How can I spread the word about Collectors Weekly?

Here are a few suggestions for sharing our content with others:

  • Link from your website: It’s best for your readers if the text in your link is as specific as possible. For example, if you just link the words “Collectors Weekly” to our home page, then that is probably not going to be as helpful to your users as linking to, say, “The Collectors Weekly Antique Radios Page” or “Vintage Jewelry Resources on The Collectors Weekly.” That way your users will know exactly what they are clicking on.
  • Blog about us: If you have a blog, feel free to run an excerpt from one of our more than 200 Interviews, with a link to us so your users can finish reading the rest of the text. Don’t forget to send us a link—we’d love to see it!
  • Share with friends:  All of our Interviews, Show & Tell pages, and Category pages have links to help you share Collectors Weekly with friends via email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also follow us on Tumblr and Pinterest.
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed: You can subscribe to our RSS feed using this URL:
  • Tell your club or association. If you see something on our site that you believe would be of interest to members of your club or association, mention it in your organization’s print or emailed newsletter, as well as on your website.

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