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Chef Au Ritz Sabatier Knife 9.75"by Legenda…
Mystery Knifeby BlakeSh…
Fighting Knoifeby gqbd
M4 Bayonet For M1 Carbine by fortapa…
Hand Forged Early Knife by tancarte36
chisel   pig sticker??by denalee
Hunting Knifeby Justaman57
Vintage WW2 Italian Scuotto Napoli Fixed Blade Knifeby whitman75
Early American? fixed knife Baltimore estate find years ago what is itby snipe4bids
No idea what this is!by BuckeyeFatGuy
Khalsa Kirpan Knifeby l3sl3ym
please help me identify what and all knowledge of this RDW fixed blade knifeby chelsea…
Marvill Regan Carving Set 1860s Plus Original Boxby fortapa…
This knife was in my grandmothers curio cabinet, any info on it would be appreciated.  The guard is brass as are the Duane1967
W.Scagel Knifeby CheriNY
Knife with bone handleby alpo
Broken cutlass or sabreby alpo
Supposedly poisonous knifeby alpo
M3 Camillus Knifeby tquick
Antique dagger  help identifying makerby bbmbr2000
vintage china kicken knivesby mt88
Knife with mans head by billypi…
Interior of Red Devil UK 55by Ted_Str…
Mystery Hand Toolby LukeBond
hunting knifeby packie7
Sterling silver Russian sword daggerby Gamagina
Western Bowie Collectionby PointyEnd
Cracked Ice knive handleby PointyEnd
Western Knife Bird and Trout Collectionby PointyEnd
Western Knives, Boulder Co. Stag Collectionby PointyEnd
WWII Edged Weapons Collectionby PointyEnd
Vintage Finnish Hunting Knife Unknown Makerby poody1
Carved Folk Art Knife With Matching Sheath - Oak? 12 inchesby BHock45
can anyone tell me how old this knife is. Where it was made, and why the blade has a notch maybe who made it thanhs Robby Rubbertoe
Vintage Fixed Blade Signed Knife Beautiful Sheath by whitman75
a very old daggerby loverofoldt…
Gurkha/kukri knifeby tdoles
Old knivesby Briancun
my vintage knives from a garage saleby topwop6…
William Rodgers Knife 'I Cut My Way'by jearve
Native American?by RGCannon
George Wostenholm I*XL NIMROD Knifeby jearve
Fixed-blade Knifeby curiousgeor…
Dagger (bone handle?)by Radegun…
US M1917 BOLO Knife Mfg by American Cutlery Co by battleg…
Old Knifeby DannyBrewer
Never loan ANYTHING!by pw-coll…
Mystery itemby DennisMcCas…
AKM Bayonets M59 & North Korean Type 68by battleg…
Inherited from Grandfather. Any help IDing?by mportus
French Bayonet???? don't know  the markingsby BRussel
Antique Fixed Blade Surgeon Knife???by whitman75
French Chef Knifeby tle761
antique knife displayby pacogwe…
Any info would be chrisggard
Knife with an eagle handleby Manrique112
My Kukri by Armyeng
Found this knife on Nelson River, Manitoba Canadaby Campbell02
Unknown knife?by WillG
Just a few knives from a collectionby shareur…
New addition:)by Justin_…
My grandfathers knife found recently by Justknife_e…
Antique Gurkha dagger  with rosewood handle  "sirupate khukiri"by Swedish…
sword and sheath pinby getthat…
unknown edge toolby BeautifulOr…
Reclining lion Bowie knife by Mshelton
Trying to Identify WWII German Nazi Dagger and Paperwork - ???by lostone777
15.5 inch RSINSC
Vintage CASE Fixed Blade Hunting Knife by whitman75
Japanese Knife and Sheath made in SCby pakwads
Please help with identifying this knife. Any information will drumforyou
Believe I have an old Indian knife by Gmann32
Little knife found with metal detectorby Serista
inherited knife collectionby Lowe5210
M1 Bayonet for Garand Rifleby fortapa…
Mini k-bar style knife colonial Prov.RIby southcop
Bone Handle Hunting Knife Brass Pinsby isearchuwin
SPIRIT OF THE EAGLE Native Hand-Made Sculpted Knifeby LOUMANAL
Antique Military Bayonet/Knife Dagger/Wells Fargo Daggerby mssue64
Antique Middle East? Knife/Dagger Scabbardby mssue64
Help! by smc132
Vintage WW2 Knife from Phillipinesby TutusAt…
knife/dagger unknown originby Tiki
traditional cretan knifeby getthat…
Olsen OK Brand 409 USA throwing knivesby Alenyart
daggerby surfdub66
Antique 3 Sided Edged Tool/Weapon Mound Tool Co. Help whitman75
WWII German K98K Bayonetby fortapa…
KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife Olean NYby fortapa…
Flensing blade or whale blubber kniveby hotairfan
Antique Ornate Daggerby Treasur…
Macheteby Jono
Vintage Box Cutter????by kencou
norwegian hunter's knife - Helleby getthat…
Unusual Knife Makers Markby laserman
unknown bladeby k9plums
WW2 Bayonet by Jono
Snap-on steak knivesby gargoyl…
USAF Survival Knifeby jonima
United States Marine Corps knifeby Jono
