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Antique 1887-1915 French Charles Murat Heavy Rose Gold Plated Patterned Curb Link Bracelet Thrift Shop Find $3.00

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    Posted 5 years ago

    (1013 items)

    This is another item from today's rummage. Dismissed by the "Magnifying Glass Clerk" as costume because the magnet she tested it with only "slightly" stuck to it. I did the same test here at home with a strong magnet, and it simply slid off the bracelet.

    UPDATE 11 August 2019: See added photo.

    Bah hahahaha! "Costume jewelry", indeed. Thank you, Karma!

    Thanks for looking/loving, CW friends!

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    1. AmatoorPikr, 5 years ago
      S C O R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. NevadaBlades, 5 years ago
      Geez Louise, girl! Are the streets where you live lined with gold?!!? [;>)))))
    3. racer4four racer4four, 5 years ago
      Unlike you, she just thinks she knows what she's doing!
    4. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Lovely,is that the bracelet from Suzy Lemay's store on Ruby Lane that you say sold for $133.00?
    5. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo - it's the very same make/design of bracelet. I did a Google Image search when I got home and found another one on Ruby Lane.
    6. MyFavoriteTreasures MyFavoriteTreasures, 5 years ago
      LOL @ Nevada!! I say "geezLouise" also, don't know many who do that! And great bracelet!!
    7. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo - my bracelet is in better condition than the one sold in Suzy Lemay's Ruby Lane shop. That one was rubbed on the bottom of the clasp and missing the gold plating. Mine doesn't have that issue.
    8. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      No that one is still for sale in Suzi Lemay's Ruby Lane shop and there are no listings of that bracelet that has sold or are for sale apart from the one in Suzi Lamay's.
    9. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Sorry I meant to spell Suzy Lemay
    10. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo - really? I thought I read somewhere that she sold it for $200.00. Must have been something else.
    11. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Efesgirl-yes you must be very confused as you were adamant in your original post that the piece you were showcasing sold on Ruby Lane for $133.00!
      Now you are saying it sold for $200.00?
      What is going on here?
    12. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      'Bettyboo, it's sold > seller is Andie Pasqualini. The asking price was $133.00 - the selling price was $200.00:

      'This item from The Gilded Room is now in the Shop Backroom"(meaning it's sold).

      See this link for comments from Seller:
    13. MeliG MeliG, 5 years ago
      Did she relist?
    14. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      MeliG - no, that is not the same bracelet. Differences in weight (39.5 grams vs. 17.4 grams) and safety clasps. The bracelet that was sold has a side clip safety clasp. The one in your posted link has a chain link safety clasp.
    15. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      The bracelet that has sold on Ruby Lane is not the same design as your bracelet- could your one be a later addition as the production of this particular bracelet continues albiet with slight modifications with each new issue of this design.One must also bear in mind that very early Murat pieces were a higher quality than todays Murat merchandise.Most costume jewellery these days if gold plated have 1 micron of gold plate thickness or less!
      Earlier Murat gold plated pieces in comparison were heavily plated and the overall quality of manufacture was of a higher standard generally.
      Perhaps the "bimbo clerk "at the charity store as you referred to her knew all of this when she priced your bracelet:)
    16. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo - the clerk didn't know her elbow from a hole in ground, believe me. I paid 2 bucks for the Murat bracelet. I know the bracelet on Ruby Lane is not "precisely" the same design as there are patterns on the outer edges of the links. So what. It is, however, the same weight - approx. 39,5 grams -and has exactly the same kind of clasp/safety lock as my bracelet. I had mine weighed at a jewelry shop of a friend. The "Sold" Murat curb link bracelet has very minor discrepancies in the design and gives a very good indication of the value on the open market. The second one, posted by MeliG, is quite different in comparison.
    17. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Can you identify the precise date and model of manufacture of your bracelet?
      For all I know it could have been made in 2015 hence my comments regarding modern gold plating methods and inferior quality compared to genuine vintage and antique Murat pieces.
      Does your bracelet have a ratio mark to the gold content as opposed to its base metal content?eg 1/20 1/10 etc as I would be interested to see this otherwise talking about weights in relation to its value is irrelevent.
    18. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo >So what if it turns out to be a copy? Where do you see me claiming that I have an ORIGINAL, GENUINE MURAT bracelet? I posted links for comparison because that is what I found in a web search.

      Did my bracelet come from somewhere France? Most likely, as I am 2 1/2 hours from the French border. Is it vintage? Probably - there is no definitive proof that it isn't.

