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A researcher, webmaster, and collector, with my primary research interest being the development of information regarding the scope of the glass production, and the hA researcher, webmaster, and collector, with my primary research interest being the development of information regarding the scope of the glass production, and the history of the family, as it relates to Franz Welz Klostergrab. (Read more)


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Welz Bubbles Decor With Flower Frog - The Most Common Color - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Variegated Welz Vase - A Short Variation of the Trophy Vase Form - Art Glassin Art Glass
White Czech Fan Vase With Unusual Prunts On A Distinctive Form  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Mini Trophy Vase - Variegated Green Without Handles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Life-Light Style Vases - Spiral White Ribbons in Amber   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Green Aventurine Spiral - A Known Shape and A Known Décor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Peruvian Solid 900 Silver Jewelry Casket – An Auction Find  - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Blue Opaline Murano Vases - A Pair Attributed to Cenedese - Art Glassin Art Glass
Virginia Banks – King In Benediction – MCM Art at it’s Finest!! - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Welz "Harlequin Spatter" - A Very Distinctive Décor on an Equally Distinctive Shape. - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Glad to help. I believe thorn vases were made into the 1920's possibly even the early 30's. There is a Butler ad showing Welz production, which is dated 1929. The ad shows a frog legged thorn vase in ...
  2. Turns out it was Uranium thorn with an amber foot. Found some old pics of it. Excuse the quality. They are pretty old pics of mine. http://www.kralik-glass.com/images/crimpedfootthorn.jpg
  3. The parallel line crimping is unusual. I had a large stick vase in amber with a transparent green foot that had the same tool marks on it. I think not Loetz.
  4. Same upper body, slightly different stem design and different foot.
  5. Fabulous example. Kralik decanters are not seen very often anywhere!
  6. I would not be surprised at all if this is French production, and not Czech. Great shape!!
  7. On a side note... I love love love Portugal! I am not sure that your glass is quite that early. Although the spatter is in the style of Czech glass, other countries did mottled décors like this als...
  8. Most of these examples can be linked to Welz production through distinctive shapes and décors. Nice assortment.
  9. I am curious. Where are you are located?
  10. "Wow! nothing beats a label to identify and piece of glass. " Several years ago the Italian government seized millions of labels indicating Murano production from a group that were applying them to...
  11. I can not tell on the box link. Pics are too dark, but it does not look the same. Similar? Yes.. There is a possibility the 4 pieces in the auction link are the same decor, but I would have to see ...
  12. This vase is by Franz Welz Klostergrab, as is the one that is misattributed as Murano on ebay. The label on that piece is not original to that glass. Why someone would add it is beyond me, but there a...
  13. Please post it. I am interested in seeing the shape. Glass is never boring... some pieces are just more noteworthy than others.... but they are all interesting. The more we see, the more complete...
  14. I look forward to seeing some of your glass.
  15. A link to a multi color variation of the décor. http://cf.collectorsweekly.com/stories/fjf.XTZ8hQfVBH70zVWrUw.jpg
  16. Here is a link to the same shape with a different style foot and also no applied leaves at the top of the stem. I firmly believe, based on years of extensive supportable research, that the shape shown...
  17. I have added an image of this type of decor on the distinctive Welz tri-lobed heart vase.
  18. Nice examples. I agree that the one example likely had a lid. Here is an image of a grouping of examples. In the grouping the tall piece at the back, and the trophy vase to the right side, are bot...
  19. Thanks to all for the loves and nice comments.
  20. Great lamp. There is a good chance the ball is actually by Pairpoint.
  21. Thanks Kevin. This is one of those pieces where your level of appreciation grows the longer you own it. Peggy, who did not really care for it in the beginning, now thinks it is a very cool piece afte...
  22. This Welz décor is not seen all that often Nice find!!
  23. This one really POPs!!
  24. To the best of my knowledge, this decor has never been identified as to maker. Great examples!!
  25. Nice example, Great size.
  26. Also an interesting mark. A slightly inverted curve from accepted Kralik marks, but utilizing the same open O style of font associated wit the arched Kralik mark. I do not know that I have ever seen t...
  27. Very interesting find. Labeled and identified Krasno pieces are few and far between.
  28. Cool table. I do not know who made it, but it is most likely late 50's or early 60's. Nice example of Mid Century design.
  29. Nice assortment of shapes.
  30. I should also mention that all three examples appear to have the same mark on them, although it is mostly worn off on the new example.
  31. I have changed an image in this post to add a pic of a new vase which I acquired recently. It is the middle example in the group shot. This example appears to be a smaller version of the example shown...
  32. Oops... here is the link. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/143860-pink-glatt-attributed-to-kralik--for-gl
  33. Definitely a Kralik piece. Here is the same shape in the same size in a different Kralik décor.
  34. As an interesting note, this shape pedestal with a different globe or top piece appears in the Hosch catalogs in blue. Those examples date to around 1900. I have recently seen an example of the pedest...
  35. I have had a few of these over the years. The glass quality is really quite exquisite. Some of them bear a resemblance to some of the Tiffany Pastel salts and bowls and are often sold that way. Gre...
  36. Once it is framed up in a record frame, which you can pick up on Amazon, you will not even see it. The record frames fit the jackets just right. That is what mine is in.
  37. Nice score, I have collected records for quite a long time. I have a second state Stereo Butcher that I bought a few years ago in a small group of records at an auction. I was the only one there that ...
  38. Nice!! The handle looks like butterscotch Catalin, a plastic similar to bakelite, but different.
  39. Much nicer in person....
  40. For what it is worth, I think it had a low stepped pedestal base it would have sat on. The completely vertical sides on the bottom is like the base of the small ribbed bowls which fit into the pedesta...
  41. Glad to help.... For what it is worth, I also have a small table lamp in my collection by Welz in the orange and yellow décor. The colors are better in person than the pics ever show. Very vibrant an...
  42. Both the décor and shape on your new vase have been identified as Welz production. Other examples of the shape in different décors have also been found with a mark on the underside which is commonly f...
  43. I agree that the piece is Welz. The previous attribution, IMHO, was incorrect and not really supported by any valid research.
  44. Cool piece Peggy!!
  45. Great colors on this one.
  46. This type of spatter does not currently have any kind of name I am aware of. Aventurine comes in green, and also seems to include any types of metal foils also used in glass, whether it be Bohemian...
  47. I came across the pic I took with the opalescent basket in light blue. This basket has a Camer import label on it. I have never arrived at an attribution for the basket.
  48. It has almost become a generalized term and commonly accepted.... :-) Like aventurine is to sparkly stuff in glass :-)
  49. I was looking through some images I have and came across an image from the Skarske Museum at Novy Bor, Czech Republic. http://www.kralik-glass.com/images/WelzNovyBor.jpg The three pieces of gla...
  50. Thanks Sean.
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