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Redhead Duck Decoyby Gizmo199
Old carved wood bird seagull duck decoy by LoveUnique
My tiniest post ever! Devil / Pirate Duckieby ho2cult…
Wood Mallard Duck Decoyby alveen22
Wooden decoy Irishco…
Vintage Wood Duck Decoy, Unknown Mfg. oh Yearby mikeigo…
 Vintage Wood Duck Decoys I believe?? Appears to be mallards I think. by mikeigo…
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoysby whitman75
Unknown Carved Duck // Mallard // Hen Whistler - 1985by antique…
My duck decoy Karenoke
Miller Manufacturing Duck Decoyby Mholmes77
John Bundy Ducks by Dallibone
craigslist findby giovanni442
Ardco duckby lagan
Antique Duck Decoy Gift from Father Never Seen One Like It!!!by cottonb…
Old coot decoy hunter green with cloth beakby Lttldggr
Antique wooden duck decoy motorisedby newme58
hand carved duckby marered…
vintage wooden duck decoyby kateee1111
Sotänder, Gustavsbergby Sotand
Wood duck by Logan2500
Wooden Duck Decoysby AnnaB
Vintage Duck  decoy by alhowell
Swan Decoy by pcmadis…
Painted Northern Pintail (?) Duckby StadlerFamily
Painted Mallard Duckby StadlerFamily
Inherited Wooden Duck Decoy Collectionby StadlerFamily
Vintage Mallard Duck Decoy by Scodi143
these ducks are sign under the side of there neckby bluepbr
Mallard drake by lonely 1986by Alnroni
Duck Caperkid
Signed Duck Decoyby mssue64
Mason Decoy???by cjswetlik
1967 D-9 Victor Duck Decoyby J4Coyote
walnut duck decoyby hotairfan
Some of my wooden favorite duck decoysby StefanoBaldan
Unknown Wood Duck Decoysby nitamac
Duck Decoyby dhumphr…
Can anyone help provide a value to this solid wood carved goose decoy, signed by Bill Black Jr.?by sandybeaches
for quack sakeby brassnut
Wooden Duck Decoyby jamvt70
Antique Wooden Duck Decoys?by whitman75
Help identify by AAntiquities1
Merganser Drake Decoysby thegrea…
Unidentified decoy - or is it?by Seahorse2707
Wood Carved Duckby Deek
Vintage Standing Duck Decoy Need Help??by whitman75
Ducks are they Decoys? by stevew407
Vintage Duck Decoy?by ANGELAT99
Beautiful S.D. Meadows Signed Wooden Duck Decoyby whitman75
Antique Unknown Wooden Duck Decoyby whitman75
Canvass Covered Mallard Decoyby Brazz
very old working decoyby MikeMcCormick
Vintage David Hagerbaumer Balsa Wood Duck Decoysby whitman75
Duck Decoy signed Paul Vegaby Suzyqryan
Boyd's Collection LTD by Suzyqryan
Anyone know the designer of these wood decoys?by wugolfer
Found collection of early Grubbs decoysby flyfish…
wood duck carving enscribed possibly by artist, date and numbered, worth?by taamatrix
Vintage Herter's 1893 Wooden Duck Decoy Glass Eyesby whitman75
is this a "real" decoy?by billyatom
cast iron sink decoyby vcassell
2 vintage hand carved duck decoys "signed" are they rare?by okeeffe…
Hand  made decoysby Suebeejay
Old Decoyby Silverseagu…
Fine Old Decoy Any Idea Who Made It?by SCote
another duck decoy.....this one looks much older to me.......but I'm not sure!by DrNessa
one of two duck decoys.........are they real??by DrNessa
Hunting decoys with genuine feathersby Miket
Hearnsberger 4 1984 - fine feather detail - $ ___?by twknutson
Estate sale findby woody97977
Red Mill Mfg. Resin Duckby nldionne
Leather duck decoyby sherry541
Cork bluebill decoys (1958) male and femaleby mat5050
Tannereye Ducks Unlimited 1989 leather over wood Canadian Goose Decoyby RyanQuinn18
Paper mache?  Duck decoyby kseurer
OLD duck decoy, What is it and value?by Capt.JohnWis
Antique wooden duck decoyby busymom2three
Duck Decoy? Vintage or just a Novelty?by lioness63
Black Duck With Great Detailby nigel22
Goose Decoy Information Requestedby tetonart
little things that make a collector's day worthwhileby bushrat
Peter M Pringle bufflehead drakeby bushrat
'Markham Rig' bufflehead drake, c. 1900by bushrat
W H Hart mallard drake, c. 1920by bushrat
sweet little blue wing teal hen by Ken Anger, c. 1950'sby bushrat
ringbill decoy pair by David K (Old Davey) Nichol, Smith's Falls, Ontario, c. 1920by bushrat
a few favorite decoysby bushrat
Duck Decoys - Grubbs Perfection 1 -  Gundelfinger  Padco  Poitevinby Bootson
wooden decoy duckby moths
Folkart Duck Carvingby robjohn
wooden native american goose decoyby yancees
DECOYSby picking…
old hand made duck decoysby skywalker27
Wood duck mysteryby brock
unknown wood duck (1)by brock
A Duck with a past, but from when?by Seapaws
My Green-winged Teal Duckby dowm103
hand carved wooden ducks- need more info or valueby terrinsierra
Duck Decoyby rcaudell
antique decoy pairby BillRichard…
Hand Carved and painted Canada Geese on wood display standby scottvez
Old Duck Decoys by Kymbeckham
Micro sized decoys...... Found in grandparents JaminK
Wooden decoysby ncattell
Genuine Mallord Duck Decoyby debbydd
   DUCK DECOYS  (Grandfathers)by Toyman
antique duck decoyby trueantique…
Favorite item foundby Spookster
TD Hooper limited edition,1985, pair of duck decoysby marwerst
whistler decoysby jeff