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Antique Edwardian paste and silver lavalier kyratango
Antique tortoise 925 silver, turquoise, pastes brooch. The mysterious maker again!by kyratango
Antique winged insect brooch, silver, pastes and blister pearls. Kyratised !by kyratango
Antique silver and paste brooch/pendant, mysterious maker again!by kyratango
Antique Hair Pinby Peaseje…
My collection of antique paste jewelry by Elisabe…
Edwardian lavalier paste necklace by Elisabe…
Victorian paste cross broochby Elisabe…
Early victorian paste broochby Elisabe…
Art nouveau 925 silver and pastes brooch, mysterious maker "urn mark".by kyratango
Georgian Rivière Silver Gilt Paste Necklace?by Peaseje…
Gaudy paste jewelry set in caseby Mrstynd…
Antique silver, pastes and faux pearls pendant, etruscan urn maker's mark!by kyratango
Art deco French silver, chalcedony, onyx and pastes jabot kyratango
Small Sash Pinby freiheit
Antique tiara comb, silver, pastes, turtle shell, mysterious maker kyratango
Silver and Paste Bracelet by Peaseje…
Antique 925 silver and pastes swallow in flight brooch, "etruscan urn" kyratango
Antique 925 silver, pastes and opals brooch, MYSTERIOUS MAKER AGAIN!by kyratango
Antique french silver and paste frog brooch, Auguste kyratango
Huge antique silver locket, mysterious etruscan urn maker's mark again!by kyratango
Antique silver and paste holly leaves brooch, mysterious maker "etruscan urn" mark again!by kyratango
Antique little paste and 935 silver tortoise brooch. Knoll and Pregizer?by kyratango
Another "etruscan urn" mysterious maker's mark piece, 925 silver and pastes kyratango
Little silver and paste antique lizard brooch, mysterious kyratango
Update! Crystal Paste Diamonds? Necklace not sure, Marked Sterling 14" Longby bratjdd
Large early 20th century paste, enamel, silver dragonfly kyratango
Victorian paste, garnets, silver kyratango
Antique rooster silver and paste brooch, Auguste kyratango
Antique gilded silver and paste turtle brooch, Auguste kyratango
Georgian paste brooches by Elisabe…
Help needed! Different makers!by kyratango
Help needed! Knoll&Pregizer and mysterious maker!Two paste and sterling brooches, by kyratango
Knoll & Pregizer silver and paste leaf kyratango
1950s Paste stone brooch with a  central domed cabochonby Bettyb00
Big Victorian silver and paste kyratango
Costume Vintage Necklace with Purple Glassby freiheit
Victorian vine grape brooch. by kyratango
Mysterious maker butterfly paste kyratango
Little green paste silver lizard (again!).by kyratango
Knoll & Pregizer acrobatic monkeys sterling /pastes kyratango
Wally, the BIG lizard!by kyratango
The mysterious "Etruscan Urn" maker's mark  lizards hoard!by kyratango
Same unknown maker, 2 paste and silver kyratango
Fortnum & Mason Art Deco Dangle Earringsby Bluewat…
Who knows the maker of these novelty paste pieces????by kyratango
Big 935 sterling moth brooch marked W Bby kyratango
Edwardian Sash Pin?by gardinerth
A Strange Ringby gardinerth
Sterling Silver Flower Bow Paste Broochby Agram.m
Two Silver mounted Buttons ???by Agram.m
Vintage Amethyst, Turquoise and Pearl Braceletby sammyth…
Art Deco Enamel & Paste Chatelaine Brooch Spider & Fly by Kitty