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A Trip to Rick's Restorations

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    Posted 7 years ago

    (433 items)

    I took some clients today on a tour of Las Vegas' antiques & collectors highway of sorts. I thought I'd share a few from Rick's Restorations (History Channel) located at 1112 S. Commerce just minutes from downtown Las Vegas' Fremont Street. =^)


    1. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      ive watched that show before!! Love it!! very cool!!
    2. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you Sean, this place is jaw dropping. I'm not one to ruin a great book or movie, so I'm not going to post any pics of the inside. But make sure to stop by if you're ever in Vegas. Be sure to have a few days to spend, there are 50+ antique & retro shops nearby! =^)
    3. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many thanks Jewels! =^)
    4. Virginia.vintage Virginia.vintage, 7 years ago
      Nice tour tom!! Love your photos, great post!
      Many thanks for share :)
    5. tom61375, 7 years ago
      LMAO Phil you are AWESOME!! Many many thanks! =^)
    6. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you a Million Virginia.vintage! =^D
    7. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks geo26e! =^)
    8. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you a Million gargoylecollector! =^)
    9. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks vetraio50! =^)
    10. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Phil, I think I feel the gist of your remarks. I can't watch the program as I see him as an obnoxious pressure salesman with a couple of mental-retard kids to make him look more like God's gift to whatever. Sorry if I offend others but I've considered myself a good judge of character (had to be in the business). Luckily, most of the people who deal with me aren't as good a judge of character! LOL. Afraid I'm not in the trailer park bracket. I can really be offensive eh?
    11. tom61375, 7 years ago
      HAHAHAHAHA! !!! BB2, you always keep the laughs going! Many many thanks!!
    12. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks racer4four! =^)
    13. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you a Million mikelv85! =^)
    14. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks ttomtucker! =^)
    15. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Aloha valentino97, many many thanks! =^)
    16. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Did I say something funny?!!
    17. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Don't we agree it is not a REAL reality show. Those dorks are added for Hollywood effect, but I always want to see how the restorations turn out.
    18. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      How does everyone feel about Pawn Stars?
    19. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Val, you are challenging me again! LOL I agree totally. These have to be staged Hollywood crap. "WOW, that's a (such & such) skateboard! We can restore that for only $14,000". Pawn Stars do the same thing when they have things that you know they aren't going buy. "I'll offer you $8,00 for your $70,000 valued Gatling gun". It's show biz is all! The scary part is, the trailer people really believe it is real!!! Just show biz with never an intent to buy. Does make things interesting & I watch for the "gems" they show. I've even recognized several antique weapons from collections that I know are never to be sold. Guess there's money passed or made on both sides! Hey, It's entertainment & great items are shown. I can live with it. Rick, NO,NO,NO!
    20. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Val, I think I just answered your query.
    21. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Yes my friend BB2 - I agree. I am sure it's all staged. The AR show quotes are sky-high - who can pay that much? so anyway I'm sure they don't. It's interesting but I am also annoyed w/the show making some of his workers look like idiots (his son, etc) That's some weird Hollywood formula.

      Same w/Pawn Stars: the middle age guy knows everything and has to deal w/his dad and the fat young guys.

      BB2 - you and I might come to disagreement here but this show features FAR too many weapons. Who cares what an old gun might fire? And FAR too many fantasy off-road vehicles (GOD - I am sorry - who cares?) I love old cars and motorcycles by the way but...dam - gotta offer some variety.

      Yammering at you and hope you accept me as your Nemisis (with a capital N) in the best collecting sense of the word. I don't know moticons - how about

      Best regards, Val

    22. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Tom - haven't been to this area recently - but I think there were some good junk stores 10 yrs ago that I shopped. Thanks for mentioning the antique stores and other junk stores in this neighborhood.
    23. fortapache fortapache, 7 years ago
      I saw Ron and his kids and the Rose Bowl. Sadly I didn't have $8,000 on me for a gas pump.
    24. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      hee hee and neither did they!
    25. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Val, there is no such thing as too many antique guns! Well, not in my vocabulary. The new ones I can live without as I love antiques in most any field.
    26. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Hi valentino97, yes there is a treasure trove of retro/vintage & antique stores next block over. They cleaned the area up nicely. It's now known as the "Art District". When you coming to visit? =^D
    27. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks fortapache! =^)
    28. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you a Million pop52! =^)
    29. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Many many thanks Trey! =^)
    30. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      nice profile pic tom!!! you should be used to seeing that by now!! LMFAO!!
    31. Virginia.vintage Virginia.vintage, 7 years ago
      Agree with Sean, your new pic makes me laugh tom, really nice! :)
    32. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
    33. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      Lay off the sauce eye!! what are you talking about ?
    34. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      Never mind .. you would have to have known the last profile pic to get it and you missed it.
    35. antiquerose antiquerose, 7 years ago
      Great Post!! Nice to see the Pics. Can't say I agree with redoing something with *character* to make it look brand new. I like Character on something Old. So I watch, but can't say I would ever have something like that done -- nor have the $$$. I like pawn stars too....but would like to know what they really resell the items for.....or if it sat around for a year. I doubt it.

