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    Posted 7 years ago

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    OK, I confess: I just don't understand people posting their old shoes on CW so I thought I'd post a pair of mine that I use daily. I must be too old to understand today's art and not old enough to understand Picasso. I just don't fit in the shoe world today. Hmmmm?

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    Vans Plat Skool Platform 90s Black White Suede Waffle Sole Size 8 Women See Desc
    Vans Plat Skool Platform 90s Black ...
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    1. aghcollect aghcollect, 7 years ago
      That poster did not read the site rules - every post was for an ebay sale, the shoes and some perfume bottles - I don't know why they haven't been deleted yet after 4 hours - CW time zone maybe?
    2. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      It isn't one post it's lots of posts & I think my crocs have a lot of character and have definitely got many miles on them and have been in many interesting places. They are presently located at Woodrose Plantation on Kauai.
    3. scottvez scottvez, 7 years ago
      Lots of silly stuff on here... some folks think this is faceplace.

      Pine cones......

    4. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Exactly right! Used shoes, pinecones, old jackets, gas pumps, porcelain signs, and whatever. We are all neurotics of varying types and hopefully can tease each other about our varied OCD or whatever.
    5. MeliG MeliG, 7 years ago
      Definitely like your shoes the best so far. In fact your are the only I have LOVED :)
    6. MeliG MeliG, 7 years ago
      YOURS not your
    7. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Ha Ha and thank u very much! I like a little humor in life and am surprised at how few figured it out with this posting. Especially after I have posted well Over 200 real postings? So far you're the first! And yes I get that u love the shoes and not me. :) I'm old, tired, obstreperous, and a very happily married crumedgeon with a wife & kids that tolerate me & my nonsense. Thx again!
    8. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      U love it and have no comment on my nonsense? Where's your humor today?
    9. MeliG MeliG, 7 years ago
      Tell your wife I think you are a keeper. I bet you and her have had many laughs together :)
    10. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Thx. She has thought so for the past 51 years in spite of my nonsense.
    11. Roycroftbooksfromme1, 7 years ago
      answer to my e mail for a 6" flying A I sure Blunder will find u one

      Hi Gary - funny, but I do remember you and your wife. I remember we had a nice conversation.
      Is you wire still beading at all? Anyway, my husband has one sign but it was his fathers so he wants to keep it. Thank you for thinking of us. We have since moved if you get down this way, we are now in ......

