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Ceramic Porcelein Asian Pin Broochesby stwilli…
1945 Dragon China Ringby Evenrute
Chinese Silver gilt Jadeite necklaceby Peaseje…
Vintage Chinese earringsby Peaseje…
Vintage Chinese Filigree Enamel Vermeil Braceletby Peaseje…
Asian Ivory and Silver Broochby racer4f…
Old  rooster Chinese silver kyratango
 Sterling & Marcasite Antique Carved Green Peking Glass  Necklace And Pendantby vintage…
Japanese jewelry from war II or Occupied Japan?by murchisonp
Chinese Silver? filigree and bone carved braceletby Peaseje…
Antique Asian Bracelet and Dress Clip NEED HELP identifying AGE and What It's Made Ofby carolize
Silver gilt earringsby Peaseje…
Chinese Hair Pinby batman25
TURQUOISE JEWELRY! JADE? Coral? by Babyblues
Is it vintage chinese jewelry?by Forgetm…
ivory necklaceby mrblue
Three Chinese Pendantsby jwendell222
Gorgeous Chinese Ring...but I am not sure of hall mark and if dragons are gold by Suzywongx
Chinese Cloissone Pendantby wpj
Antique Jade and Gold bracelet by jojoewyb
My Newest Designs from Asiaby asiabarb
nineteeneth century Chinese silver dragon childs belt buckleby Spunkys…
Beautiful Asian Earrings Ivory Japanese or Chinese?by stwilli…
Strange Ivory Necklace? Fake or not?by stwilli…
Follow up my first kyratango
My first soldering!by kyratango
Jade Ear Rings and Matching Pendant by mikelv85
Antique pair of chinese kyratango
Antique Silver Chinese Dragon Braceletby sofleyspoken
My little fortune brooch! by HollyB
Jadeite saddle ringby shrine
Chinese gold jade enamel bracelet.  Dragons have ruby eyes. Given to me by my husband who has now passed away.  by Colette…
Bee China silverby RhondaStark
Silver filigree and jade? carved sunflower ringby valenti…
old chinese court necklace jade big beads in a necklaceby kyratango
Mystery Double Head Dragon by Toloveg…
Antique Carved Chinese Coral Necklace by wpj
Carved Coral Angel Skin Necklace by wpj
Antique or Vintage Carved Chinese Carnelian Parure by wpj
Netsuke Broochby Siriusjewelry
Unknown Vintage Ivory? and Bead Necklaceby mackay1st
Some of My Favorite Piecesby asiabarb
On the Fashion Runwayby asiabarb
Jade marble charm or pendant who knows lolby mommabear
Chinese antique white jade jadeite necklace/chokerby fskip
More Mongolian Jewelry Eye Candy!by asiabarb
Asian Jewelry for the Academy Awards!by asiabarb
Peking Glass bangles and rings for basketsby Jono
Antique Silver Gilt Chinese Kingfisher Feathers Broochby Agram.m
More Mongolian Style Jewelry!by asiabarb
Preserving the Art of Genghis Khanby asiabarb
Chinese Jade and Seed Pearls Necklaceby wpj
Har, Selro, Hobe??by vintage…
Jadeite Gold Dragon Phoenix Ringby Ringmaster
Chinese Silver cloisonné enameled earringsby Agram.m
Antique silver gilt repousse beads necklace Dragons and floral!by kyratango
Two antique enameled Chinese beadby Agram.m
Clip-on Earrings - Jade and 10k Gold?by BHock45
Antique Deco Jade 14k Necklace Crystal Spacersby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Silver and Cobalt Blue Glass Bird Choker Necklaceby davyd286
Vintage Carved Chinese Burma Jade Pendant Dragon 47.8 gramsby Moonsto…
Already fished in large jewelry pond; chinese cloisonné  fish pendantby Agram.m
Little Bug Pin by freiheit
Chinese vermeil enameled Jade ringby Agram.m
Vintage carved Chinese Jade necklaceby Moonsto…
Vintage Chinese Jade Pendant Carved Dragonby Moonsto…
Chinese Silver  Braceletby wpj
Chinese Coral and Enamel Braceletby wpj
Chinese Kingfisher Feather Brooches Setby wpj
Woven Chinese Coral Bead Necklace by wpj
Antique Carved Jade 14k Ring 1.20"by Moonsto…
Carnelian silver gilt blue enameled beads pendant. by Agram.m
Antique Chinese? Japanese? Carved Fire Opal Fish Crane 14k Pendant 33mm x 28mmby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Turquoise Silver Filigree Panel Bracelet W/Safety Claspby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Carved Turquoise Quan Yin Etched Silver Ring W/Orig Boxby Moonsto…
Chinese Silver gilt Filigree Heart Brooch by Agram.m
Antique Chinese Blue Ceramic Tile Sterling Pendant Hallmarked Signed 60mmby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Turquoise Butterfly Enamel Silver Gilt Panel Braceletby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Carved Jade Jadeite Dragon Pendant Necklace 14k 63mm x 33mmby Moonsto…
Antique Chinese Turquoise and Coral Necklaceby wpj
Antique Chinese Coral Necklaceby wpj
Intricately Carved Chinese Braceletby wpj
Antique Chinese Crickett Braceletby wpj
Who can tell me more about this antique Chinese silver jewelry?by Agram.m
Chinese silver rose quartz oval broochby Agram.m
Mahjong  Bracelet,  old Ivory (I believe),  Chineseby toracat
Possible Satsuma Meiji Period Pinby antiqua…
Beautiful Little Hat pin: Sing fat of Canton by rburr1982
Chinese so called cloisonne fish pendantby Agram.m
Gorgeous Chinese? Japanese Dragon  Koi Dangling Silver Enameled Earrings with Gemsby l.a.lady
14k Gold, Emeralds, Pearls, & Garnets - 19th Century Chinese Gambling Tokenby Stillwa…
Sun Yat-sen-Kuomintang (KMT) Pre-Revolution Chinese 24K  Gold Flag Pin/Brooch (with opal and jade)by Keikilani
1930's Chinese STERLING Enameled/Champleve Brooch Earring Setby Stillwa…
natural rhinoceros horn pray beads necklaceby tonyee
Old Ring Part IIby BaileyJ440
My favorite chinese antique banglesby Onette
Chinese 18K gold Diamond Jadeite "Apple" pendant by Agram.m
Huge Jade Carved Pendant 19th centuryby RPB
Funky asian lady face braceletby kattyjack