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Another Pic of "Mom" from the Risque Roll taken in 1939???

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    Posted 10 years ago

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    This like the 8 X 10 I posted earlier of my mom, was from a roll that she and my dad (actually just my dad) went to another town 60 miles away from where they lived, to have developed. I can't begin to tell you how "risque" shots like this were, back in the time of 1939. While I loved my mom very much and found that as she got a lot older she loved to show off these pics of the way she "use to look" before father time had his way. But in the love category, click on the pic here to blow it up and tell me guys, would you not LOVE to have that 1930's something "Woody" in the background that belonged to the couple that were with my mom & dad at this weekend cabin get a way? I can't make out the name on the front left quarter panel, but I think it's an "International". I would love to solve this mystery by hearing from one of you knowledgeable car people out there in C.W. world.

    P.S. The other pics that were taken with this one, and are included in the little yellow flip album of 8-10 pics, show no other worthwhile or memorable poses. But in summary, a very cool log cabin, a very cool woody and one very cool lady.

    *Update: As of this date 4/18/11 it has come to my attention that the "Woody" as I call it, is a model not made until 1946 so if you don't want to entertain yourself by reading comments from a wide array of people below, I will just stand by my original statement that MOM looked pretty damn good for 18 or 25-26 years old and I can see why dad would have hated to leave for the Pacific in Nov. of 1940 and would have been doing everything in his power to get back when he did after the war. AND, I'd still like to own a woody like the one pictured here. Thanks everyone.

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    1. Vontrike Vontrike, 10 years ago
      Looks like a Willys to me, very kool. Great photo. Great story.
    2. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      I think you're right. I do seem to recall the Willy was a jeep product?
    3. kerry10456 kerry10456, 10 years ago
      Nice picture, willys made the jeep for the us contract, three bidders made proto-type to present to the army, ford, willys and bantam, willys won out. This had nothing to do with the picture, but thought I'd share. Again bahamaboy, loved it thanks for sharing
    4. kerry10456 kerry10456, 10 years ago
      Meant to add I believe it's a Willys Overland Woody
    5. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      Whatever it is I wish I owned it in the shape it was in when these pics were taken. What a surf wagon. One day I'm gonna find one I can afford. Also nice new addition to your stable of cars by the way. 1926 sweeeeeet Also thanks for your comments here. later dude...
    6. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 10 years ago
      The Willys Jeep Station Wagon is the first mass-market all-steel station wagon designed and built as a passenger vehicle and is arguably the world's first popular sport utility vehicle with steel body was introduced in 1939 for professional use (mainly as train depot hacks and funeral homes). The station wagon stayed in production until 1965.
      The steel body was efficient to mass-produce, as easy to maintain and safer than the real wood-bodied station wagon versions at the time

      bahamaboy, this was all paraphrased from a web site.....are you sure this was 1939?
      It is a nice Picture tho.....
    7. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      I'm not positive as I'm only going by what my mom said her age was at the time, and she was born in '21. (but then again, you know how women are when it comes to their age) This may have been right before my dad joined the army in 1940. But I'm certain that 1939 is not off by more than a year either side of '39. Just curious as to what the pic may show that leads you to believe that it may not be 1939, because you may be exactly right. But like I said, I can't be off by much on the date, if any. Thanks for looking and thanks for the comment.
    8. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 10 years ago
      I just thought that the Jeep showed some use and if you were ritght it should be all shiny and new ! It might have belonged to the people who owned and rented out the cabins and that would account for the wear, my Mom (Rest her soul) was also born in '21 , and I have some pics of her like this too......Enjoy..
    9. aaron, 10 years ago
      Cool pic bahama, that's a Willys and behind it is a 2 door '39 or '40 ford. Not exactly a solved mystery as that Willys model was not produced until 1946, after the war (as it was fashioned from the ww2 jeeps). So the pic can't be from 1939. Post-war pic, sorry to through a wrench into the family history. Please spread the word about this Pop guy's inaccurate observations. He just regurgitates what he finds on "wekipedia" (I'm aware it is wikipedia). Not too well either. Everyone's an expert. Oh well......
    10. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      I'm not sure about the cars in the pic but one thing I'm positive on is, that this pic could be no later than late fall 1940 because my dad joined the Army in late Nov. 1940 and I'm positive my mother was 18 or 19 in this photo and they were together on the day it was taken. Not sure about anything else as to where the cabin was or when they took this mini-vacation. For all I know this was their last hoorah before my dad left for the service. My initial observation when I got to looking past the pic of my mom was the really cool, what I have always called a "Woody". Just a real cool vehicle I could envision being the ultimate "surf wagon". Possibly since the cars are only partly visible there could be a mistake in the year model??? The only thing I can surmise is that this could not be a pic of a car that is a 1945 or 46 model when my mom was only 18 or 19 when this pic was taken. Like I said that is the "ONLY" thing I know to be a fact concerning this photo. The writing on the side of the woody appears to have enough lettering to possibly be an "International"?? I'm am not a vintage car buff and only can name year models of the biggies from say 1965 through 1970 or so. What else could that vehicle be if the year could be no older than 1940?? Now my curiosity is really going. Thanks to all of you for looking and participating and commenting.

