Antique Early American Pattern Glass

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1905-1920 Rayed Flower by Indiana Glassby jenre
Aberdeen. No information known by eapgs at this timeby pmesserla
Bowl, Cut glass? , 4.5" diam, gold scalloped rimby kernopelli
"The Candy Man Can..."-Sammy Davis brunswick
Flint glass compote stars bars and mitered diamondby Behrinm…
Crystal? has purple irridescence, bowl, clearby kernopelli
USG #15056 Florida Cake Stands c1898by TallCakes
My Favorite brunswick
Our Favorite Server!by brunswick
Local Late Victorian Souvenir Gobletby SpiritB…
Hasegawa Glass platterby racer4f…
Amber glass plate set 8"by glassdummy
U.S. Glass #15078 Manhattan Bowl c1902by Amatoor…
Tiffin Franciscan Madeira Cornsilk Yellowby dammitchris
U.S. Glass Company "pattern #15055 Minnesota" c1898  'lid to sugar bowl'by Amatoor…
U.S. Glass Company pattern #15061 'New York' c1899 Creamer with Gold Flashingby Amatoor…
Sandwich and a salt?by Collect…
Green Depresion Glass Candy Dishby FrankWetsch
My first Collect…
EAPG Swung Vase, U.S. Glass #15078 Manhattan, c1902by Amatoor…
Yellow/Topaz Glass Pitcherby cubman7
Pattern Glass Amber Pitcher (tree bark pattern)by Amatoor…
compote or what?by tVikki
1886? Hobbs brockner pink eapg tumblerby robin56
'Sensation' cake stands, Adams & Co. c130 c1885by TallCakes
Almost big enough for gravyby Gruff
#3 toothpick holder has eapg patternby robin56
#2 of my toothpick holders eapg? Or repro?by robin56
Eapg? Daisy toothpick or candle holderby robin56
Victorian Glass Berry or Butter?by Glassnutt
Milk glass nappy? Green painted bowlby robin56
Moon and stars ashtrayby robin56
EAPG Tankardby Sasha
Eapg? Repro? Open sugar bowlby robin56
Eapg? Pedestal glassby robin56
Eapg?1800s? Spoonerby robin56
Love this estate sale find!by Docjolly
Set of 2 depression? wine glassesby robin56
Laurel leaf depression glass? by robin56
EAPG Bottle...unknown pattern?by douglovesgl…
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnailsby Hunter
What is it? HELPby FredB
Love this shapeby Gruff
McKee & Bros. 'Deer and Pine Tree' c1886by TallCakes
My Favorite Zippered Heart Piece - The Water Pitcherby Treasur…
Vintage EAPG 1908 Slewed Horseshoe Punchbowl baseby Treasur…
EAPG cake stand?by LucysGlass
This one turns almost green in the sun light by Gruff
Kentuckyby codasmama
heart pattern compoteby rfreed
Love this Pieceby mskitty…
unusual punch bowlby robin56
EAPG Bowl ~ 8 1/2"by Deano
large punch bowlby robin56
blue glass candy dish?by robin56
Glass and Clear Cut Glass Dish with Cover by lmaxson
McKee & Brothers 'Solid Stem Salver' c1882by TallCakes
"Gipsy" Cake Stand by Adams and Company c1891by TallCakes
Riverside nr 575, Beaded Wave,  ca 1903by pmesserla
Hand Stem Cake Stand by Atterbury and Co. c1881 by TallCakes
Hanging glass bulbsby mandiiverson
Glass Pitcher? by ssruff
eapg sugar creamerby robin56
star of bethlehem eapg glass dish?by robin56
trophy style candleholderby robin56
Flint (?) Glass Separating Cake Standby TallCakes
Rose bowl is what I call it?!?!by lndrozd…
Pressed glass gobletby Anniemo
Depression glass pedestal bowlby Taramonster24
divided patterned dishby robin56
eapg glass powder box?by robin56
"Nellie" Cake Stand by McKee & Bros. Glass Works c1892by TallCakes
"Crystal Wedding" Cake Stand by O'Hara Glass Co. c1875by TallCakes
National patternby cmh1wi
Polar Bear EAPG Gobletby rfreed
diamond pattern mint dishby robin56
eapg Loop and Dart Group confusingby Dave853
EAPG tumblerby hobodave
EAPG Mysteryby bhc
Tarentum 12" Hear and Thumbprint plate 1898-1906by EAPGDep…
Identification for cut glass platesby Lrp
vaseline glass vase field thistleby genegordon
Green Opalescent Jefferson Glass Tokyo Pattern footed Bowlby fixitjmc
