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Flintlock Rifles , I love to shoot them, love to rub them down, hate to clean them. These are my girls.

wickencrafts's loves102 of 266UPDATE: POSITIVELY PRICELESS (to us)  -1971 Roadrunner w/440 Glass bottle
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    Posted 1 year ago

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    Top Rifle, U.S. Springfield 45/70 , 1873 model. This is not a muzzle loader or flint, but a whale load of fun to shoot, and very accurate. A real woodchuck pleaser .

    Bottom Rack , Flint 50. Cal. Sharon swamp barrel, this was my third rifle I finished in 1982 , and carried Bear hunting. The wood took a wonderful green tint at the finishing process. Some do not like this, but I would give my left round ball bag , to repeat and duplicate the process again.

    2nd from bottom is a beautiful flint I bought at a Military show called the Max , a days drive east from where I live. Master workmanship with both carving and engraving. The only glue to the maker is FS engraved flowing on the top of the barrel.

    3rd from bottom is my 2nd made rifle and first flint . The eagle made patch box I created, is with a white cow horn oval insert that I always intended to scrimshaw. This 45. cal Douglas 13/16'' Octagon 42'' barrel , the lock was a Re-tuned Dixie, and I put in set triggers. I killed many a wood chuck, rats, and squirrels with this, and my first deer, a monster 9 point in the back field in 1979. She has a real soft spot in my heart as I competed with her in competition shoots also.

    4th and last on the rack on top is a sweet little 36. cal . This gem was made and signed by my good friend Dennis Priddy . We did a deal on a trade for a scrimshawed powder horn and a large double edge knife. Both of which I create, and I furnish the gun parts. I had acquired a H &R barrel in another trade for one of my medium size knifes, did more swapping for brass Great lakes Indian amulets I created at the time for a nice block of curl wood, a Siler Lock I made from kit, and assembled a set of triggers and side plate and pipes and plug. Dennis did the rest and created this beautiful piece. I finished the knife , then had that accident I mentioned on my 4th rifle . I carried his horn right along with that flint of mine. And finally finished his about 3 years back, after 2 years of drawing. Tough to get inspired some times. It is a beautiful piece. There is not a blank space on that horn that does not have a picture scratched upon it. I thank him for his patience and being a good friend.

    Under the top rifle is a nice .45 cal swamped Douglas barrel, Made by R Ash , this wonderful shooter has the most slender grade 2 tapper swamp , with a beautiful and most delicate wood work under the barrel I have seen. As it has has five splits in it that I have had to repair, from previous owners . This is a good lesson on why you do not buy gun is poor lighting at auction. But really for what I paid, I could not start to buy the parts to make one, and it is a very sleek fast firing rifle , and one of my best shooters.

    Most my home made guns took many months and some more years then other. I find great satisfaction shooting these and can shoot any other hand held rifle and pistol with much greater accuracy cause of learning to shoot these charcoal burners. I started out with a .58 cal. 1863 Zoave musket and civil war union garb, and eventually went more to traditional buckskin accouterments. The very first rifle I made was a little .45 cal percussion with a H&R barrel, a very nice rifle I sorta gave to my wife at the time to shoot and participate in events. Needless to say she got that and the house...........and sold them both.


