooch?by lentilka11
Vintage Brooch, Enamel Flowers and Purple Stones, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Vintage Monet Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Gold Toned"Jeanne"Bird Nest Brooch, Circa 1960-70by Alan2310
Vintage broochby Steptoe1
Vintage, or not?by lentilka11
Butterflies by lentilka11
1930's plastic, galilith and celluloid stick pins dimestore itemsby valenti…
Trifari TM Broochby nutsabotas6
BIG Enameled Horse Brooch Flea Market Find $6.00by Efesgirl
Vintage Napier Broochby nutsabotas6
Pretty little unmarked broochby lentilka11
Free~!! Vintage Enamel Clown/Jester Broochby Efesgirl
Hummingbird Pinby jeneric
Pink Rhinestone Circle Broochby jeneric
Sarah Coventry Brooch & Earrings - Silvery Mistby nutsabotas6
Boucher Brooch! by Nicspawee
Seed pearls and ruby broochby Vintage…
Enamel Pinby StacyEW
Filigree brooch!by Nicspawee
Vintage Butterfly Brooch, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Swarovski Butterflyby jeneric
Miriam Haskell Gilded Gold "Phoenix" Brooch/Pinby Vintage…
Accessocraft N.Y.C. brooch/pinby Vintage…
Estate Sale Finds From New Jersey /Courtesy of My Sisterby mikelv85
Bettina Von Walhof hand broochby love2hunt
Rhinestone Pinby jeneric
 Sarah Coventry Brooch Set - New Summer Magicby nutsabotas6
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Avon Patriotic Pinby jeneric
I Heart America Rhinestone Pinby jeneric
Flag Brooch!by Nicspawee
Goldtone Lion Pinby Ballsto…
Vintage pewter brooch pendant by martika
Two brooches - one sterling, one notby racer4f…
Florenza medieval broochby love2hunt
Blue jeweled beautyby love2hunt
Book piece Coro Adolf Katzby love2hunt
Turtlesby love2hunt
pink cat's eyeby love2hunt
2 Brooches  from costume jewelry maker PLby lentilka11
Rhinestone Frog Broochby jeneric
Vintage Enamel Flower Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Brooch"VIVA"Circa 1960-70by Alan2310
Brooch Signed Judy Leeby nutsabotas6
Flower Sterling Brooch, "BOND BOYD" Circa 1960by Alan2310
Vintage broochby lentilka11
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Vogueby nutsabotas6
Maple leaf brooch! by Nicspawee
Unsigned Beauty!by love2hunt
Art Nouveau Enamel on Silver Scandinavian Guilloche Broochby Poire
Rhinestone Angel Pinby jeneric
Costume Jewelry Butterfly Broochby jeneric
Marked item not familiar with markingsby Jennsbl…
Large amethyst color stone in simple setting with clear stone accentsby Jennsbl…
Silver and purple broochby Jennsbl…
Amethyst colored rhinestone broochby Jennsbl…
Unmarked lab created fire opal brooch pinby Jennsbl…
Silver tine and turquoise color beaded pin by Jennsbl…
Vintage brooch blue stone pewter finish by Jennsbl…
Round micro mosaic circa 1880sby Jennsbl…
Clover shaped micro mosaic brooch pin early 1900sby Jennsbl…
Florenza brooch pendant comboby Jennsbl…
Trifari TM Broochby nutsabotas6
Pink Monkey Pinby Shellkeeper
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Alaskan Summerby nutsabotas6
Vintage 1920 Amethyst Brooch Pin by Vintage…
Marcel Boucher brooch by Nicspawee
Bamboo brooch!!!by Nicspawee
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Bow shape brooch! by Nicspawee
Cameo Stick Pinby nutsabotas6
Two vintage broochesby lentilka11
Trifari TM Broochby nutsabotas6
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Bird Brooch - Modernby antique…
Trifari TM Double Broochby nutsabotas6
Brooch Signed MJ ENTby nutsabotas6
Vintage 1920 Amethyst Brooch Pin an Exciting Find at a Thrift Shopby Vintage…
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Butterfly Broochesby StacyEW
Vintage Coro Brooch - 300th Postby nutsabotas6
Vintage cannetille broochby martika
Vintage Emmons Broochby nutsabotas6
Juliana Brooch by nutsabotas6
Two Signed Flower Broochesby StacyEW
Vintage Napier Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Wood Horse Pin Brooch by Vintage…