Beautiful Lavender Pressed Glass Covered Compoteby LucysGlass
Depression Glass Candy Dish by rippee85
Is this bowl EAPC?by tkimbro
Antique Glass Setby xomokaox
Another Angle for Bowl Setby kwilber1965
Beautiful Glass Bowlby Drkblue…
Pink depression scalloped edge  dishby GizGram
My favorite Cut glass compote with pedestalby Joy914
Green Glass Table Set...Who made it?by TBone
Tiffany Lemonade set ?by ssturdev
EAPG Lidded Syrup by Dave853
US Glass New Jersey Pattern with gold flashby fixitjmc
Westmoreland Glass #556 Sawtooth ruby cake standby TallCakes
Spring cleaning; pardon the TallCakes
Glass vaseby Lsmithson744
Crystal scallop edge bowlby Lsmithson744
crystal vase, is it EAP? beginner SparksGinny
Grandmother's Fruit Bowlby azmamaj
 Imperial Glass NUCUT line #212 c1912by katheri…
Another EAPG  Some type of Handled Nappy?by l.a.lady
Mikasa Hampshire Gold Cut Glass Hostess Serving Platter 12 1/2" Made in Germanyby CindB
United States Glass #15005 "Silver Age" (U.S. Coin) Cake Stand c1892by TallCakes
Wheaton Butter Dish in Green ..... I wish there was more of this TerriO
Wheaton set does many interchangable things.   Flash on and Flah off !by TerriO
A Wheaton set in Blue !!!   Picture with Flash On and Flash Off TerriO
Super Rare Wheaton set Only given to the Hostess "never sold to the public"by TerriO
Jeanette Grape  candy/jelly jarby fixitjmc
Pressed Glass Seashell Dish with Lady Figure.  Who made it and how old is it?by rebeccaleet…
Another piece this weekend Crystal compoteby l.a.lady
Crystal (glass)bowlby superso…
Crystal Bowlby superso…
Art Deco Pressed Glass Vase with Crimped Rimby WanderingMi…
Cut Glass from my grandmotherby Celestina
Pickle jar or bisquit jarby Flowerg…
Jack in the Pulpitby melaniej
Early American Pattern Glass Bowl…without pattern nameby douglovesgl…
Pressed glass seashell with lady figure: EAPG or Foreign glass? by Behrinm…
Oval Relish Platterby cskats
Fentec Prescut Bowl #10 by McKee Bros. c1906by CindB
Pressed glass pitcher!by glasslove
Atterbury 'Hand With Dove' covered dish, c.1889by TallCakes
McKee Bros' Masonic :: Silicon Glass #1900by TallCakes
Salt Cellarby edsel58…
Just acquired this piece today, love it.  by cmh1wi
Pressed glass cake plateby Elisabe…
Pressed glass jugby Elisabe…
Pressed glass plates victorian or art deco?by Elisabe…
Frosted Crystal 'Hand Stem' cake stand by Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. c1879by TallCakes
Gobble... gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!by ho2cult…
Cut Glass Iridescent Bowlby ltreasu…
another vaseline glass find: Zephyr by Central Glass Co. 1885by TallCakes
Spooner or Goblet with Flower & Fern Etching and Unusual Stemby LOUMANAL
Adams & Co. Good Luck Horseshoe cake stand collectionby TallCakes
Candlewick Cake Stand c.1890sby TallCakes
Valencia Waffle Footed Sauce Cup EAPG/Vaseline Glassby fortapa…
Pressed Glass Creamer by huronia
Anyone for a game of Horseshoes???by TallCakes
Central Glass #350 John Osterling 'plain' bakers' stands, c.1880sby TallCakes
Glass crystal setby AmourLa…
ID Needed.. Glass wine, vase gold fleur de lis, sawtooth, pineapple fan heavyby nanasthing104
More Green Glass !by Lise
Green With Gold Trim Snake Vaseby FanciGirl
Neat Beaded tree bowlby Behrinm…
Co-Operative Flint Ivy In Snow Honey Dish, ca 1894by FanciGirl
Beaded Grape Cake Standsby TallCakes
Early pressed glass bowl autum fruitsby kivatin…
Glasswareby Ballsto…
Cut Glass or Pressed Glass by Bigsarge
Riverside  Croesus Glass Green & Gold Spooner & Butter Dishby FanciGirl
Bellflower Salt Dip, Boston & Sandwich Flint Glass, 1860'sby FanciGirl
EAPG "Sprig" Collectionby TallCakes
Bryce Higbee Rosette & Palm Banana Stand, ca 1905by FanciGirl
Glassware by Bigsarge
My Favorite color is blue. by Bigsarge
