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As of 5/22/16 I will no longer be posting any of my personal research related articles in this forum that are not Welz specific. Regrettably, I have also removed froAs of 5/22/16 I will no longer be posting any of my personal research related articles in this forum that are not Welz specific. Regrettably, I have also removed from this forum, the portion of my posted research articles whose content did not relate specifically to Welz. I have left most of the Welz specific materials as I feel any attempt at re-posting any of my Welz research without the obligatory credit being given would immediately be seen for what it is. I have no objection, and never have had, to the sharing of any of my posted research materials as long as proper source credit is given. Although I feel that the sharing of information is a necessary part of collecting, I also feel that the re-posting of such information by others in a manner seemingly representing it as one's own personal work product with no form of acknowledgement as to source, is completely unacceptable behavior. It is not an activity that I have ever participated in, acknowledging at all times the sources and/or inspirations for my work if not based purely on my own original concepts. Not doing so is a practice I would never condone, or ever tolerate. Unfortunately, such activities have occurred both here in CW, and outside of this forum on a glass website. As a direct result of this activity, my public sharing of such information will no longer be forthcoming. Surprisingly, in over a decade of activity in many large international forums and collector venues on the internet, resulting in interactions with thousands of collectors, dealers, and researchers, this is the only venue where such ethically questionable behavior has ever occurred. Although I am a big supporter of sharing information, I am a bigger believer in what I would expect to be respectful behavior by those it is being shared with. Sadly, It would appear that not all members here share that same belief. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will continue to post articles sharing some basic observations regarding glass that are applicable to Czech / Bohemian glass, and others, regardless of the makers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primarily a researcher, I am also the owner and webmaster of www.Kralik-glass.com, and a long term collector with well over 20 years experience in the world of glass. Although I have collected a wide variety of regions and periods of glass, my primary research area has now focused for the last 8+ years on the development of information regarding the scope of the glass production, and the history of the family, as it relates to Franz Welz Klostergrab. (Read more)


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Welz Frit Décor - My First Solidly Identified Example - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Marbled Vase In Burgundy and White - Art Glassin Art Glass
Confirming a Shape as Welz..... and a Décor Confirmation to go With It!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Pink-Purple Iridescent Vase with an Applied Black Foot. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco / Machine Age floor lamps. An estate purchase in Montana! For Phillip. - Lampsin Lamps
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Frankie Stein and His Ghouls - Ghoulish Monster Rock & Roll for Halloween!! - Recordsin Records
Loetz Rosa Argentan Pair - A Once In A Lifetime Find!!   - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Unique Kralik Vase - A "One of a Kind" to the best of my knowledge. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some Original and Amazingly Historical Images - Admiral Bird's Second Antartic Expedition! - Photographsin Photographs


  1. I have a couple of observations about the piece that I think are interesting. First, the frit on this [iece, at least in the pics appears to be a light amethyst color. The Welz piece I posted recent...
  2. A really wonderful example..... I am sure you know how much I love this one.... Thanks for posting it...
  3. They published the books "Das Böhmische Glas" in 1995, and I doubt that they have done much with most of the Art Deco cases since then. All of the pics of the cases I saw pre flood were the same over ...
  4. I have the same piece in the same décor, and unmarked. I have never been successful at identifying the maker.
  5. Passau's issue with Deco Era Czech production from companies such as Kralik, Welz, Oertel, Hantich, Tomcshick, Rückl, et al..... is more a result of their lack of desire to focus on that type of produ...
  6. I have added an additional image showing some other Welz décors on the same shape.
  7. My guess would be that the box and the bottle did not start life together, but were put together by someone at a later date to store the bottle safely. Great little perfume bottle though!!
  8. The ground vs fire polished rims I refer to are in relationship to the tube or stick vases only. Both English and Bohemian companies made both styles of rims in a wide variety of production. Here i...
  9. Thanks OGF.... I am glad you find the information interesting and the glass fun to look at.... and "old" or "young" is a frame of mind..... I too have made more than my fair share of trips around t...
  10. This is a pretty classic ground color for Rindskopf production. Nice example.... very organic!!
  11. I would add that the kind of purple pink iridescence showing in some areas is also the same as some surface color seen on my small frit example I posted. Thanks for posting this fabulous piece!!
  12. I love this piece!! It is one I certainly would not have been able to resist had I seen it. It is a highly unusual piece of glass. Although it certainly has the aesthetic of some Welz production, I am...