      Looks like u don't get this one I tried ...going over the house next week taken my camera,... he had a ton of signs and pumps last time I saw him and his toys ...
    12. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      I think "American Pickers" TV show has brought a lot of items into homes that just may cause a divorce. They want rust and crud for character and emotional feelings, as I understand it. But I just don't "get it" (Speaking for myself.) Others do, I am sure.
      Isn't it is a "Guy Thing" ?? Thanks to God for "Man Caves" to put it in. But if it means something to them from their childhood, that is fine--but like vintage shoes, etc, it may not necessarily mean much to the majority of collectors on CW. Still, CW may feel they have their place in "Americana" --Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess....
    13. kyratango kyratango, 7 years ago
      GREAT PUMPS! But... Are you sure they are not repro/resin?
      Have you done the famous HRPP test (red hot pin poke)?
      As facetious, have to love them ;-))
    14. Manikin Manikin, 7 years ago
      Pretty funky looking shoes and well traveled :-)
    15. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Actually only 2 kinds of "shoes" are worn by locals on Kauai: "slippas" & crocs. The crocs are obviously used for the more serious work projects and show the red dirt dyes on them no matter what color they started with. Yes bare feet are the major footwear! :)
    16. MeliG MeliG, 7 years ago
      LOL, have you seen what you started??? SHOES :p I am with you on this one hahaha.
    17. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      Barefoot here on the desert too. Put on flip-flops when I go to the store. I don't own much in clothing. Last 3 days we broke all heat records-117 degrees where I live, 122 recorded in a neighborhood nearby.and Excessive Heat Warnings on TV. I do not have Air Conditioner ONLY a "swamp-cooler" top of house..
      I am little "desert scorpion" Nov. 18th. Scorpio But I am getting quite worn down now. It has got to stop-- and yes--you can fry an egg in the street. You betcha! Only 111 degrees now but by 5.PM it will be higher!!
    18. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Post card,
      Once again u got it right: beauty is in the eye of the beholder & fortunately for me, my wife thought I passed her test a long time ago. I'm lucky and happy about it! I've been collecting old cars since the 50s and started on porcelain signs about 2 yrs ago. Sine I do it with a son, the chase is a lot more exciting. Sounds like u are cooking in the desert heat but understand the "proper footwear" and laugh with me at the used shoe posting on CW. Mine was a bit sarcastic but just to poke a little fun. I hope it was seen as harmless.
    19. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Hmmmmm? Hadn't heard of the test u describe. When I buy used crocs at a garage sale for .50 cents I rarely test them for authenticity. Mostly I test for fungus and foot rot diseases. I must be naive?
    20. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Heck, I get more likes on my old used crocs than I do on my beautiful porcelain signs and my awesome antique gas pumps. I've posted over 200 pix of very cool stuff & get more activity on these dumb shoes than anything else but a Wayne 492 Roman Column gas pump? CW readers appear to be more provoked by my nonsense than my reality? Life is interesting & fun if we don't take ourselves too seriously
    21. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Post Card
      U got it! On hot days we wear flips to keep our feet from burning on the hot ground and would burn up in crocs. Crocs are winter wear & for roof repairs in the early am before it gets too hot to be up there. I love the sense of humor I've found from the "few" who "get it". :):)
    22. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      Thank God there is great humor here! These shoes have done a lot of linking of laughter. We appreciate that!!One man's trash is another man's treasure is soooo true. We shouldn't judge...Sorry if I did in my post Rattletrap.
      Growing up in Chicago, behind a store complex I saw too much stuff like that in empty lots of discards nearby where I played. Alone.(3-5 years old and vunerable . Not much supervision for me I am sad to say. Now, it only brings back "fear" and occasional nightmares. Probably why I just can't really "like it".
    23. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      I forgot to mention that I'm so old I've always called the "slippas" we use in Hawaii, jap slaps but my grandkids tell me that's not politically correct & I need to be "more sensitive". Heck, back in the 50s that's what everybody called em? Now we call em flip flops on the mainland and slippas in Hawaii. Same footwear, different name. I don't adjust to change all that well.
    24. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Postcard collector,
      I get u. I grew up poor as did many kids in the 40s. I never knew we were poor and never thought twice about moving 23 times by age 17 when I finally left for College. I lived in a streetcar by the ocean as a kid & thought it was great, but we had no kids as neighbors during most of my early childhood. Dad had 2 jobs & mom was a writer, but usually home. Life was great in those days. We didn't expect much & didn't get much. Fun happened when we made it happen. Life was, and still is good! Mom became famous and dad became rich. We lived happily ever after! :):)
    25. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 7 years ago
      Stinky feet aside, I clicked love for one posted the image right side up and you didn't say they came from a great grandmother's third cousin's fifth uncle who lived in a house 300 years old.
    26. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Life's experiences teach us a lot & if we can learn to find the cool stuff in that "junk" that others discard, we become "rich" in our own rights! When I was 5 I was feisty & when my mom sent me off to kindergarten one day wearing my sisters panties because I had no clean unders, I could only make it to the neighbors fig tree where I promptly discarded the silkies & spent the morning eating figs and climbing trees. Little lids can be pretty independent and I was definitely not a sissy. Tender inside but not a sissy!
    27. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Funny that u would comment on the pix being right side up. I type on an iPad and it doesn't like the CW software & will always be tilted in some direction unless I edit every pix. Some I have to edit more than once. U would have caught me on this one & honestly considered jus letting it come out however it came out thinking that no one would even notice. Wrong! U noticed! Yes I have to spray those stinky plastic shoes with every pesticide, herbicide and other toxic chemicals every time I use them, to kill all the wildlife that grows in them. Sort of makes u want to by a pair, doesn't it?