"Crown Trifari" White Enamel 2" Spiral-Pinwheel Brooch/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
My little prettyby zapad13
Leaf Jewelryby StacyEW
Blue Butterfly Pin/Broochby StacyEW
Cindy Adams Jewelry - Star Broochby nutsabotas6
Old broochby Steptoe1
Corocraft Pin - Pendant - Locketby nutsabotas6
The mystery of the V&A elephant broochby katheri…
Where stands this M sign for?by aura
Very old and brooch with damage!!!!by aura
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
AMERIKANER A*D GOLD FILLED BROOCH, Andreas Daubby lentilka11
Vintage broochesby lentilka11
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Glass Bead Brooch Natural Light Photosby MamaDot
Grandmothers Jewelry. Always room for a pin. Secret Society?by MamaDot
Takahashi ? Bird Pinby Ballsto…
WW2 Era Hand Made Sea Shell Jewelry Native Hawaiian by whitman75
Vintage KC Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage broochby martika
Old broochby thegath…
Vintage brass broochby martika
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Large Purple Textured Flower Brooch and Clip On Earringsby TassieD…
Avon 1994 Elizabeth Taylor Hearts In Tandem Brooch Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Napier Butterfly Broochby nutsabotas6
Items signed DPR and LDADPR?by lentilka11
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Pastelli Broochby nutsabotas6
my most sentimental piece of jewelry ever foundby ssklenar
Star / snowflake broochby lentilka11
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Brooch #251by Alan2310
Trifari Cameo Stick Pinby nutsabotas6
turquoise jewelryby thegath…
Unsigned butterfly broochby Vintage…
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Jet Setby nutsabotas6
Vintage Monet Broochby nutsabotas6
Celluloid Brooch and Earringsby nutsabotas6
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Unknownby M24.7
Kollmar & Jourdan Pforzheim Germany Gold Double' Brooch Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Vintage Costume Jewelry Broochby nutsabotas6
McGrath-Hamin (?) Top Hat Brooch Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Vintage rhinestone coat (?) pinby Vintage…
Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings - Ivyby nutsabotas6
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
All About Horses Here!by brunswick
Vintage Brooch signed nutsabotas6
Monet Broochby melaniej
Fox Stickpin  late 1930's  early 1940's Era.....???by juro59
Aurora Borealis Crystal Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Night Owlby nutsabotas6
Turquoise glass cascade broochby racer4f…
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Two Tone Green Rhinestone Broochby nutsabotas6
Original by Robert radish broochby Vintage…
The flashmakersby lentilka11
Old Piece of Silvertone Metal Costume Jewellery - Anyone any ideas?by itsnotalljunk
Australian Jewelcrest boxed brooch and earring TassieD…
Parklane Giraffe Pinby PinkThorn
Vintage Weiss Broochby nutsabotas6
Costume Brooch with Plastic Heart Stones and Blue Center by freiheit
Two amethyst glass gold tone costume brooches....unknown makerby TassieD…
Glass/Plastic oval broochby Shknsethi
Vintage Costume Jewelry Broochby nutsabotas6
Image broach/necklaceby maydemia
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Seashore themed broochby Vintage…
Juliana Flower Broochby nutsabotas6
More costume jewellery broochesby TassieD…
Gerry's Cameo Broochby nutsabotas6
Flower spray broochby lentilka11
Simulated Hope Diamond Broochby Vintage…
Red jewel broochby Vintage…
Sing it with me -- Meow meow meow meow ;) by katheri…
A Christmas tree by mowgli191
A heart! by mowgli191
A flower  by mowgli191
A flower  by mowgli191
Pretty blue flowerby mowgli191
Arrow Pin Mysteryby ckb208
Space Invaders Flower broochby katheri…