      And also aaron, I don't know you but I like everyone, including you, and always try to get along with everyone, but I sense a hint of animosity toward pop in your last comment. I'm not saying he's right or that he's not right, but I like him and I appreciate his comments, as I do yours as well, but please refrain from the tone of your last three sentences of your last comment. With all due respect, had it been pop saying the same thing about you, I would have come to your defense as well. I'm definitely not an expert but only in a couple of areas. One is construction, which has no place per se here, and the other is United States gold coinage from 1849-1908 and also the lowly Franklin half dollar coin series. Everything else is the world, topic wise, I know just about enough to get myself in trouble. Lets just all agree that we might not always agree and always be as respectful as we can be, unless someone blatantly disrespects us. Then "off go the gloves" and everything's fair. Thanks again to you aaron and to pop_abides for ALL your insight and your participation and ALL of your comments. Have a great day to all of you.
    11. simonsays, 10 years ago
      yeah, not made till 46. pic is not as old as originaly thought to be. Just so everyone is aware wikipedia is composed of info that, for the most part, is unsubstantiated. It should be taken with a grain of salt :) (Pop_ doesn't realize this, it must all be true)
    12. kerry10456 kerry10456, 10 years ago
      Nicely put. I agree with what you said.
    13. simonsays, 10 years ago
      thank you kerry10456
    14. kerry10456 kerry10456, 10 years ago
      Was in agreement with bahamaboy on the respect issue.
    15. Rivertrout Rivertrout, 10 years ago
      Like that Jeep car there. ">)
    16. simonsays, 10 years ago
      thank you kerry10456! (forgot the exclamation point)! HAH!
    17. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      Thank you Kerry. I always seem to be in the middle of a controversy. I'm just standing by my statement of at least 3 or 4 times that this pic was taken no later than 1940 and unless there was some trick photography which put a 1946 automobile in a pic from 1940, I'm not even gonna go there, but mom was born in 1921 and she was 18 in this photo or maybe she was 19 (and lied about her age. she's been known to have done that on several occasions LOL)). But anyway the math which is usually a hard subject for me is not too difficult at all in this case for me to figure. This will be my last comment on or about this, because usually the more I run my mouth, the more trouble I tend to get into. So I'm done with the vehicle issues. The pic wasn't even of them in the first place, it was of her. And that's what I'm gonna concentrate on. Thanks to all for looking and commenting. I do appreciate it.
    18. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      Thanks Rivertrout, Glad to have you in the middle of the controversy with the rest of us. Be sure to come prepared with a helmet and safety glasses and a "billy club" and possibly a get away jeep in case things get squirrely. LOL Again, "Welcome aboard"!
    19. holmes, 10 years ago
      Not sure how to approach this.....spent like an hour trying to disprove this one but the fact is the woody is a Willys. That particular model was not manufactured until after the war in late '46. It was based on the Willys ww2 jeep as stated before. The actual model wasn't advertised until '47 as it took some time to spool up the process of production after the war. The lettering on the front fender says "4wheeldrive" in script. Gotta love a good mystery but Bahama probably wouldn't want to know about this nonsense. For real, it can't be before late '46. Unless a time machine is involved. I didn't look on wikipedia for info.
    20. holmes, 10 years ago
      oops...."fourwheeldrive" not "4wheeldrive". Wood pattern on door is identacle to google image listings for a '47 Willys station wagon.
    21. holmes, 10 years ago
      just so we're all on the same page here, you can not find an image/info of that style Willys anywhere on the web that was built before 1946. Let's make a game out of it and see who can. Good luck!
    22. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 10 years ago
      Geez...............Sorry to stir up so much controversy b'boy, but I thought I was helping..............guess I'll just crawl back into my hole now.......:-)
    23. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 10 years ago
      Just an idea that might put this 'to bed', got to the pic and crop out the cars.....repost the pic ! Better yet ......delete aaron, simonsays, and holmes since they don't seem to be part of the community anyhow.........Again, sorry I stirred a nest up...
    24. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      Wellllllll...... About all I can say is that there now seems to be only one matter left to discuss. And that's, my mother wasn't entirely honest about her age at the time of this photo being taken. Having gone to law school briefly (very briefly) and having a 26 year old "lawyer daughter", and furthermore having studied all of the evidence as it has been presented, I can draw only one conclusion from said evidence. Mom lied. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? A woman lying about her age? Who wudda thunk it? Regardless, I want to take this time and thank all of you here at the Collectors Weekly that have taken part in the "discovery" aspect of this post. This is a wonderful example of what I absolutely love about this site. Just stop for a moment and count the people that have not only taken part in this discussion, but have obviously gone way beyond the "call of duty" and taken their personal time in their researching. I joined C.W. less than two months ago, and have a couple hundred items posted of the junk I've accumulated over the years. Some are family heirlooms, some have been gifts. Others have been procured by various other means such as auctions and outright sales. I want to say that rarely a day has passed in the last couple months but what I've haven't learned something new from others here that are "way smarter" in their given area of expertise. Way more so than I could ever hope to be. And of that, I am truly grateful. Let the discovery and the learning continue "unabated". Thanks to all of you again for your past and present help, and there is little doubt but what I will be enlightened further as the days and weeks and months continue to go by, on not only items posted by me, but items posted by others as well. Thank you all for looking, and also for the time you have obviously spent researching "THE FACTS", and for the additional time in making the constructive comments. I love it when that old saying comes to life in that, "The Truth Will Set You Free". And if there are any of you that would ever be in need of having a question answered in the realm of U.S. coin collecting/numismatics in general, that's the area where I "shine". Feel free to "fire away". Thanks again all.
      Respectfully, Kerry AKA Bahamaboy