Keyston Bros Hunting Knife from Solingen, Germanyby ho2cult…
Miniature Hunting Knife - Cub Hunter by Jono
Looking for info on old knife & symbols on handleby Nixie54
I got the moves like Daggerby got2lov…
Knives in the Woods: Göran Enocksson Bladeby TheRoper
World War II Japanese Bayonetby Jono
Tommi Puukko, Pekka Tuominen Bladeby TheRoper
Eating Utinsels with casingby Glentz
A small fixed blade knifeby SoMuchO…
Help ID this Knife / Cleaver ??by Bootson
Pakistan Knife $5.00 I was only bidder, and Calvalier Leather Cream from 1950's!by toracat
Recent idea of date or region. by Childactor
Vintage Diving Knifeby Oak
Pair Of Antique Chinese Ox Bone Knivesby Estater
brought back from pacific after world war 2 not sure where it came fromby moby
Schrade 152 old timerby papa
RARE 1940's Vintage Case XX 523 Stag Hunting Knife. Dead on Mint. alanp
Antique Sailors Knifeby sisbe
pat pen-1941 wire jack knifeby T7BIRD
Indian knifeby nldionne
Can anyone tell me what kind of sword this is? by Phatbud…
Divers Knife  "Aqua Lung  U.S.Divers musikchoo
Bicorne Hat with Gold Bullions -- date and country unkownby chemistmba
old knifesby ralph
Interesting old  knife by Shimrob
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & CO Solingen Bayonetby Sandpiper
Mystery knife from A. Fields & Co, pstrisow
knivesby huey
antique fixed blade knivesby stroh21
Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Fighting Knifeby dlfd911
Wilkinson London 12 inch long knife with 7.5 inch Bladeby rhash
Hand Forged Butcher Knife?by AntiqueMili…
2 daggers 1 black and 1 brown/redby tammyt39
Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife by Hems303
Ka Bar Knifeby Junkman58
Vintage Queen Steel Fixed Blade Knife With Leather Sheathby whitman75
Can someone tell me what these cane/walking stick blades are called?by weloveanimals
Who, When made this Bayonet??by EMag81
Midshipmans Dirk ---1800's ??by flamale
P.Holmberg Eskilstuna metal sheeth, fixed blade knifeby iibarth
Mo junkby blunder…
key fobs 2by mrmajes…
What are they,Europe WWII country names on themby boles777
Japanese "Hari Kari" knifeby mrmajes…
Antique Fixed Blade Knife by youngpicker96
OLD KNIVESby Kollector
German Bayonetby Collect…
VTG Fighting Knife/Dagger Skull & Crossbones Fixed Bladeby Collect…
K98 Bayonetby jimbora…
Trying to find out what Time period this Dagger is tyger66
Native American Beaded Knife Sheathby Tlynnie…
Finnish Fisherman's Knife (Puukko)by jimbora…
knife my grandpa gave me. by mattox83
Small Boot Knifeby jimbora…
Trench Art Knifeby jimbora…
Old phoenix knife, lead handle  Phoenician Originsby sisbe
miniature bayonetby jimbora…
'Aitihasik' Kukriby inhammer
US M3 Camillus Knifeby jimbora…
homemade knifeby jimbora…
17th Century Moroccan Daggerby guyfrmatl
Mystery Knife with stacked leather handle and flat metal butt???by lostone777
Skull Knife With Wingsby ginnycr…
5th rifle gurkha kukriby taliesindubh
wilkinson fighting kniveby jmack
SOG Recon Government - Model S21 - Seki, Japanby Bootson
Pilot's / Aircrew Survival Knife - Camillus - Viet Namby Bootson
Sales man sample Tobigkey
16 Inch Handmade Buck Knifeby Tlynnie…
One of my Dad's handmade knivesby jamiedpt
Schrade Knivesby picking…
WW II Knifeby picking…
WW II Late War K 98 Bayonet with Late War Frogby stepbac…
WWI Machete and othersby picking…
WW 1- WW2 Bayonetby picking…
wilkinson bayonet  1907by stonesf…
My Nine Year Old Grandson's First Find!!by packrat…
Vintage Solingen Original Bowie Knifeby whitman75
WW2 Navy Combat Knifeby picking…
Pakistan Stainless knivesby Harland
Native American knifeby salvationar…
Vintage Case XX  Axe and Knife Comboby whitman75
Any Help?by AuctionHunter
I know this is a knife w/missing handle says bell system on bladeby kala33171
Was this used in Spanish America War?Pocket Knives & One Really Big Knife Marked 1903by BeauxPu…
Solingen Hunting Knife #461by ThFerret
Old Souvenir Pirate Dagger by JSmed
Ancient Pheonix Knifeby sisbe
Knife with matching Wood Sheathby ktflann
USM8 BM Co IMPERIALby mayatini
Vintage Unknown Case XX Fixed Blade Knifeby whitman75
Bullfighter knife?by fredfis…
Primitive Knife HELPby thespic…
Vintage Toten Norwegian Fixed Blade Knifeby whitman75
old knifeby cindyjune
bone handle ..fixed blade knife..identify?by JohnSav
Queens Steel Knives 1920's-1970'sby bahamaboy
Early 1900's Plaines Indian Knifeby stepbac…
Marbles Knife - Junk Drawer Findby Bootson
Knife... by tikiray
Very old corn sickle / knifeby Rusack43