Harry Iskin broochby Vintage…
Fabulous celluloid broochby Newtimes
Antique stick pin & broochby Bettyb00
Turquoise and Diamente costume broochby AnneLan…
A few of my costume jewellery broochesby TassieD…
Flower pin by mowgli191
costume pin by mowgli191
costume pin by mowgli191
A costume jewelry pin by mowgli191
A flower pin by mowgli191
Brooch Signed Artby nutsabotas6
Antique silver brooch with faceted lead crystal glassby martika
Bracelet/Pinby brunswick
"Sorrento" Sterling "Hematite" Leaf Brooch/"Reinad" Clear Rhinestone Brooch/Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
A very long aura
Monet Double Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Antique half-moon broochby lentilka11
Vintage Crown Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch & Earrings - Viennaby nutsabotas6
Brooche 925 silver someone can help me please?by aura
Monet Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch & Earrings - Moonlightby nutsabotas6
Aurora Borealis Vintage Broochby freiheit
Brass and lucite cherry broochby Newtimes
Vintage twin bird enamel costume broochby TassieD…
Trifari Heart Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooches - Winking Bunnyby nutsabotas6
Beaded broochby lentilka11
Antique brass pin with Mother of Pearlby infan721
Brooch by Arlette
Lovely Pink Broochby jmwolfe420
Vintage Boucher Broochby nutsabotas6
Disney rose broachby KM95
Beautiful Brooch by Arlette
Bug broochby lentilka11
A present from the birds in my garden!!by TassieD…
Vintage Scaasi Blue Crystal Glass Pendant Broochby Avalon
Porcelain roseby Blchristie
Flower Bouquet Broochby lentilka11
The girl broochby racer4f…
Rhinestone Broochby Ballsto…
Czech broochby lentilka11
Miriam Haskell broochby racer4f…
Some recent brooches - gifted and purchasedby racer4f…
Vintage Lisner Broochby nutsabotas6
DeNicola broochby lentilka11
Flamingo pin broochby lentilka11
ALP (Italy?) Vintage Broochby freiheit
Edwardian Era St. Hubert Patron Saint Of Hunters Brooch Belgian Flea Market Find $2by Efesgirl
Vintage Krementz Broochby nutsabotas6
Sphinx Giraffe broochby lentilka11
Vintage Trifari Broochesby nutsabotas6
Artist Palette Broochby msjar
Paparmachie Pin Brooch richly decorated with a flowered centre and gold chain type decoration around rim, signed on rear. by GeodeJem
Vintage 1960s Gerry's Christmas Bell Holly Brooch Thrift Shop Find 95 Centsby Efesgirl
Dragonfly and Butterfly Broochesby nutsabotas6
"And Butterflies Are Free To Fly....So Fly Away....Bye.. Bye"  -Elton Johnby brunswick
a bouncing broochby mikeyprice
Costume Pinby Ballsto…
The Blue Butterflyby Caperkid
My Spiderby Caperkid
Dragonfly Pin ( For Kyra)by Caperkid
Vintage LEAF BROOCH ( Gold Tone ) with BAGUETTESby antique…
Two Bits Of Costume Jewelry  Flea Market Finds $1.00by Efesgirl
Little girl with lambby Vintage…
Brooch late granmothersby Sunonmyface
Vintage Brooch/Pinby CJMChevy
Grandmother's Broachby Caperkid
Vintage Spider Pinby Junkman60
Jeweled Costume Feather Brooch, Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
1920s?silver paste stone yacht brooch & paste stone clip onsby Bettyb00
Unmarked Vintage Pot Metal Broochby freiheit
Unmarked Ram Head Vintage Broochby freiheit
Sparkles and moreby racer4f…
Some bugs for Kyratangoby racer4f…
Some more recent brooch buysby racer4f…
Jeweled & Enamel Tiger Brooch Thrift Shop Find $3.00by Efesgirl
A few more broochesby Oldfash…
Another broochby Oldfash…
A few more broochesby Oldfash…
Vintage broochesby Oldfash…
One of my favourite  vintage brooches from my collectionby Oldfash…
Roberta Scarpa Venice Italy Signed Bronze Gecko Brooch Flea Market Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Mystery Costume Brooch with Faux Pearlsby freiheit
60s? 70s? Art glass lampwork bird stickpinby Bettyb00
1920s glass or paste stone horseshoe stick pin & a 30s horseshoe broochby Bettyb00