      Here is a pair of Murat cuff links with the same mark as my bracelet. Listed as "Bijou Murat".,179017769,var,Habillement-Bijoux-MURAT-Homme--Paire-de-Boutons-de-Manchette-Les-Amoureux-de-PEYNET-voir-scans,language,F.html

      The value of ANY object lies in the amount that someone is willing to pay for it. You might be shocked at what someone would pay to have a "copy" of an expensive piece of jewelry.

      The quality of my bracelet is far from inferior.

    19. katherinescollections katherinescollections, 5 years ago
      Years of experience has developed your eye, Bonnie, I doubt it lets you down often, certainly not with this bracelet, it's a winner, and so are you. Well done, my friend. :)
    20. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Thanks for the support, katherine! Luvs ya bunches....
    21. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Efesgirl-I did not metion or imply or ask if this was a copy of Murat,it is beside the point and irrelevent to this discussion.
      This topic has some how veered from valid and pertinent inquiries about your bracelet into quite an unpleasant and hostile tone from you.There is no need to treat this discussion as a hostile platform for your personal venting.
      I am genuinely and sincerly interested in your bracelet and it seems that your interest only lies in how cheaply you purchase it for and how much you could potentially sell it for which is not in keeping with the spirit of the Collectors Weekly forum.I do not post comments in order to direct snide and cryptic comments at others on this forum as you seem to constantly do.
      As far as I am concerned I will no longer ask you any questions about your bracelet as you seem incapable of staying on topic and it appears you prefer to create a stirring pot of unpleasantness.
      I do however wish you well and hope you continue to enjoy and have fun with your jewellery endeavours.


    22. kyratango kyratango, 5 years ago
      Bonnie, it is always pleasant (at least for me!) to see it is possible to hunt for "peanuts", and interesting to have an idea of the current retail prices!

      Betty, your "genuine and sincere interest" in Bonnie's bracelet seems to me you seeked the opportunity to split hairs.

      I'd be very deceived if our jewelry posts degenerate into battles as on some Czech glass topics....

      We all have eyes to compare what is comparable, and obviously, these Murat bracelets, whatever the links may differ, are all priced far above the 3$.

      Ah, and talking about weight in this rolled gold occurence is relevant as, even if not all precious metal, the weight is indicator for quality and age (modern items are lighter)!
    23. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      I did not indicate that I was going to sell it. I merely posted links of other bracelets as a comparison, noting surprise at what was being paid for such bracelets.
      It's not what you said, Bettyboo, it's the "tone" in your comment that bothers me. Yes, I am always interested to read when someone gets a lovely piece of anything - whether it be jewelry, ceramics or whatever - for a tiny price. Even in these times, there are still people who have no clue what they are selling. I'm a flea market junkie from way back in the early 1970s and have often had to earn extra money doing it because there was no other option at that time.

      I welcome comments from you, but the comment above just hit me the wrong way.

    24. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Thank you, kyra. :-)))))
    25. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Kyratango-my comment in regards to the weight of the jewellery piece(in this instants Efesgirl's bracelet) being irrelevant to its gold content is accurate in the context of this disscussion.
      I believe Efesgirl alluded to her piece having more value because of its weight and her assumption that this indicated a high gold content.My point is the weight of a jewellery item is irrelevant to the amount of gold it may contain unless there is a ratio of gold to base metal content.
    26. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo - Do you think I fell out of the sky yesterday?

      I did not "allude" to anything. The weight of this particular bracelet is a fact which has nothing to do with price or the gold plating, and everything to do with it's overall construction.
      Gold plated jewelry DOES have a value in and of itself. A well known silver/goldsmith/company name attached to a piece of gold plated jewelry heightens that value, as does the construction of such a piece of jewelry.
      This bracelet is a beautifully constructed piece of art. Appreciate it for what it is and stop nitpicking.

      If that is not possible, then Sayonara Baby!
    27. kyratango kyratango, 5 years ago
      Both your opinions are right, but not in the same points of view...

      As Bonnie said she didn't fell out of the sky yesterday and she does know Base metal isn't sold by gram ;-)

      That said, I don't see the necessity to argue furthermore, time is better employed in hunting and researching ;-D
    28. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Precisely, kyra. :-))))
    29. Bettyb00 Bettyb00, 5 years ago
      Efesgirl-OMG !! Give it a rest Efesgirl,you will give yourself an aneurysm-be happy and enjoy your bracelet:)
    30. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Bettyboo > I'm quite happy. :-))) No danger of an aneurysm. My Italian blood is too ornery.

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