"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to s"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to surround himself with visually interesting objects... I thrive on it." ... David Huchthausen (Read more)


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Garden glass by David Lotton - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lotton Spring Open House. BONUS SURPRISE !!!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Guess I got what I deserved .... - Bottlesin Bottles
60 years with who ? - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Chameleon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Drips and drops. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Simple joy - Art Glassin Art Glass
What is and what shall never be. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Drop feather, not vase ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two birds and a bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I just fell in love
  2. Kevin, thanks :)
  3. VikingGirl, thanks :)
  4. Valentino97, thanks :)
  5. TimeTraveller, thanks :)
  6. Swfinluv1, thanks :)
  7. My father in law collected matchbox also.
  8. Roy, thanks :)
  9. Mani, thanks :) as I set them down for a photo all I kept thinking was "my gosh, is this the vision David had before he made these ?"
  10. Fortapache, thanks:)
  11. Shareurpassion, thanks for the nice comment :)
  12. BB2, thanks :)
  13. Thomas, thanks :)
  14. Peggy, thanks :)
  15. Martika, thanks :)
  16. Interesting. I have something signed in a similar fashion "Design Rony Plesl"
  17. Perfect for applying opaque with a brush on pin holes in negative film. My first job in printing.
  18. Wow picture #3 !
  19. That s cool.
  20. Swfinluv1, thanks :)
  21. Fortapache, thanks :)
  22. Thomas, thank you kindly.
  23. Aura, thanks :)
  24. Kevin, thanks :)
  25. Malkey, thanks :)
  26. Mike, thanks :)
  27. bijoucaillouvintage, thanks :)
  28. Melanie, thanks :)
  29. Antiquerose, thanks :)
  30. Karen, awesome indeed :) thanks
  31. John, thanks :) agreed
  32. Roddyq, thanks :)
  33. BB2, thanks :)
  34. Celiene, thanks :)
  35. Rick, You and Gloria really made this open house memorable for me. The surprise has not worn off yet.
  36. Sean, thanks :)
  37. Inky, thanks. I met Mr. Lotton in Chicago, Rick and Gloria were in Baltimore when they met him.
  38. Love this display case.
  39. Dear Aunt, I send you one of my pictures and hope you are well and happy don't be mad because I went home without coming back. for you know yourself there is no place like home. Although I enjoyed mys...
  40. Seems like the noe 1st picture is related to the 3rd picture. Same people are in both and the car in the 3rd picture is in the background of the 1st picture ?
  41. The best safety device known is a careful man.
  42. Or maybe said as "pinched" ?
  43. Oh cool, so there are dimples also ?
  44. Cool for sure. In that second picture what are four stems ?
  45. He will be here
  46. You are very welcome. You know I have looked at this many times, Trying to write something clever that rhymes. But concentation eludes my my mind, When before my eyes is beauty ... defined.
  47. Whats up when I click to view this and my first thought was the picture above your name doesn't match the four above it ... Lol ...
  48. Cool story
  49. "Oh, a wise guy huh ? " Moe Howard
  50. Lol I quick scanned your text and was going to reply that every thought, regardless of space, requires a reference point. Then I did a second run through your words only to see my response was in your...
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