Vintage plastic pin by bbam
Grandmother's pearl/rhinestone bow pinby elsie0tter
Hand-Painted Porcelain Brooch - Victorian?by freiheit
Trifari mushroom pinby Emilly_13
Small, Early 1900s Brooch, Albert Roi Des Belges (King Albert I Of Belgium)by Efesgirl
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Large Costume Broochby freiheit
1850-1910 Tube Hinge Brass Brooch $4.00by Efesgirl
Gold Wired Bow Brooch No Markingsby charlie…
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Weiss Shield and Sword Broochby Emme
1980s Costume bar brooch by Bettyb00
1950s or 60s costume broochby Bettyb00
1940s or 30s Costume ceramic broochby Bettyb00
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Strawberry Iceby nutsabotas6
"San Antonio" little Virgini…
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Autumn Hazeby nutsabotas6
Vintage Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Celebrity Jewelry NY Broochby nutsabotas6
Magnificent Juliana Brooch and earring setby Emme
Large gem brooch marked Simpsonby racer4f…
Some more jewelled broochesby racer4f…
Flowers for Sundayby racer4f…
Trifari Brooch and Earringsby nutsabotas6
Help me identify this big, beautiful brooch from the 50sby mmccool719
Help me identify the big, blue brooch from the 50s!by mmccool719
Enamel and rhinestone bee broochesby Emme
Crown Brooch, unmarkedby Emme
Pearl and Pink Rhinestone Silver-tone Emme
shoe or belt buckle victorian or edwardian by Thevint…
Crown Trifari Brooch and Earringsby nutsabotas6
1920s faceted crystal hat pinby Bettyb00
1920s/30s  double hat pinby Bettyb00
Unsigned 1950sblue&white rhinestone butterflyby Bettyb00
Rhinestone pin (add on from original posting)by bbmbr2000
Judy Lee Broochby nutsabotas6
Danish(Or Not?) Pewter Elephant Brooch: NOFDAN? Google Gives Me A Big Fat Efesgirl
1910-1920 broochby Bettyb00
Elaborate Seven Drop Faux Pearl and Red Glass Cluster Brooch /Unsigned Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Victorian bee brooch(missing wing&pin)by Bettyb00
1950s hand cut blue glass ?broochby Bettyb00
1950s Aurora borelias broochby Bettyb00
1950s rhinestone broochesby Bettyb00
1950s Simpson broochby Bettyb00
2 1950s brooches by Bettyb00
Vintage 1940s Austria paste rhinestone&marcasite broochby Bettyb00
1950s Rhinestone paste broochby Bettyb00
BSK Broochby nutsabotas6
1910/1920s Laboradite broochby Bettyb00
Trifari Brooch Sea Shellby nutsabotas6
Brooch for hanging medal? Dog show winner? by Tulay
1950s pink milk glass broochby Bettyb00
Vintage Owl stick pinby Bettyb00
1950s broochby Bettyb00
Grandmothers Broochby mcdonal…
Cat stick pin by Bettyb00
1940s cicada stick pinby Bettyb00
Diamente brooch and a naughty cat!by AnneLan…
Florenza Brooch & Earringsby Emme
Brass & Bling Paisley Turtle Brooch Thrift Shop Find 50 centsby Efesgirl
Vintage Juliana Broochby nutsabotas6
jewelry brooch helpby billypi…
Crown Trifari Brooch and Earringsby nutsabotas6
Hubby's Restoration...AGE?by deniboardman
Amazingly detailed pinby wickedp…
Giraffe Broochby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Madam Butterflyby nutsabotas6
Vintage Lisner Broochesby nutsabotas6
Monet Broochby nutsabotas6
Bronze (?) & Garnet Or Glass Art Deco Lapel Pin Thrift Shop Find by Efesgirl
Tiny Victorian 14K Gold Filigree Garnet Pin and Faux Gemstone Scarab Circular Pin /Circa 19th and 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Galalith daisyby Newtimes
Vintage Crown Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Broachby surfdub66
Old Green Car Pin - 1940s? Compare to Buick Roadmasters 1940/1949 by Efesgirl
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Evening Snowflakeby nutsabotas6
1980s Napier Black Enamel and Gold 3 Leaf Brooch Lapel Pin, Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
dragonfly pinby kellysueray
