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A Variation of a Zipper Décor - And Two Similar Shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Vase in Three Colors and Clear Glass in a Nice Shape - Art Glassin Art Glass
Palda & Rückl Lamps From Truitt - Catalog pages and comparisons. - Art Glassin Art Glass
The FWK Label – The Truth is Finally Revealed!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Tri-lobed Hearts - 10 of 16 identified Décors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tri-Lobed Heart & My Favorite Spatter - Classic Welz - Art Glassin Art Glass
An Interesting Welz Vase - Let's just Call It a Pastel Twist - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sales Catalogs – Line Art – Décor Tables & Attributions – A serious Look at the Process - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Detailed Study of the Questioned Loetz Ausfuhrung 140 Décor - And My Own Personal Conclusion - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dripping Glass and Pastel Colors..... One of My Favorite Color Combinations - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Some additions to the page... http://www.kralik-glass.com/kralikbambusarray.html
  2. Thanks Lee... :-)
  3. Thanks Lee....
  4. I love the décor, and also the interior color... Really POPS!!
  5. I agree with Warren on all points. In the last image, The first four examples are much more similar to the example linked in comment 43. The inclusion of a décor previously categorized as Loetz A...
  6. Old or new... it is deserving of a vintage base... It is very pretty and likely would look very nice lit.....
  7. Here is flame.... only a couple examples on there, but both show the same characteristic in the decor. http://www.kralik-glass.com/kralikflamearray.html Just as a note, the thumbnail on the vis...
  8. Personally, I would call this Bambus. It just has less of the green that give the appearance or kind of texture of a Bambus leaf. Flame is generally a thinner wisp of color, like the wisps of a bur...
  9. As a collector I absolutely love all of the glass. It is that love that ended up driving my research, and my curiosity to try to figure out some things..... As a researcher I think the companies t...
  10. Tom said he assumed it was... I mentioned that I have never attributed it to anyone. I would mention that I have never seen it attributed to any house. It is not that common of a decor.. Did you h...
  11. Nice things happen for nice people... I am thrilled they were returned..... :-)
  12. Great assortment of this decor.... I have never quite figured out who I think did this decor. The shapes are not common and I have not really seen them in many other decors. The most common form is...
  13. Not me.... other than I think they were an importer.....
  14. Jericho mentioned in an email that only part of the label is French... "Quatre Fleurs" and "Pour Le Bain". "Four Flowers" and "For the Bath". I was so excited to see a set like this that I jumped to...
  15. Here is a link to the decor page... :-) http://www.kralik-glass.com/kralikswirlarray.html
  16. This shape shows the decor very nicely..... Very nice find..... Congrats....
  17. They are all three different... similar yes, different absolutely..... But if you think they are the same, that is fine. Quite obviously different to me.....
  18. Actually a quick glance would indicate they are far from identical, and only reasonably similar... Similar? Yes.... but only similar, and certainly not even in the ball park of saying they are from...
  19. The three shapes in the first image, particularly the first and second are certainly not "Identical" forms.... actually quite far from it....
  20. Nice match... a distinct shape and quite obviously the same as Frans.... What is the height of yours. Hers is around 7 inches.
  21. I like this shape a lot... Organically Elegant....
  22. Nice examples....
  23. Thanks Kyle..... One can only hope... :-) Thanks Inky.. Glad you enjoyed it.... LOL
  24. These are cool.... nice find....
  25. Great color combo..... Nice shape too... Very nice...
  26. I just realized I forgot to add this text. The images with a gray background are Palda lamps. The images with the black background are Rückl lamps. The last image is a comparison of lamps fro...
  27. Cool piece. I would classify it as American Egyptian Revival / Art Deco. Patent date is in the heart of what is called the second Egyptian revival immediately following the discovery of KInd Tut's tom...
  28. The design on the bracelet is very cool.... Great Score... I would be motivated to make a pendant out of one of the bracelet links if it is too damaged to wear as a bracelet.... I think it would b...
  29. Hi Fran, No need to apologize for asking questions. If I can answer I will, if not I will tell you. Know that there are also a lot of people who read in this forum that do not belong or post, so you ...
  30. The more I look at this piece, the more I like it.....
  31. My pleasure.... Great looking Harley! Sunny in Seattle today so I went for a ride on my Harley!! Keep the Shiny side up!!
  32. Can't have too many dif's when one is aggressively back peddling... Love the vase though.... :-)
  33. As to your links above... I would refer to the first one as a "mottled" décor..... I would call the second one a spatter décor... Spatter indicating, at least to me, a random placement of colors on t...
  34. Great Welz piece... classic.... Love it!!
  35. Thanks Kyle & Mac
  36. Thanks a lot Fran... glad you enjoyed it!
  37. Thanks Glue Chip.. Glad you enjoyed it!
  38. Palda (Karel Palda) is one of several companies that produced this type of product. Rückl is another... two different companies, amongst likely many, that offered lamps like this.
  39. Hi Sklo... My post was just a little "spoof" on some activities in this forum... all good fun... It can't all be serious!! I am just glad it triggered your post... I really enjoyed it... seems ma...
  40. Great glass by the way... I was busy laughing and forgot to comment on it. Nice bowl, classic colors... and a classic Welz decor in a great shape....
  41. I love it.... secretly.... I actually still believe they are all Welz.... Documentation?..... We don't need no stinkin Documentation..... :-)
  42. I love the covered piece.... I love the leg and finial color.... I have a powder blue and green piece with tripod legs that color... The leg color is a pretty distinct.
  43. I actually take that back.... I jumped before I looked close enough, and although they are very similar, there are differences that differentiate them enough that I would say they are definitely diff...
  44. I am not sure Michelle... I am still trying to figure it out... :-)
  45. Thanks Tom... I enjoyed writing it :-)
  46. same shape as this one.... http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/115416-art-deco-era-production--bohemian-or-ba
  47. Truitt states in Truitt II, pg 108: "Page 109: Four pages from a Palda catalog, circa 1935. Pages 110-111: Four pages from a Rückl catalog of the same period."
  48. That is hilarious... I like it!!
  49. That seems to be what Truitt's statement implies. I did discuss the Ruckl catalogs with Deb Truitt and she said that the catalogs she has obtained recently do not differentiate as to production site. ...
  50. What... "Welzebub" would not cut it? :-)
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