a blue goblet found in family storage by marbel1212
Bryce EAPG, Sprig Pattern, aka Indian Tree, 1908by FanciGirl
Vaseline Glass Bowlby fortapa…
Handsome Emerald Green Crimped-top EPG Vase- Vine & Flower Pattern?by LOUMANAL
Jeweled Moon and Star by Co-Operative Flint Glass, c.1896 & Phoenix Glass, c.1929by TallCakes
EAPG  Bryce, Higbee 1898-1906 Arched Fleur-de-Lis by Behrinm…
EAPG?  Water Goblet with Etched Grapes and Vine on 10 panel bowlby majolica1
A very scarce pattern on this EAPG cake standby Behrinm…
Thought I recognized this CAKE STAND Pattern but LOUMANAL
EAPG celery or bread trayby cah1232009
Opalescent Pressed Glass Bowl with Molded Fish Designby BirneyCreek
I dk not what these if u knowby rubies411
Is This ADAMS & COMPANY's No.75 "SQUARE" Pattern?by LOUMANAL
Cut glass Punch bowl and Pedesdalby juscrazy
Antique Avon Deep Ruby Red Sugar Bowl and Creamer (without lid)by kathleenpol…
help to identify a makerby roseh0355
I married my yellow Jubilee depression glass with a beautiful  unknown pattern, need help identifying please!by wksgibson
Cut Glass Shot Glassesby knutte1
BACCARAT  Early 1900's "Bambous Tors" Pressed Glass "SWIRL" Celery/ Vaseby LOUMANAL
Beautiful Pedestal Cake Standby michaelaclo…
help! looking for the pattern name for this beautiful peiceby brandi903
Un-Identified Beer steinsby alfred13
Ruby red ltreasu…
Ruby Red Crystal ?????by ltreasu…
John B. Higbee Glass Co./ Tall Slung Glass Vase/EAPG "Delta" Pattern AKA "Thistle"  /Original " H I G" Bee Mark/ Circa 1910by mikelv85
Ruby Flash Glass. (American?)by elainek…
raised dots-diamond and line pattern rectangular dishby pegric
 Pressed Glass/Crystal CAKE PLATE pattern by Tarentum Glassby LOUMANAL
colored glass footed bowl,  blue-unknown maker by okeeffe…
My Great Grandmother's Compote / EAPG / Circa Late 19th Early 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Blue glass footed candy dish. Has a mark but unable to find maker okeeffe…
U. S. Glass Co. 'Medallion' Canary (Vaseline) Glass Cake Stand, c.188osby TallCakes
Hobbs Brockunier Dewdrop cranberry opalescent molasses canby vaselin…
1950s Pressed Glass Jugby bobogal
Hobb's Hobnail Shakersby antique…
Central Glass Co. #795 Ribbed Rope Band Canary (Vaseline) Cake Stand c.1883by TallCakes
EAPG=Early American Pattern Glass Butter Dish. Cupid & Venus Pattern. 1st made by Richards & Hartley in 1875by Aimathena
EAPG? Pedestal Cake Stand by michaelaclo…
Grandmother's Glasswareby MommaMo…
Something for Tallcakes- "BEADED BAND" CAKE STANDby LOUMANAL
EAPG Pattern Bryce Wreath/Willow Oak By Bryce Bros. c.1880sby Aimathena
pattern glassby christier4k…
Lead crystal piecesby christier4k…
Hobstar Pressed Glass Decanter with Handle and Stopper/ Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Daisy & Button Punch Bowlby lmyracle
Nickel Plate Glass Co. "DOUBLE GREEK KEY" Blue Opalescent Spoonerby LOUMANAL
Need Help to ID my EAPG PITCHER....pleaseby LOUMANAL
HOBBS, BROCKUNIER GLASS COMPANY, of Wheeling,West Virginia- Some Examplesby LOUMANAL
glasswareby oledebil
Small glass dated 1910 modern woodmen of americaby nldionne
Yard Sale Mystery Cups by Kcetera
Apple Green Diamond Pattern Compote with Lidby antiqua…
Glass Objectsby oledebil
Posy Vasesby Zowie
Turn of the 20th century salt Captainduct…
Glass Candy Dishby Layllah
Atterbury Duckby Phillip
Retriever Platterby Pocatal…
Favorite Pattern Bowlby Pocatal…
Uranium Glass EAPG twisted stemmed Milk Glass Sherbertby NativeJ…
Duncan and Sons Cryptic Zipper Block EAPG Circa 1880'sby NativeJ…
My Favorite EAPG Glass Pattern by U.S. GLASS COMPANY-Design Pattern #151140by LOUMANAL
 Ruby Flash Glass Souvenir Mugby Collect…
EAPG Candlesticks and Pitcherby antiqua…
More EAPG Not Identified Yetby antiqua…