Vintage 60s plastic flower broochby Agram.m
AB Vintage Rhinestone Brooch (Unmarked)by freiheit
Florenza Carved Shell Cameo by freiheit
My signed Shermanby Jdcacu77
Mystery Brooch/Pendantby freiheit
Vintage 1950-60's Brooch with Faux Opal Foil Glass and Rhinestones_Unknown Makerby AnnaB
Juliana Brooch Setby nutsabotas6
Great-great grandma's broochby Spastic…
Pretty brooch :)by Jpdsteeves
Regency Jewels Butterfly Broochby nutsabotas6
Large Eisenberg Broochby rarias
Amber Rhinestone Glass Insect Broochby LuluX
cameo brooch/pendantby carriedalton
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Starlit Trioby nutsabotas6
Ciccada broochesby Newtimes
Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings - Nocturneby nutsabotas6
Star Broochby nutsabotas6
Hallmark coat pinby kenneth…
Brooch / Scarf Pin / Necklace -- Embroidery Unknown Maker  Filigreeby antique…
Delicate Boone Broochby freiheit
Broochby Iras
Vintage Trifari Broochesby nutsabotas6
Green and AB Rhinestone Leaf Broochby freiheit
Plastic Cat Broochby freiheit
Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Big Cat Broochesby Hoipolloi
A Collection Shareby Hoipolloi
Vintage Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil Ruby & Clear Flying Insect Bug Pin Broochby Alan2310
My Favourite Find and I mean 'Find'. Found on a pavement near my home a few years ago. by Debonai…
Sarah Coventry Pinsby nutsabotas6
Old pin by Gruff
Stone me! Or not? by Hoipolloi
spider broocheby aura
Trifari Double Heart Brooch, 1980-1999, Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
Unsigned Brooch-Who do you think the maker of this was?by PhilomenasG…
Blue Lagoon Brooch - Sarah Coventry by nutsabotas6
Bohemian Art Nouveau brooch with Vladimir
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Blue Lagoonby nutsabotas6
Mystery Broochby freiheit
Large Vintage Rhinestone/Enamel Broochby freiheit
Little Avon Broochby freiheit
Unmarked Costume Brooch - Lipstickby freiheit
only a broochby aura
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Golden Ice Sunburstby nutsabotas6
Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings - Fashion Leafby nutsabotas6
Mysterious Brooch/Pin Made in France???by jilljen
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Operettaby nutsabotas6
Large Rose Gold Plated Sword & Shield Brooch with rhinestones c.1940s Retroby davyd286
Crown Trifari Broochby nutsabotas6
Antique Three Horseshoe-Shaped Amethyst Glass Stone Pin, probably Czechby davyd286
Kyra...Meet Another Little Friend Of Mine! by Efesgirl
"Catamore" Faux (?) Moonstone Pin / Marked 1/20 12 kt. Gold Filled / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Pin broochby pat-ita
pin broochby pat-ita
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Silvery Sunburstby nutsabotas6
Brooch in need of a home....HOME FOUND WOO HOOby melaniej
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch - Pearlized Perfectionby nutsabotas6
For freiheit----> A Cameo Stick Pin From Czechoslovakia...Well..From The Flea Market Today! LOL by Efesgirl
Lovely pin broochby Ren
Peacock Rhinestone Broochby freiheit
Vintage Brass Popeye Fantail Goldfish Brooch, Flea Market Find, 50 Cents!by Efesgirl
Darling Pinsby LSFINDS
Paste Pin?by LSFINDS
Vintage Christmas Pin and Earringsby LSFINDS
Fabulous Green Broochby LSFINDS
Lots of Vintage jewelery by Agram.m
Bellini Crown Broochby nutsabotas6
Vintage Silver Tone Brass Heart Broochby Agram.m
Enamel Flowers - Just for Funby freiheit
Very Delicate Swallowtail Butterfly Brooch *Flea Market Find*  $1.00by Efesgirl
Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings - Summer Frostby nutsabotas6
Giovanni Rose Broochby nutsabotas6
Antique or Vintage Silver Tone Rhinestone "V" Wings Brooch Pinby Bergenp…
Antique Silver Bow Brooch?by Efficiently…
Gold Unsigned Four Petal Open Flower Broochby Efficiently…