    1. kwqd kwqd, 1 year ago
      Nice group. I hate cleaning black powder firearms, too.
    2. Roycroftbooksfromme1, 1 year ago
      Don't let BB rub them down ... he'll take them home Nice collection for-sure..
    3. fortapache fortapache, 1 year ago
      I've never cleaned a black powder gun but I like cleaning the modern ones. I don't do the best job but that saves wear and tear on the barrels.
    4. Hoot60, 1 year ago
      Wow...Nice! I'm sure they would be a hoot to shoot :)
      Seriously impressive collection.
    5. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      Just spent 1/4 hr. studying these. Wish the pic was clearer. I luv working with beautiful wood like this. Relief carving looks exceptional. It ain't easy to make these and you know that nobody can appreciate the time and work that goes into it, but it's a labour of love. I guestimate that my 1st took 400+ hrs.. Swearing "never again", while planning your next in the back of your mind. Never did a swamped barrel & don't figure I have the time left to do one. Well Roadweasel, I'm very impressed !!
    6. roadweasel, 1 year ago
      Very kind words from all, I have been very blessed with many children and grandchildren, and hope to leave to the 19 grand boys, lots of toys... And for the pair of granddolls, I will leave the family Jewels. Not my round ball bag either, as that go's with them nasty smelling , coal burning delights. I will post some of my scrimshawed horns, as I have done over 40 pieces threw the years, but have only my personal powder pair left, and a rum and dope horn. Most all were given away or traded for gun building parts, skins, or supplies to continue my craft's. I have never been able to purchase the quality I have desired in certain items, guns, knife, horns, and even the work on my motorcycles, so I restore my self , as I trust very few in craft. As most off my hand made junk has never seen the light of day, I hope you will be pleased. I will also show my WW1 Inter allied Victory Medal Collection, for all the cool military stuff I see you guys got . I have been collecting these for over 50 years, damn near got them all. I have also slowly been checking out YOUR stuff , so you might get a dumb question from me. I have dial up out here in the sticks, so hot spot is time limited. Again my thanks for the support,
    7. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      You're in good company here. If I still had all the things I've traded, it would be worth several $millions. The Nazi stuff would be over $1m.. Price of trading yourself up.
    8. hotairfan hotairfan, 1 year ago
      you have a great collection. It is nice to hear that you still shoot them. An artistic collection such as this should be used. I hunt with my Hawken 54 cal. mountain rifle. Shot a Pennsylvania white tail with it.
    9. roadweasel, 1 year ago
      Hotairfan, thank you, I always love to hunt with mine. Seems like it puts you in a whole new level on the playing field as you get but one shot to take. So I love the heightened sense of one own presence deep in the woods, or creeping along a fence line overlooking a ridge. I myself a journey tool maker also.
    10. dav2no1 dav2no1, 1 year ago
      Fantastic pieces. My collection isn't there yet. I've just started buying Marlin lever guns.
    11. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      Marlins are better and stronger than Winchesters.
    12. roadweasel, 1 year ago
      dav2no1, thank you, Marlins are wonderful firearms. And will hold their value. I have had over 100 guns and have never lost on one. Like money in the bank but better, and if you like to plink at targets, all the better. The only real cost is ammo, and most these modern shells are costing al most 1/2 buck a shot. If you like to shoot. Muzzle load are relatively very cheep . Powder is the biggest out lay , but if you buy in 25LB lots, the cost goes way down. Cast your own balls, and steal ma's cotton sheets for patch material, and your are all set. Good Luck on your collection,
    13. dav2no1 dav2no1, 1 year ago
      Thanks..I have a few guns as well. Got your normal carry guns, some smith revolvers, AR, AK, Uzi, and ive traded up over the years and have some high end 1911s including a few custom suppressor guns.
    14. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      I don't live in McDonald's Land and find it strange the the U.S. is the only country I have ever heard of that outlawed suppressors/silencers and that being with the sacred Constitution making it illegal to make them illegal. Strange country ! Has anybody ever robbed someone using a suppressor ? Then there's the money I could have saved without hearing aids and buying batteries. OK, I can't fit a silencer on the 3" ord. rifle ! LOL !! I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
    15. dav2no1 dav2no1, 1 year ago
      I'm not sure what you are referring to as far as them being illegal? They are not illegal you can legally own them. It's quite a process, took the ATF a year to process my paperwork and take my $200 for my federal tax stamp.

      Now everything is done electronically so it's supposed to be a little faster? And many of us are trying to pass a bill to allow the use of suppressors without all the hassle. This is the “Hearing Protection Act,”.

      And I guess I was partially wrong because they can only be legally own in 42 States right now.
    16. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      I was quite aware of the category, but didn't want to make it long & confusing. Otherwise the uninformed think anyone can walk into Walmart & buy one. Been thru it & had a Bergmann Mp18-1. Lets not scare the ignorant. I can go to the French "gun" store and buy a "silencer" over the counter, but it's crap and not tailored to you needs. "Suppressor in a poke". BTW, cleaning blk. pdr. guns aren't that hard. Remove barrel & breech plug, put breech in warm soapy water and plunge with a cloth patch on a cleaning rod. Let dry & oil. I even wash my locks with soapy water and dry in a prewarmed oven.
    17. wickencrafts wickencrafts, 1 year ago
      The price of ammo is CRAZY here I just sold my gold dot 45 colt bullets for $3 EACH , After , I sold the guns Henry lever and Taurus JUDGE I had them for. I no longer could afford to take them to the range and have fun. I took those $$$ and bought 1000 rounds EACH of 38 special and 357 magnum.
    18. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 1 year ago
      Wicken, the gun grabbers are slowly getting their way. Fools are attacking. The federalist are loving it. What's next ? Arrows, darts, bowling balls ? While your country is in a downward spiral, you are being disarmed. Bad timing !
    19. wickencrafts wickencrafts, 1 year ago
      Hey BB King. That is why I dropped a calibre out of my line up. Bad time to own 45 Colt , good time EZ to sell.
      I still own a 38 and two 357 that all burn the 38 special on the range. The 357 Magnum is plenty good on horsepower for me with deer , bear I have here. If I was in Alaska I might need / want a little more hand gun. My 30-06 pump action carbine has not failed me yet.

      I did acquire a new , to me that is , crossbow with bolts. Thing is accurate and powerful.

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