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white glass PYREX 'diner plates'by Anythin…
Baby Blue Pyrex #403 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowlby katmalean
Vintage Pyrex Detachable Handle 1930s-1940sby fortapa…
Pyrex Agee Pudding Bowlsby wife
Set of Turquoise Pyrexby mluna99
Unusual Clear Pyrex Dish with Spoutby SadieE
Pyrex Flameware Percolators by mluna99
Pyrex Glass rolling Pin new in its box but a 1960's pastry rolling pin, fill with crushed ice or cold GeodeJem
Artbeck Baster in Box 1946by fortapa…
Set of 4 Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Crazy Daisy Cinderella Nesting Mixing Bowlsby celticb…
Vintage Pyrex Nesting Mixing Bowlsby Aimathena
Pyrex "Verde" Divided Dishby MyFavor…
FireTree? clear glass covered rectangular Roasterby brightmantle
Pyrex - Old Orchard Cinderella Patternby MyFavor…
Pyrex dishby Sarahnicrop
Aqua Vintage Pyrexby Aimathena
Pyrex cooking pot with residue from Goodwill hwy 96by liventr…
Vintage retro Pyrex by Metalandwood
3 piece pink rooster pyrex setby zoomer71
Crystal Blue Pyrex Casserole Bowl - Vintage?by Efesgirl
Some Pyrex I picked up at different izzysat…
Aqua Starburst Cinderella Casserole w/ Metal Serving rack and candle burnersby Woody09
Found Sugar/Jam/Honey Bowl????by KramerGma
Vintage PYREX Coffee Perk ( Percolator )by antique…
Rare Pyrex Rotisserieby Cking
Small Sample of My Pyrex Collectionby MannHan…
Some pyrex found in Aussie!by Dandysc…
Pattern please? Need help determining ageby Wnnrwnnrchk…
Pyrex Refrigerator Dishesby SteveTx76
Vintage Pyrex platesby hickadi…
Pink Cinderella bowlsby Mikefite
Beautiful 1922 White Pyrex #135 Backwards Labelby pyrannosaur…
Vintage Pyrex Nesting Bowlsby Aimathena
Cutest Pyrex... From the sweetest friendby Aimathena
My Super Hero's... Pyrex LoLby Aimathena
Green Cinderella Pyrex Nesting Bowlsby Aimathena
CW Gifter Strikes Again :Dby Aimathena
Look what I found on my porch this Aimathena
Vintage 2 Quart Flamingo Pink Pyrex #232 Casserole Dishby Aimathena
2 Yellow Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes With Lids ~#501~ 1 1/2 Cup Size  by Aimathena
 Spring Blossom Gravy Boat with Saucerby Aimathena
 Pink Flamingo Pyrex Setby Aimathena
Pyrex Bowlsby Aimathena
My Spring Blossom aka Crazy Daisy Pyrex Collection...  They're So Cute & Cheerful  :-)by Aimathena
 This is a start to the Pyrex lids that I need to Aimathena
Pyrex Teal Blue 502 Refrigerator Dish 1 1/2 Pint with lid  by Aimathena
Pyrex Avocado Green 1 1/2 Quart Ovenware 0503  by Aimathena
Blue #502 Refrigerator Dish With Lidby Aimathena
3 Pyrex Tan Woodland Dishesby Aimathena
Pyrex Spring Aimathena
Orange 501Bby Aimathena
Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes in Primary Colorsby Aimathena
2  Vintage Pyrex Crazy Daisy Casserolesby Aimathena
 Primary Red Fridgeby Aimathena
I love these colors, they don't pop-up as often as the primary colors Aimathena
2 Vintage Pyrex Butterprint Refrigerator Dishesby Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex Avocado Green 1 1/2 Quart Refrigerator Dish Ovenware 0503  by Aimathena
VINTAGE Pyrex Spring Blossom Crazy Daisy 4 Pc Cinderella Nesting Mixing Bowl Setby Aimathena
Butterprint Pyrexby Aimathena
Yellow 503 With 2 Lidsby Aimathena
4 Crazy Daisy Vintage Pyex Refrigerator Containersby Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex Refrigerator Containers  by Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex Amish Blue Butterprint 1 1/2 QT Refrigerator Dish & Lid Coverby Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex 2 qt Round Yell Cinderella casserole dish with lidby Aimathena
Pyrex Bowls and Casserolesby Aimathena
I'm not really sure how to feel about these Terra 471' Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex Dishes in Butterprint Designby Aimathena
Pyrex Covered Casserolesby Aimathena
Pyrex Nesting Bowls With Clear Glass Bottomsby Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex Nesting Mixing Bowls in Primary Colors by Aimathena
Vintage Pyrex... My Newest Love <3by Aimathena
Vintage Aluminum Pyrexby Aimathena
Gorgeous Pyrex Divided Dishby Aimathena
Pyrex Mixing Bowlby Aimathena
Primary Colors Set of Pyrex Mixing Bowlsby jonima
Boxed Pink Daisy Vintage Pyrexby whosthatgir…
My Pyrex beaker collectionby venezvoir
Plonk Bottleby oledebil
Additional Pyrex Cradle picsby Katzenat9
Vintage Pyrex SPRAY engraved oval  casserole in a beautiful ornate cradleby Katzenat9
Pyrex Nesting Bowlsby Nostalgic
Pretty Vintage Kitchenaliaby Nostalgic
Huge * Unique Vintage PYREX Bowl w/ Spoutby fanofvi…
What is this?by Talk2foster
Vintage Hamilton Beach Stand Mixerby aycocko…
Woodland Pyrex Bowlsby aycocko…
Autumn Harvest Pyrex Bowlby aycocko…
Vintage Colonial Mist Pyrex Bowlby aycocko…
Pyrex Plates & Creamer Retro Green by Vintage…