Unusual small memento or souvenir pin from Hamburg dated 1913by themuse
Michaela Frey brooch and anotherby racer4f…
Nice barbrooch with purple stoneby Newtimes
Poinsettia Pin - Info on Markby mrsgrimaldi
I'm new to this!  Help!!by Karat-14
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 Interesting pinby Witchedwick
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My first mollymay
Anyone know these markings?by mollymay
Large Gold Tone Cat Shoulder Brooch, Green Eyes, Chain Link Tail, Unknown Makerby Efesgirl
Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings - Americanaby nutsabotas6
Flower Brooch Red Amethyst Pink Rhinestones Golden by lemarcheaup…
Star on Star Brooch Faux Pearls Beads Goldenby lemarcheaup…
beauthiful broochby aura
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Pinwheelby nutsabotas6
Beautiful Brooch  Marked "AV" With Copyright (?)by Efesgirl
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Vintage Coro brooch  in gold tone metall,  aurora borealis rhinestones and white enamel by Elisabe…
Vintage signed Coro flying swallow brooch with blue rhinestoneby Elisabe…
Beautiful rose &  pearl by Miranda.Wal…
Butterfly Brooch - Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
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Vintage Pinby Ballsto…
Vintage Pinby Ballsto…
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My Grandmothers Cameoby Angelmattsmom
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Vintage Costume Brooch with Purple Glass – Possibly Czechoslovakianby freiheit
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Similar Designsby JewelsNZ
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40-50s Mosaic bee broochby Agram.m
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Down and dirty in my gardenby critchpics
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Japanese Buddhist?by Wais
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BIG Bulldog !!by Bluboi
Female Zowie
Little critter, vintage, marked kyratango
 Sarah Coventry Brooch - Valenciaby nutsabotas6
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"Judy Lee" Milk Glass "Navette" and Rhinestone Brooch-Pendant/ Circa 1950-60by mikelv85
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Brown Brooch by Ccret1
Spain marked pinby Ccret1
Display of Part of My Bond Boyd Collectionby freiheit
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Red White and Blue!by upstate…
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broach antique?by marcy
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"Coro" Faux Pearl and Aurora Borealis Crystal Brooch / Circa 1960by mikelv85
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 pin with baby ringsby CindyReed
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Please laugh! by Jewels
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 My Vintage Broochesby cggrdn
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THOMAS L MOTTby chrissy-h
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Impressive Large Faux Moonstone Brooch/ Unmarked and Unknown Ageby mikelv85
Antique Mother of Pearl pin with Rhinestones and Silver Filigree accentsby Antique…
Vintage round Virgini…
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Bow and Arrows Brooch, 1970'sby FanciGirl
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Large Peacock Brooch, Very Niceby FanciGirl
Moonstone Brooch Made In Germanyby FanciGirl
Gerard Yosca Brooches, 1989by FanciGirl
Two Large Elegant Crystal Brooches / Unmarked / Mid-Centuryby mikelv85
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Pot Metal Turtle Pinby JemJunkie
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CoroCraft Sterling Rock Fish Broochby melaniej