      ...its all Show Biz....LOL

      Nice to see this post .... Thanks!!
    36. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Sean. 1st rule of joke telling is, "never explain a joke!". In this case, you might bend that rule.
    37. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB2!!!!
    38. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      Hello eye look at this link .......... from comment 11-17 read, tom had was wear the long nose on another profile before. so please read and watch the video...
    39. zguy2112 zguy2112, 7 years ago
      God what a LAME TV show! All this clown does is restore soda machines! And you never even see him actually doing the restoration, again....SO LAME! By the way, the ONLY reason this guy even has his own show (Along with the stupid Count Customers clown) is because of the success of his friends at Pawn Stars, they probably made it contractual that this AWFUL show needs to stay on the air despite terrible ratings.
    40. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Yes zguy - he used to restore gas pumps too! - hee, hee - I am laughing because watching AR you would think the only valuable antiques are - car/and other motorized vehicles and petrol related items. One time they restored an old 1800's movie projector. That was interesting, but I kept wondering? "Who actually did this, couldn't have been the crew at AR". I wonder if it was a pkg. deal w/Pawn stars. Both are lame TV shows but so much better than the strange teenage witch and vampire shows out there - or dancing & singing reality shows. Sorry to all who like that stuff. NOT me. It's all about money. They are probably all laughing all the way to the bank.

      I bet you hate Storage Wars and the newer one....Auction Hunters? about finding treasures in storage units. It is so unbelievable!

    41. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Tom I liked it when it was dirtier 10 or more years ago and I am sure I will love it the next time I visit ...even w/a little more $$. That's okay because not everyone collects what I like. I used to stay on the strip when my company was fat and happy. But now they don't send me to Magic anymore. Still visit and usually stay in downtown Vegas and even this is changing so much. The $28 room is gone. For good I am pretty sure.

    42. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      And to my Nemisis BB2 - you know your stuff - you recognized guns on the show that will never be sold. Did they show them to try to raise future values?
    43. zguy2112 zguy2112, 7 years ago
      valentino97, I agree with your comments and no I do not dislike Storage Wars because they actually have ENTERTAINING characters to watch, even though the producers plant all the unique items into each unit after they are won.

      However, ALL spin off shows based around the characters of Storage Wars i.e. "Barry'd Treasure", "Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job", etc. are all UNWATCHABLE! These characters are ONLY entertaining to watch when they are against each other on Storage Wars, I am sure all agree.
    44. zguy2112 zguy2112, 7 years ago
      To further DEBUNK another popular TV series, "Antique Archaeology" aka. "American Pickers", this store is most likely a network created business, created to justify a TV series. Simple facts will prove this:

      1) Neither 2 store locations EVER answer the phone lines, and have NO ITEMS PICKED for sale either in their stores OR online! But one can certainly buy all their show created merchandising GARBAGE, i.e. cheap T-shirts, coffee mugs, re-pops of items picked, etc.

      2) With 2 store locations there is a LOT, let me repeat this....A LOT of overhead! So we are to believe that 2 clowns (although entertaining to watch) drive across the country in a CARGO VAN buying items for merely half of what they claim they will sell them for? Besides the huge overhead, they must pay employees, gas, food, and lodging for their trips! And maintenance on the van!! Yeah, this is believable. LMFAO!

      3) The 2 store locations....Iowa and Tennessee? You ARE kidding me right?? No offense to anyone living in these states but the MONEY for these items and the CUSTOMERS are located in states like NY, and California! Yeah, these 2 locations make sense. But it doesn't matter anyway because NOTHING is for sale from these stores!!

      Ok, done with my well justified rant.
    45. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      I see thru those things real quick & wonder what kind of people really believe it's for real?That's interesting about the nonexistent stores zguy. Maybe this is a form of virtual reality that the incumbent generation falsely thinks they invented. Sorry to have to tell them that I have been living in virtual reality for over half a century. Just never thought about patents on mine.
    46. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you antiquerose! =^)
    47. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you Photoguy! =^)
    48. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you manikin! =^)
    49. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you zguy2112! =^)
    50. tom61375, 7 years ago
      Thank you eye4beauty! =^)
    51. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Changing the subject - Tom do you know about this collector from Vegas: Lonnie Hammargren who owns 3 homes "Lonnieland" filled to the brim and over w/great STUFF. He was featured on episode 13 of the series Taboo (on Netflix right now. Season 9: E13) I'm loving Lonnie! - much more real than the other Vegas AR & PS guys. "I can't remember anything I bought for its seriousness". Love that quote.
    52. valentino97 valentino97, 7 years ago
      Back on your comments friend zguy - I AGREE about American Pickers. It's fun to watch and think about roaming across the country, but so unrealistic. I didn't realize that neither store has anything from the show for sale! Wonder why? Someone bought those items or it would be so wrong - "hey, man shooting's done - gotta return that rusty 1920's bicycle to you." The places they visit are real tho and some dam interesting places. I think my favorites were the movie theatre and the 4-story warehouse.
    53. fortapache fortapache, 7 years ago
      They don't sell online. The stores do apparently exist, there are yelp reviews etc. I met Rick and Kelly of American Restoration, so I know they really exist. I'll probably run into Mike and Frank eventually. It seems we are over thinking things just a tad.
    54. zguy2112 zguy2112, 7 years ago
      Guys, read the YELP reviews, almost ALL state that the majority of the items are NOT for sale in the stores! Also, in this day in age.....what retail business that has a website DOES NOT sell their items on it?? VERY fishy if you ask me. Just my $.02
    55. antiquerose antiquerose, 6 years ago
      Loved it AGAIN !!!!!!

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