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Early Steiff Standing Bear by Fritziii
STEIFF TEDDY BEAR YEAR ? ear button is kimmyg
I grew very fond of this Steiff cheeky212
Steiff cats and dogsby Topic63
Small Steiff teddy in leather shoe?by Topic63
I have this monkey as shown..steiff.... Vintage collection by Hiclarky
very unique elephant by jules2hot2000
Steiff Miniatures Vintageby vintage…
Steiff peter rabbit 1905by sharmainel
German or Austrian Mohair Duck - 11 inches tall by G12william5
Steiff or Not a Steiff?by DarrCAM
Steiff Bear age? by Atlmom
Steiff Growlerby lovelight1
My favourite dog as a kid by Smithy888
Beautiful tiny pre-war Steiff teddy bearby Libertie
A favorite pre-war Steiff dog..Zeppelin mascot!by Libertie
1950s Steiff hedgehogsby Ballsto…
St. Bernard steiff dog.  by Sarah79
Today's Bear Rescue Steiff?by Fritziii
Latest Rescue Stieff?by Fritziii
1950s Stieff Bearby Fritziii
Latest Rescue by Fritziii
Today's Rescues 3 fantastic Steiffsby Fritziii
can anyone ID this Navy goat for me?by Puzzled
Steiff bearby nita
Small 6" Blonde Mohair Bearby Fritziii
More Teddies I LOVE!by bearchamp
Steiff's Perri the Squirrelby Steiffgal
Steiff Mohair Catby Fritziii
Our latest Steiffby Fritziii
Steiff skelter / pedalcarby Diamond
unknown bearsby jimmigibson86
Steiff Toy - LINDA LAMMby BHock45
Steiff's Very Early 5-Way Jointed Lionby Steiffgal
A Scottish Steiff teddy by Phatbud…
2007 Steiff Limited Edition Replica of 1930's Mickey Mouse by guyfrmatl
Steiff Black Catby spriteb…
Pair of possible Steiff animals from the 1940'sby GayleAs…
Steiff 1930's Mickey Mouse Dollby guyfrmatl
Steiff's Tiny and Rare Alpo and Alpa Dolls by Steiffgal
Can anyone help me identify these bears?? by mw1506
Purrr-fect in almost every way... Steiff's Fiffy catby Steiffgal
Mystery Bear: Anyone know what this cutie is?by GHFBostons
Bird's the word when it comes to this yellow Steiff fellow!by Steiffgal
Stieff Bear?by curhist…
Steiff Stuffed Animalsby spriteb…
Steiff's Crazy and Wonderful Reinhold the Rhinocerosby Steiffgal
Well Loved Bear IVby LA_Woma…
Things are more than OK with this Steiff Okapi by Steiffgal
Steiff's Adorable and Unusual "Nightcap Fox" by Steiffgal
Unknown Makerby fhrjr2
Steiff's Sweet Revue Susi Cocker Spaniel by Steiffgal
Steiff's Precious Smallest Sized Mopsy Pug Dog by Steiffgal
Antique Stuffed Animal~Squirrel?....some cute little creature~Looks very oldby Budek
Steiff 1950's Mohair Tapsy Catby guyfrmatl
Vintage Steiff stuffed mohair donkey , "Grissy"...Ca. 1960's. by Steiffcolle…
Steiff  mohair walrus, ca 1950'sby Steiffcolle…
Fawning Over This Tiny And Pristine Steiff Deer by Steiffgal
Vintage Steiff ride-on toy approx 1970sby neon4le…
The One Stinker Most Steiff Enthusiasts Would Welcome To Their Collectionby Steiffgal
A Swimmingly Beautiful Red, Yellow, and Orange Mohair Steiff Fish by Steiffgal
Steiff Mystery Bear?by brokkenwing
Rare and Unusual Five Ways Jointed Tiger Cub by Steiffgal
Fawning Over This Early Silk Plush Steiff Baby Christmas Deer!by Steiffgal
A Tiny Handful Of Steiff Teddy Bear Love by Steiffgal
This Steiff Cow is One Mooo-ver and Shaker by Steiffgal
Steiff's Sweetest Baby Susi Kittyby Steiffgal
Big Hearted Steiff "Biggie" Beagle by Steiffgal
Grin and bear it with this delightful beaming Steiff Cockie Cocker Spaniel!by Steiffgal
Sweet Steiff RCA "His Master's Voice" Fox Terrier by Steiffgal
Elephant 16" jointedby Queenie
Hop to it and take a look at this super sweet Steiff rabbit!by Steiffgal
Ain't (Steiff) Love The 'Tweetest Thing?by Steiffgal
Childhood Memories by EliseSandwick
Beautiful White Steiff Wool Plush Chow Chow Dog by Steiffgal
Largest Sized Steiff Arco German Shepherdby Steiffgal
Does This Fabulous Steiff Spider Bug You?by Steiffgal
Steiff Beaver  "Nagy"  by MoodyBlue
Navy Goatby kim_8627
Steiff I Love:  Loco Over This Steiff Cocoby Steiffgal
Steiff Bearby Tamia
My Steiff Navy Goatby bobby46
Steiff Giraffe on Wheelsby aboutin…
Steiff Panda?by pandamom
I Love Steiff's Teddy Babies by Steiffgal