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Vintage Gold and Faux Pearl Circle Pinby smcmahan
Vintage Signed Coro Starfish Broochby smcmahan
Silver Tone, Aurora Borealis, Little Cute Bug by FanciGirl
Brooch With Simulated Rubies, Who Made Me?by FanciGirl
Edgar Berebi Mask Brooch, Limited Editionby FanciGirl
White Enamel & Rhinestone Beetle Brooch 1960'sby FanciGirl
Dodds Emerald Green & Amber Stones Butterflyby FanciGirl
One More Pretty Dodds Pinby FanciGirl
Two vintage brooches came from grandmothers box of jewelryby debbiewulle…
Antique Brooch, Real Antique At Least 118 Years Oldby FanciGirl
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Fur and Pearls Pinby aghcoll…
Polka Dot Bow Pin Broochby aghcoll…
Broach Pinby debbiewulle…
Fantastic Nolan Miller Orchid Broochby FanciGirl
Flower Pin and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
"Germany" Blue/Silver Brooch and Earrings from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
DeLizza & Elster Gorgeous Broochby FanciGirl
Florenza Brooch and Earrings ("gold") from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Florenza Brooch and Earrings ("silver") from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane K.J.L. Jeweled Capricorn Brooch Pinby sammyth…
 Trifari White Jagged Contemporary Abstract Pin/Broochby smcmahan
Victorian Intaglio Glass Oval on Brass Brooch /Reverse Painted Floral Design/Circa 19th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage Brooches /Dragonfly and Cinderella's Coach/ Signed/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Bold, Black & Beautiful Broochby FanciGirl
1800's Hand Painted & Signed Brooch/Pendantby shareur…
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B David Gorgeous Broochby FanciGirl
Who Could Have Made This Beauty?by FanciGirl
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Faux Emerald and Peridot Crystal-Glass Brooch/Unmarked / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Gold-tone Angel Pinby aghcoll…
Nina Ricci for Avon Butterfly Brooch - 1980sby ho2cult…
My favorite mother of pearl double shell brooch/pendant. Signed MARENA HAND MADE IN GERMANY by mrgvint…
Any info on what this is made of etc. would be very celluloid
Florenza Faux Garnet & Turquoise Cabochon Carved Shell Cameoby LowerysLoft
1930-40's wood brooch - strawberries?by valenti…
lovely vintage handmade buttefly pin/brooch excellent bead stormday8
Unmarked Costume Pinby freiheit
Mystery Pinby freiheit
Pendant /Brooch and Earrings by Henry - circa 1960'sby Betty1978
small pin /badge/medal by lucky1
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Dragonfly Pin with Stoneby aghcoll…
Abalone Brooch and Have No Idea on the Other!by Farmgir…
Lea Stein Brooches / Pins Collectionby Betty1978
Line Vautrin Pins / Broochesby Betty1978
Deco' brooch with woman faceby Nontisc…
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Bat Jewelryby Imbearly1
Markie Moose Lapel Pin ~ signed M.E. Schwabe (Mark Eliot Schwabe)by tom61375
Kramer of New York blue rhinestones brooch/pinby Jibaricua
Victoria Brooch ? German Silver Marks, Unknown Makerby gardinerth
belle roche de dosby coold
Unmarked Filigree Pinby freiheit
Can anyone Identify this Antique Pendantby gardinerth
antique from very old estate sale..Can anyone help identify?by jlvintagelo…
tres belle brocheby coold
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Lovely Vintage Lucite and Rhinstone Flower Broochby mackay1st
Vintage Charlie Chaplin Lapel Pin Unknown Signatureby mackay1st
Unusual Flower Smoke Rhinestone Broochby ckball
Sherman script signed red brooch with japanned settingby Cpilger
Old Disney Pluto in a Ballerina Tutu Brooch/Pinby heidi7777
My second "oldie" Lea Stein Ladybug broochby Agram.m
Vintage Kangaroo Broochby tom61375
Vintage heart broochby Agram.m
