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Depression Glass Bowlby ho2cult…
Stretch Glass Candlesticksby Glassgaga
Carnival Glassby SpiritB…
Aqua opalescent Peacocks on Fence Carnival glassby Bylynette
Northwood Custard Vaseline Custard Dishby Songinm…
Mother's 100+ year old Purple Bowl!by Frama
What is this vase called?by Clueless3015
Unknown candy dish bone porcelain by Maidment1333
carnival glass by Destiny…
Autographed 1916 Carnival Ware "Peacocks on the Fence" questionby Prrobinson1
What is this?by Carol54904
Stretch Glass Northwood Topaz /Vaseline Cracker Plateby AnnaB
Northwood Singing Birds Blue Master Berry Bowlby serenitykn
pale blue iridescent flower vaseby Catchamb
Fenton iridescent pale green bowlby Catchamb
Blue Fenton bowl with three feetby Catchamb
Northwood Glass Bowlby nutsabo…
Northwood Grape & Cable Large Stippled Biscuit/Cracker/Cookie Jarby Zamboni
Northwood's Cactus Shakersby antique…
Wavy carnival glass bowlby Lsmithson744
Green wavy glass vaseby Lsmithson744
My $2 treasure is a Memphis pattern aka Dolls Eye by Northwood Glass Company advertising ware 10" bowl 1908-1910. by Dave853
Northwood ? Grape & Cable Whiskey Set ~ Crystal with Gold Cableby wildvke
Glass questionby peterr12345
Opalescent Ruffled Bowlby cbeni
Northwood or Not...... by Lady-Je…
Northwood Tornado Vaseby Schullm
 vintage northwood by lundy
Northwood Sugar and Creamer Setby hippegirl75
Set of 7 Peacock and Urn Master Ice Cream Bowls, with nutmeg Stainby Lindsay.her…
Green Opalescent Uranium Glass Candy/Nut Dishby SteveTx76
Unique Northwood Fluted Scrolls Vaseline Tray Cardby Shawnl86
Northwood's Royal Ivy Mini Oil Lampby antique…
Northwood's Parian Swirlby antique…
Northwood's Cactus Shakers in a Rare Blue Opalescentby antique…
Very Rare Polka Dot Sugar Shakerby antique…
Ribbed Coinspot Sugar Shakerby antique…
Bowl/dishby elliep
Group of Blue Fenton and Northwoodby Fentonia
Northwood Small Opalescent Dishby ltreasu…
Blue Chrysanthemum Sprigby antique…
Northwood's Louis XVby antique…
Northwood's Cactusby antique…
Northwood's Grape & Leafby antique…
Northwood Grape & Cable Cracker Jarby antique…
Extremely Rare IG Grape & Cable Bowlby antique…
Northwood Custard Peacock & Urn Large Ice Cream Bowlby antique…
Northwood Signed Letterby antique…
Blue Chrysanthemum Sprig by Northwoodby antique…
Any info on these?by Fate4747
Grandma's Northwood Berry Dishesby javelinjane
Northwood Grapevine Cluster Vase circa 1905by Hedgewa…
Scarce Northwood Ribbed Pillar in Pink Spatter & Satin Glass Creamerby Shawnl86
Scarce Northwood Hearts and Flowers PCE Custard Opal Bowlby Shawnl86
Fleur De Lis bowl....?by RhondaC…
Scarce Set of Northwood Peacock at the Urn Custard Sauces (With No Bee!)by Shawnl86
Opalescent beaded rose bowlby agallman
Great-Aunt left me this clear, Northwood Bowl.  I have been told that it is over 100 years tonton1908
Northwood Button Panels Opalescent Rose Bowlby mocean
Northwood carnival glassby sweets30
Northwood 2 pc punch bowl by TimeDrifts
Does anyone know this pattern?by applesnpairs
Scarce Northwood Custard Poppy Pickle Dishby Shawnl86 pokeystackle
Great-Grandmother's Bon Bon Dish c1890by bcs207
Northwood bowl?by ractrose
Northwood pitcher cherry  signed with n in circleby collecc…
Carnival Glass ? Not sure ?by mswhite
A family treasure candlestick with a broken globeby Connieloo
Sowerby Glass Piasa Bird Rose Bowlby Shawnl86
Fabulous Northwood Grape and Cable Amethyst Plain Back Bowlby Shawnl86
Wishbone bowlby Robyn
Singing Birds Water Setby Robyn
Sweetmeatby Robyn
Northwood Greek Key Bowlby Robyn
Grape & Cable Bowl - Greenby Robyn
marked northwood pitcherby Heiseylover
Northwoods Grape and Cable Variant bowlby tanjaz
Northwood covered bowl. Birds and butterflys and flowers adorn Bellareiki3
Northwood Bowlby dah2112
Northwood Stretch Glass Sapphire Blue Trumpet Candle Stick Holdersby Shawnl86
Northwood Inverted Fan & Feather Blue Creamerby Shawnl86
Northwood Stippled Marigold Good Luck Bowlby Shawnl86
Northwood Marigold Stippled Peacock on the Fenceby Shawnl86
Northwoods Beaded Cable Peach Opalescent Rosebowlby jruhlman32
Northwood Rose Show Blue Opalescent Dishby Riley