      P.S. If this was late 1946 mom was 25. If it's late 1947 she was 26 (dob 8/29/21) She still looked pretty dam good after a wait of almost 5 years for her man to come home from the war. The stress appears to have done her no significant harm, physically. "Three Cheers" for Youth & Truth.
    25. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      I really don't think I'll change a thing on the pic. I kinda like it the way it is. And also I consider all who made comments as "part of the nest". Thanks again pop. You actually did a huge favor to all of us here by possibly being instrumental in starting this discussion. Thank you to all!
    26. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 10 years ago
      I bow to your 'truth'...............lets do it again some time !
    27. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 10 years ago
      Hey, have you guys seen my boat? (wonder how long it would take for all of you sleuths to guess the correct year model of it? hint... there is a pic of the exact same boat, right down to the decals with a hot looking couple (not me btw) doing 50+ here on the net) I think I'm gonna go out and climb into my truck as it's (the boat) all hooked up and ready to go. Went out yesterday, came in, & topped off the tanks and hadn't even unhitched the trailer yet. I think I'm gonna head back out & get away from antiques for a few minutes. LOL

      Seriously though, I'm having a blast with all this.....both on the water and time spent off.(the water)
    28. swizzler, 10 years ago
      my guess is that you have an "old town" canoe w/ v8 Mercruiser and jet drive. OK, now it's someone elses turn.

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