  13. I look forward to seeing it.... Thanks Scott.
  14. Although not a rule I use as hard and fast for attributions, for a direction to search, my experience in general is that the vast majority of Bohemian/Czech tube or stick vases have ground and polishe...
  15. I would love to see it if you are lucky enough to get it. For what it is worth, there are congressional records in the US regarding a tax valuation (reappraisment) of a shipment of Welz into the U...
  16. Hi Bob, I would be very interested in seeing a closeup shot of the molded surface pattern on this piece of glass. I can not make it out very well in these shots. Thanks.
  17. The best information I can provide is that I have found through my research that the contents of their case relating to Welz has all been correct thus far. In relation to the purple iridescent pie...
  18. For what it is worth Jericho, the second image is actually a cropped version of a picture of the Passau Welz case (case 105), second shelf down.
  19. This is a reasonably recognizable Loetz form. Here is the shape in a couple of other Loetz décors posted by Kyle. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/136522-loetz-spiral-decor-others
  20. I would add that the German sellers title states "after" Alfonse Mucha, "nach" indicating that they are not being represented as actual Mucha work, only as period (ca 1900) pieces in the style of Muc...
  21. As stated above by Cogito, a position I agree with, the item was produced in the style of, or inspired by Mucha's Byzantine Woman, but is not actually a piece of Mucha's work.
  22. Thanks to all that stopped by, and also for the nice comments!
  23. Pink Czech glass is one of my favorites. Nice assortment.
  24. Thank You. I appreciate it.
  25. Simple answer. Because they cast it using an original with the correct markings. You would cast the entire thing in a cheap one off mold process for the front and back. Anyone doing it in that manner ...
  26. Your example with the flower frog is a new shape to me. Is it OK if I copy your image to use on my website? Thanks either way.
  27. Having run an auction for a living, and also having personal experience with period bronze pieces, it is my opinion that both of the pieces being offered by the German seller are modern reproductions ...
  28. My pleasure. Glad to help.
  29. I agree with Cogito. It is a great example of a piece done in the "style" of Alphonse Mucha. We collect Mucha Prints and you see a lot of pieces done in a "stylistically similar" aesthetic, but not ac...
  30. My take on this would be that it is Kralik production. Here is a different piece in what appears to be the same décor. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/143860-pink-glatt-attributed-to-kral...
  31. This is a truly stunning piece. The glaze is magnificent work!!
  32. Is the rim rough ground, or is it highly polished?
  33. I do not think I have seen the décor before..... and the set of two in the same shape, with an identifiable décor as one of them is great!! Nice ones....
  34. Cool radio. The knobs and pointer on this black face are referred to as Lightening bolt knobs and pointer. Cool radio.
  35. I certainly have never see the shape before, so I won't out you!! :-) Love the piece. I agree with Scott, a really nice grouping.
  36. The shape is great, and the shade of blue is outstanding. NIce ones!!
  37. Happy New Year Fran!!
  38. I typed the number wrong... :-)
  39. Gorgeous piece. GESETZLICH GESCHUTZ is a marking indicating it is a "registered" or "patented" design, protected by law at the time of production. 2609 is likely a pattern or mold number.
  40. Great piece.... The pink looks like Ribbon Candy!! :-) http://www.oldtimecandy.com/media/wysiwyg/walk/ribbon.png
  41. Happy New Year to you and yours Scott!!
  42. Great piece. the design is very cool.
  43. Thanks to all.... I am always glad to be of help.... and Happy New Year to everyone also!!
  44. Hi Fran, Thanks so much. I hope the New Year finds you and family great finds and good times!! Happy New Year from Las Vegas!!
  45. That is OK Gruff... Neither does Charcoal..... but it seems that at least you can admit it. :-) Welz was not the only one with access to Oxblood and white, but this is definitely their producti...
  46. Definitely a Welz piece. Oxblood and white with a Cadmium yellow interior which will glow orange under UV light. The enamel work is pretty typical of what is found on some of their production also. Ni...
  47. If I am not mistaken, the body of the ewer appears to be a décor referred to as Persica, and made by Rindskopf. Nice find. http://www.kralik-glass.com/rpersicaarray.html Also, first three rows...
  48. My pleasure Malkey. I would also note that the pattern in the panels with texture is quite a bit larger and more open than the Martelé pattern done by several houses.
  49. Nice example. Not to be a sticker, but the décor is actually referred to as Honeycomb Panel. http://www.kralik-glass.com/kralikhoneycombpanelarray.html
  50. Great piece. I would have snapped it up immediately if I had seen it....
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