    28. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      American Pickers is sort of a dirty word to those of us who love hunting the cool stuff we collect from original sources. Everyone I talk to has watched that program & they all have opinions about it. The final result of it is higher prices and harder to get stuff! Collectors like us have to compete with an ever growing market demand and never increasing supply. It is making the hobby a business for waaaaay too many people as they speculate on the increasing values. In two years porcelain signs have more than doubled in cost! That's sad for hobbyists. For Free Museums it's even worse! We still have fun in spite of it. But it's a lot harder these days.
    29. Trey Trey, 7 years ago
      You need to offer the lady who owns that SHELL bulk plant a new pair of Crocs or Slipas and maybe she will give your a tour or more importantly offer up some treasures:)
    30. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 7 years ago
      CW software has absolutely nothing to do with image orientation. It presents what you send it. You need to open the image, rotate it correctly and then SAVE IT. Then when you post it all will be well. Everyone blames CW when it has nothing to do with their software. CW posts exactly what we send, nothing more, nothing less. It may look right on your end but how was the camera oriented when you took the image? That is why you need to save it and reopen it. Too much for people to understand, they expect their smart device to do it all without them having to put their brain in gear.
    31. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      I just shake my head in disbelief for the prices they are offering. When the show first came on I thought they had mental problems. It was bizarre!! It is beyond the limits of my active imagination. They are nice, sincere fellows tho--but way overpaying for what someone my give away for the hauling of it.
    32. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      jap flaps==mine say "Japan" on the bottom!!
    33. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Hmmmmm? Interesting that u would remember that the only place on the tiny Island that has a collector is the owner of the Shell Bulk plant. Unfortunately they are so rich from selling their overpriced fuel that it is impossible to even get them to talk with "the common people". She's not the only Bulk Plant owner with "attitude" that I've talked to. In my old age I kind of avoid the folks that are superior to the rest of us common folks. I don't think she would enjoy my sense of humor either. Even less my sarcasm. Shipping is too expensive anyway as the rates have gone nuts so that's another hurdle to leap. I give up collecting from here.
    34. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Thank u for the CW software course 100. By definition a smart phone is purchased to be smart. When my smart IPad isn't smart enough to speak in the same language as CWs smart computer and requires that I pull up every pix and adjust it for CW I whine about it. I whine about a lot of other things as well as I am old and old people sometimes have a lot to whine about. Please try not to take my whining too seriously as even I don't do that. Laugh a little it will make u feel better:):)
    35. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Post card,
      Yes the prices American Pickers appears high to you, but I'd give anything to be able to buy some of that stuff at the prices they pretend to offer on their program. I continue to hear from collector friends that many of the programs are simple acted out and those sales don't really take place. I have no personal knowledge however. I sure would love to pay those low prices u think are high prices but agree that all the prices today are getting nuts!
    36. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Wow! U have the expensive kind that come from Japan? We get the local Wallmart or ABC store Brans that come from, where else, China! Yes they all "slap" your heal when u walk, hence the insensitive name we gave them in the, less sensitive, olden days. I'm not sure why people get so sensitive about everything nowadays? Relax and enjoy life & take the wad out of your pants.
    37. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      I shop 2nd hand stores and never know where my stuff comes from mostly...and I love "retro". Altho there was a paper sticker notice on my shoe that the "material the item was made from may be cancerous by California law". It was a peel off warning. It could have come from anywhere in the store or along the way. Now that I think about it--that was pretty strange. Cancer causing flip flops doesn't sound right at all...
    38. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Postcard collector,
      May I add to the sticker u found on your new slippas that, according to Calif full disclosure laws, u should have a label on every faucet in your home that the water that comes out of the spout may have cancerous chlorine and fluorides in it so use it with caution and at your own risk. Oops! Did I forget that most of the food you eat and air u breathe, according to "Calif Law", may also contain carcinogens. Actually, now that I think about it, before you turn you air conditioning on or heater on in your vehicle, you need to roll the windows down and air the vehicle out because the plastics used in try our vehicle to keep it lighter than metals may give off carcinogenic fumes after being heated in the sun. Oh yes and then there is the Mercury used in your silver fillings and the -----------. Etc etc etc. I'm from Calif and remember it before it was over run by idiot politicians and agenda driven attorneys. The Great old days!
    39. PostCardCollector PostCardCollector, 7 years ago
      I am amazed ! is Calif. the only state pasting warnings on flip flops that they may cause cancer! Sounds absurd to me.. Thanks for enlightening us what is going on in "California Law". Did Gov. "Arnie" pass that law?
    40. Gillian, 7 years ago
      39 post about a pair of crocs! Without a word of a lie I am impressed. May I be allowed to post here about a post(s) I will never understand. 29 beautifully presented spark plugs. There were many other spark plug posts, and I didn't understand those either. I sincerely apologize to those I may have upset or insulted. The croc guys and girls have found humour with this post, but I can not see, or think, or create a funny spark plug moment. Perhaps there may be one to mould (that's a croc pun) into "a spark plug walks into a bar.................)
    41. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      Ha Ha. I think you're too intellectual for the majority of us who, while having more education than most, behave like we had little or none. Actually, with my old age and diminished memory, I am about where I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade at this point. Perhaps your Post re spark plugs went over the heads of most of us? What are those used for? I don't think we use them on our golf carts or jazzies?
      Just kidding!

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