Two EAPG Bowls Not Identified antiqua…
Gorgeous Pressed and Etched EAPG Compoteby antiqua…
EAPG - Cleaning out the antiqua…
Great Grandmother's Dishby sthrn.l…
 A Couple of my Favorite Early ATTERBURY COMPANY Oil Lampsby LOUMANAL
Part of my cake stand collectionby TallCakes
Frosted Lion Pattern Lidded Compoteby WillB
nailsea type glassby andnowi…
Chalinor, Taylor & Co./U.S.Glass "CALVARY CANDLESTICKS" Opal & Clearby LOUMANAL
Covered Candy Dish(Oak/Acorn Pattern)by fixitjmc
EAPG Water Pitcherby fixitjmc
Etched Glass Chimney -- Goodwill Outlet Survivorby epson233
Cake plate, Glass and silverby vintage…
Need help in identifying this pieceby vintage…
unsolved mystery cruet  PRESSED GLASSby jeepact…
Comet Nappy ? by wildvke
Cabinet card of Photographer's Wife's Glass Collectionby scottvez
Antique EAPG Glass Plate w/Initials 'S G M'~Acorn Design~Sandwich!?by Budek
Is this Tarentum Glass? I can't find the BaileyBu
Please help with identifying this piece of glass??by vintagelulu
Green Footed Vase-Pressed Glassby kjag53
Aetna Glass Adonis Opalescent Pineapple Amber Claret and Stopperby Sean67
1885 Adams & Company Wildflower in Canary Yellow (Vaseline Glass)by TallCakes
EAPG Hobbs open salt - Vikingby Vintage…
large platter or tray, cut glass 22" acrossby Odds-and-Ends
Interesting find!!by JLWilliams73
sunflower vanity setby amybchr
cut glass cordialsby cindyjune
Green Glass ????????by roadside
Extra Tall Pattern Glass Oil Lamp (E. Miller w/ Apollo Duplex)by mds308
Cut Glass Punch Bowl...1960'sby lancaster1044
Mustard Striped Crystal?by Camille123
EAPG divided dish from Coloradowon…
Part of My EAPG glass antiquefrea…
Antique 10 pc Glass Bowl and Mugs Setby kmadhatter2…
Gram's Cake Stand Amber EAPGby featherkeeper
childrens setsby hobnail-lover
Scarce Hobbs and Brockunier & Co. Seaweed Blue Opal Covered Sugarby Shawnl86
Blue Cruet Set  by Trampas-49
Is it new or old?by rhench
Who made this ?by S751sls
Mother's MrAnnoyed
EAPG Mystery - Plain Top Baker's Salverby TallCakes
Salt dishes?by vintage…
Tooth pick vintage…
Depression Windsor Pink dishesby celanith
Blue colored Wine gobletsby celanith
Glass bowl with sterling silver edge. Maker?by mgerken
Little pressed glass pieceby ractrose
Lid to broken sugar bowlby gibson405
Adams & Co. #140 Wildflower Apple Green Cake Stand ca.1885by TallCakes
Clear small bowl probably EAPG and little Hatsby rural_c…
Amber dessert dish?by rural_c…
Vintage Glassware (additional closeups & info enclosed)by Marilyn…
Manhattan Milk Glass Cake Stand by U. S. Glass/Tiffinby TallCakes
Green depression glass plate and crystal pitcherby horsecentz
Vaseline Maple Leaf Bowl by Gillinder & Sonsby Hedgewa…
Gillinder & Sons celeryby Hedgewa…
Rustic - Boy Holding Basket Statuette Stem - Crystal w/Frosted Stem by Gillinderby TallCakes
Three Face Cake Stand Pedestal Details - Duncan vs. Imperial MMAby TallCakes
Crown Jewel - Crystal Cake Stand by O'Hara Glass Company, ca.1888by TallCakes
EAPG Platterby mark
Serpent handled bowlby susan
Possible American Brilliant Cut Glass Compote, Footed Bowl, or Punchbowl ???????by CedarOaks
Cranberry Glass, I think, from my Grandmother who was an antiques dealerby Robinhaha
Glass I loveby BarbaraGale
Butterfly Water Pitcher by Toots
Hostess Carnival Glass Plate and Blue Opalescent Cornucopia Vase by electob…
Loving Cup?by Herb
Unknown Pattern Heavy Decanter/Bottle Screw Top w/o lidby marvel
Green Candy Dishby cocacolaman62
Is this an inkwell?by kerayne
Glass Pitcher & 4 Juice Glassesby joicey
Information needed on small crystal Peacock plates with an M. by Ellenhook2002
Crystal Lotby Irishna…
Amber colored candy plantfreak
I just pulled this Electric Blue Covered Sugar out of a Thrift Store, kabukik…
Green Bowlsby Irishna…