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Brass Butterfly, enameled? With jewels!  Old!?  Maybe from Gospel Thrift Store  Cute!by toracat
Super sweet novelty sewing scissors broochby Newtimes
A new addition to my Cicada family, a bakelite brooch. by Agram.m
Art Nouveau C-clasp Brooch W/ Small Amethystby antique…
Before & After Restoration of A Victorian Broochby antique…
Art Nouveau C-clasp Brooch W/ Large Orange Stone & Flower Decorby antique…
Art Nouveau Bee & Flower C-clasp Broochby antique…
Hubbell Glass Vintage Brooch?by freiheit
Ornate Art Nouveau Brooch w/ Prett Blue Stoneby antique…
Art Nouveau C-clasp brooch w/ cobalt guilloche. Marked antique…
Art Nouveau C-clasp broochby antique…
Art Nouveau C-clasp brooch with giant amethyst by antique…
Unusual Pin With Opalby freiheit
Early plastic partly Bakelite Cicade broochby Agram.m
A Recent Find~a 1905 Quarter Pin with Liberty Face Pressed into itby Budek
 Pomegranate  Pinby freiheit
Vintage blackamoor broochby Newtimes
Bond Boyd Sterling Silver Vintage Pinby freiheit
Sherman Broochby lourdes
Filigree Pinby freiheit
Vintage Schreiner Broochby DaffodilsVi…
Sarah Cov Vintage Pinby freiheit
Broochby Peterdr…
Art nouveau bar broochby Newtimes
AV Signed Broochby sadiebess
Cherry brooch with glass Fabulou…
Silver Marcasite Cupid Brooch with bow and arrow by Agram.m
Small pinby Jono
Help Me identify these three pinsby Jono
Old pins and broachesby Jono
Vintage crystal flower broochby angel0105
Scottish Mizpah Pinby freiheit
Pins Oldby Deanteaks
Cicada Broochby Agram.m
Carved Pansy Pinby freiheit
Victory Pin with Torchby upstate…
Bakelite Doggie Broochby Agram.m
Amusing "JEANNE"  -Bejeweled Donkey- Costume Jewelry BROOCHby LOUMANAL
Very early Takahashi bird pins?by vintagefare…
Costume Jewelry - Broochby BHock45
Well Made Costume Broochby BHock45
My Favorite Costume Jewelry Piece by adrian44
Wishbone Charmby BHock45
Costume Brooch/Pinby BHock45
Newest sassy brooch purchaseby momsword
Retro French Jet Pin?by freiheit
French Jet, Rhinestones, and Cut Steel Pinby freiheit
Ladybug broochby Newtimes
Large Vintage pin / Brooch signed Chanel needs help!by l.a.lady
Bambi the bambi broochby Newtimes
Here ya go bratjdd, two should be enough to start an 80s pin category:)by sarahoff
Miracle brooch with faux stonesby Agram.m
SOL DOR/MIRACLE - Goldtone Broochby BHock45
Monet Dog Pinby otiamaria
Brass elephant pin 1939 "Angel of the highway protect us" clipby filmnet
1960's-70's enamel flower pinsby valenti…
Do -it -yourself mid century galalith broochby Newtimes
Purple Cameoby forthel…
Some fun old wood pinsby valenti…
very cool broochby lilbevey
My favourite broocheby Motley
Vintage Napier (bird of paradise?)by wpkcat
Something old, once borrowed, and sometimes blueby sarahoff
Large Rhinestone Pinby aprilm
STERLING SILVER PIN - Turtle with Abalone and ?by BHock45
Costume jewelry: Vogue Bijoux broochby TheRoper
An Art Deco Brooch: Costume Jewelryby TheRoper
unknown silversmith... 835 SGby getthat…
Very Large Unmarked Costume Pin (Inspired by Weiss???)by freiheit
Happy 4th of July!by freiheit
Large Costume Brooch with Aurora Borealis Crystals & Moonstone-Has NR Mark?by LOUMANAL
Vintage Lunch at the Ritz Macaw Masquerade Broochby sammyth…
Enamel Knot Broochby NCGJewelry
Assortment of Pins and Broochesby NicoleJ…
Christian Dior Costume Pin With Large Blue Glass Stone by freiheit
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Pin and Earring Setsby NicoleJ…
Collection of sparkly things!by pickrkn…
Vintage Broochby pickrkn…
Game of Thrones Brooch!!by pickrkn…
Antique porcelain brooch?by pickrkn…
Costume Pin - Rhinestones and Blue Glassby freiheit
Butler Costume Pinby freiheit
Mother-Of-Pearl Pin and Clip-On Earrings by freiheit
1920's Chrome and Blue Galalith and Silver Mesh Pin Broochby DaveDeco
Vintage Florenza Ornate Victorian-Revival Broochby sammyth…
Broochby Zowie